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Two-day 'MultiLaws' : get into your quantum power


Have you felt for ages that you are standing in front of a door and all you have to do is walk across the threshold, but something invisible is holding you back? Then this great two-day to go to, all the doors will start to open for you!

Do you notice

Then this two-day course is for you!

These two days are aimed at teaching you new ways of thinking and behavior so that brain circuits strengthen and new connections (precursor to new situations and experiences) are formed, giving you solid results.

You will learn the basics of MultiLaws (multifunctional laws), which will expand your thinking and development immensely.

You break through to a new level of thinking and behavior. This new behavior and identity tailored to you is what determines the achievement of your small and large goals.

What is success according to the MultiLaws?

Health, satisfaction, confidence and prosperity. Achieving your goals and tuning into new possibilities. Think small and big goals, relational, health (lose weight or optimize your overall health) and career. It is also about becoming more mentally resilient (self-confidence, healthy self-esteem, setting boundaries, and so on).

What exactly are MultiLaws?

MultiLaws are multifunctional laws or rules that you can use to bend the quantum field to your will. These rules will help you as an individual They also help you lead teams or groups of people. In fact, you also learn how to deal with differences in people and how people respond to you. You discover how to change this with these MultiLaws and through the connection that everything has through the quantum field. You become your quantum self! This helps you feel powerful, create opportunities and shape your ideal life faster. During these two days, we will explain exactly what MultiLaws are and how to use them in everyday life. There will be depth and explanation of the brain, quantum physics and hypnosis. Petra, the expert when it comes to MultiLaws, offers you effective exercises and techniques, and you learn how you can change reality through MultiLaws. Through meditations, you will learn how to harness the power of focused awareness to reduce stress, or to align with your desires and the person you want to be.

Are these two days what for me?

These days are there for you:

Your life after the event

After this event, you will know what has been holding you back all along from stepping through that invisible door to greater health, happiness and success. You will know how to change your emotions so you can work with more energy to create your ideal life.
You know about frequencies in your life right now and what you can do to get into a higher frequency and with this, allow new events to occur.
You know how to work with energy to achieve greater happiness and success in your life.
In short, you know how to apply the MultiLaws for greater success and happiness in your life.
Of course, when you return home, your house will not have turned into a castle overnight, but you and those around you will notice that you have changed. In fact, you will begin to think differently, which will cause you to act differently. As a result, you will create different situations.

Included in the price:

join the success

Don't just take our word for it,

'but believe what others say about us'

"I highly recommend Petra to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level and become a better version of themselves. Petra has enabled me to access inner strength. Every time I had a session or training with her, I felt invincible and able to conquer the world. Through her techniques, I experienced a tremendous flow of energy that translated into tangible results in different areas of my life. She is an expert in her field and a fine person to work with."

Angelique Thode
All-round management professional, Ministry of Education Culture and Science

Where and when is the two-day event?

Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10, 2023, this two-day event will take place at the Golden Tulip in Leiden.

There is free parking and it is also easily accessible by public transport, right to the door.

There is only room for a few people and full is full, so register soon!

Will you be there?

I would love to help you with the MultiLaws for greater happiness and success!

Help me by letting me help you.

After these two days, you will know the secrets of the MultiLaws that determine happiness and success, so you can create your life the way you want it. So that you can become your authentic self and therefore get into a powerful energy flow.

If you get there early, you can join in with the super early bird discount advantage: pay €545 Excl. VAT instead of € 777,- Excl. BTW if you register before June 30, 2023

Register now and enjoy the super early bird discount.

Meet Petra!

Petra van den Berg is an international personal and business coach, experience expert and trainer for people who want to get more out of themselves to optimize themselves and their lives.

Petra guides people to achieve business and personal goals. Her expertise is in the area of the workings of the brain, the body and the quantum world, the unified field in which we all live and in which there are ironclad laws that operate continuously. Petra is founder of MultiLaws.

She offers expert coaching, business consulting, training and teaches and writes about issues affecting mind, body and life situations, using Petra’s specialties in coaching, in-depth knowledge of the brain, the quantum field and the MultiLaws. She now has over twenty years of experience in the profession and has conducted in-depth (scientific) research.


Petra has written three books on how to optimize your self and life with knowledge of the quantum field and MultiLaws, namely:

  • Thank you and live profitably (Out of print)
  • Multifunctional laws for greater happiness and success
  • Millionaire in luck

The first book is sold out, but the other books can still be ordered from and can be purchased in regular bookstores.


Currently, Petra lives with her partner in southern Spain and alternates with the Netherlands. She also previously lived in Aruba for years and had her business there.

She travels regularly for fun, work, but also, however, to explore being human and discover new techniques to optimize the MultiLaws.

Meet Petra in person next September 9 and 10 at Golden Tulip Leiden during the introductory workshop.

The event lasts for two days and includes package, water, coffee, tea, snack and lunch.

Time slot: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Staying overnight at the hotel is possible, please contact Golden Tulip Leiden for the possibilities.

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Seminar: ‘MultiLaws’: Kom in je quantumkracht

Zaterdag 9 en zondag 10 september 2023


Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': get into your quantum power

Saturday, Sept. 9 and Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023

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'MultiLaws', get into your quantum power

Two or four-day high level personal coaching

Quick change to achieve inner peace, (self)confidence and success, in any field! You can do this with the VIP package. These multifunctional laws and brain techniques, help you to strengthen your inner strength and mindset in order to achieve greater success more easily and energetically.

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