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Next level online coaching – monthly program & VIP programs


Receive coaching and advice from the knowledge of the brain and related ironclad (multifunctional) laws. A coaching program from Petra means facilitating yourself or your employees to make new inner networks their own. This changes your behavior permanently and your energy positively. This energy determines all the results you experience in your life.

Do you have a business or life issue? It doesn’t matter, anyone can come to Petra. Business people and executives have been mentored, but individuals and children are also guided and coached to become aware of their power and their power to positively change personal beliefs and self-image. We are not always able to see for ourselves all the potential that is there.

Our personal unseen vibrations also have amazing effects. By explaining the science of these ironclad laws, all clients gained confidence and all became stronger.

MultiLaws coaching

The laws are always doing their work and affecting every aspect of your life. These laws can completely reverse everything. Consider career, relationships, health and finances.

In fact, your personal energy and bevatting are the two main concepts that influence the results of your goals. It is my mission to teach you to make these laws active in your life. As a result, you will begin to see profound changes and results. Solutions to your problems arise.

Imagine if suddenly it was no longer complicated to successfully achieve your goals and grow yourself or your organization? And that you confidently hold unique laws and brain techniques that you can apply immediately, giving you confidence and peace of mind? After which you know that your own energy (and mindset) determine your results? Imagine how that has a lasting impact on your life and changes it forever.

Among other things, what will you learn in Petra’s High level coaching programs?

  • What multifunctional laws consist of
  • How you can make the laws, which are constantly in effect, work in your life
  • How trust and peace are intertwined with successful outcomes
  • Very practical brain techniques that you can apply immediately
  • Aligning with your goals
  • How to reset and (re)program your (financial) mindset
  • Break unconscious automatic patterns
  • Delving into the quantum world and brain (neuroplasticity)
  • Why the body is the most important pillar

What does coaching get you?

  • A unique transformation.
  • Solutions to your issues.
  • New features.
  • Realization of your goals.
  • A powerful foundation.
  • Very valuable know-how and science of thought.
  • Wealth consciousness and inner strength.
  • Confidence, joy and inner peace.
  • Skills that enrich your (business) life.

Do you recognize yourself in the statements below?

  • Knowing that any investment in yourself will yield the maximum and highest return.
  • Wanting to see results.
  • You are stuck and want to break patterns or bad habits.
  • Being ready to take charge yourself.
  • Want to accelerate personal development.
  • Wanting to discover how your energy can give you confidence and peace.
  • Wanting to really use and harness your available potential now.
  • Being ready to now take yourself and your life seriously.
  • Looking for a confidant.

High level manifestation coaching – VIP program

In a personal strategy session, you and Petra talk about a new foundation based on trust, faith and inner peace. Together, you discuss which program best suits you (or your organization!) to be guided toward your business and/or personal goals. One-on-one live coaching tracks of various lengths are available.

Inner work and the application of MultiLaws (multifunctional laws) are central to all programs.

The coaching sessions can be booked in the Netherlands and/or Spain or on location elsewhere.

As a director, executive, physician, CEO, businessman/woman, or individual, do you want to quickly and effectively empower your mindset in two to four days to create results? Do you want to quickly develop yourself personally? Don’t have time to attend a long-term program? Then choose to book a 2- or 4-day VIP program. Petra and you will work together. This VIP program requires customization, commitment and accountability. Prior to the VIP-days you will have a strategy consultation with Petra to investigate what you are up against or what your issue is and what blocks you in your leadership or business. This issue takes Petra into the preparation of the VIP days. You plan the dates together.

In the VIP program, among other things, you and Petra work on unwavering faith in yourself, in your inner strength. You learn to take back power. You learn all about your true nature.

So it is about complete self-knowledge, connection and self-love. Of course, you will learn all about the multifunctional laws that apply to your needs and transformation. Because knowledge and faith are essential for transformation. Knowledge and experience about the brain, the quantum field and about the person you want to become are a foundation for transformation.

join the success

Don't just take our word for it,

'but believe what others say about us'

"I highly recommend Petra to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level and become a better version of themselves. Petra has enabled me to access inner strength. Every time I had a session or training with her, I felt invincible and able to conquer the world. Through her techniques, I experienced a tremendous flow of energy that translated into tangible results in different areas of my life. She is an expert in her field and a fine person to work with."

Angelique Thode
All-round management professional, Ministry of Education Culture and Science

Next level online monthly program 2024

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Investment € 598.95 including 21% VAT

2 VIP days: High level manifestation program

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Investment total € 3,144.79 including 21% VAT

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4 VIP days: High level manifestation program

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Investment total €6,048.79 including 21% VAT

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Next level

Online morning program 09.00 - 10.30

Saturday morning

Investment € 119.79 including 21% VAT per participation

Petra is affiliated with ZijSpreekt and can be booked there as a speaker for lectures for the government, business and cultural sectors. 
You  can email:  Marga Miltenburg of “She speaks”:

Coaching for select company

You can also book an engaging and educational workshop or lecture for a select group. Business or private. When it comes to MultiLaws, there is always a theme that can fill at least a half-day or evening with engaging conversation, after which every participant is guaranteed to go home full of ideas and inspiration!
Petra van den berg
Trainings, business (corporate) retreats, master classes and coaching programs for companies, teams and organizations are also available.
Coaching or counseling calls or year-long sessions are also available in my practice or on location.

How can MultiLaws, multifunctional laws help you?

These laws help you get in touch with latent potential, after which you will feel more connected to the world and people around you. You will begin to experience, thanks to these laws, that you can create a new reality from within yourself. A new way of thinking and feeling leads to a change of energy. The change of energy will create something new and this will draw you into your life.

In the 2-day VIP program, you will be presented with experiments and case studies that answer all these questions. Who provide solutions to daily life that may consist of inconveniences and problems. The MultiLaws serve as inspiration and you will learn several brain techniques. Each law provides a solution to a specific problem. You learn to switch to your deepest self and back to the levels of others (or your co-workers). You are invited to leap into the quantum world so that you too can access the field of all possibilities.

What will be covered?

Finally, important items we will cover are: the theory of the MultiLaws, ironclad laws of life, practical exercises that will allow us to tune into certain frequencies and we will engage in focused meditation. In addition, you will learn to reprogram your subconscious mind through various brain techniques. You will learn various visualization and meditation techniques and how to accelerate the manifestation process and how the power of gratitude works.

In the 4-day VIP program, we will delve even deeper into the concepts of (quantum) success laws and brain and what exactly the laws consist of. You learn how your brain works, what laws there are and how you can make these work in your (business) life with specific techniques. You learn to recognize and change your own challenges and pitfalls. How do you tune in to the right frequency? What do you want most in your life and most importantly, who do you want to be? Also in this High level program we will do many practical exercises.

Do you want to learn how simple it is to get the most out of yourself, how to apply the laws, unravel your complex mind and learn how to optimize your (business) life?


Petra has guided me excellently in a process to get more peace in myself, which I can use in my work as an accountant in mainly contact with clients.

Also in private so find a way that I can find peace in my free time with my family without rushing or wanting to do all kinds of things.

Petra's fine approach and plan of guidance helped my in a piece of necessary awareness. The session are also never boring and Petra is a very pleasant conversationalist.

Peter van Zuijlen
Entrepreneur and accountant

Always at the right time.

I have known and worked with Petra for almost ten years with an interval of a few years in between. The first time she came my way because I was struggling privately and did not know what to do with myself. After a few sessions with Petra, this quickly improved a lot. In my experience, we processed this and I never had the same feelings/frustrations again while recognizing them from childhood. The second time (so far), I faced major business challenges during the pandemic and couldn't get out of it. I had long since lost contact with Petra and out of the blue she sent a message. We immediately started online sessions again and again she helped me with my business approach and insights. Meanwhile, business is going better than ever and already 4 teammates also have the sessions with Petra and are very happy with this.

Tina (Aruba)

After a troubled period in my life, decided again to take up PMC's Coaching (Petra) coaching program.
The talks, tools and explanations help me, look deeper into myself, to discover how to become a better version of myself.
This exploration using the attraction/integration of the Multilaws are bringing positive changes to my path.
In addition, the online seminars I enjoyed, give a good insight into the vast knowledge and experience of Petra and her colleague Riny.
I can recommend PMC's coaching to anyone.
Petra helps you find your way, both privately and in business.
I am immensely grateful, for her valuable coaching sessions.

Thank you very much!

Irene, Caribbean
Tourism business

I am a resident of Aruba. Through a friend of mine I came to Petra. In fact, I had heard that she achieved very good results with Petra. With great enthusiasm, I can also say that I experience very good results and effects from the sessions. Now, six months on, I feel a lot more comfortable in my daily life. These improvements continue to work throughout my life. In short, Petra has helped me tremendously. I am a lot more confident and can unwind faster. Learned a lot from her, got tools and insights, also about how the mind and subconscious mind works. I was always positive in life, but now I can much more easily, leave opinions of others with respect to another. Whereas I used to take this much more personally. Petra is professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her as a coach, both personally and professionally.
Thank you very much Petra and we will continue on this path!

Gerco on the Rock

Miraculous. The first word that comes to mind when I think of my experiences with Petra. From beginning to end a listening ear, a warm smile and insightful wisdom... Petra takes the time to really get to the bottom of your subconscious. She pulls out things that I didn't think of myself, but which are huge issues with me. She reads through me like a book and gives me the exact help I need to heal myself. The day after one of my last sessions, so many thoughts and feelings came to me that I was sure she had released/raised a blockage in me. I laughed and cried with Petra, but what always followed was tremendous relief and a fresh new sense of direction. Integral, reliable, patient, full of knowledge, kind and with a golden heart, that's Petra. Looking for help to take you and/or your business to the next level and get real results? Then, in my opinion, PMC's Consultancy, Petra, is the best choice. One hundred percent highly recommended, always going the extra mile. I am forever grateful to her.

Amanda Tromp
International Creative Business student, Part-time Freelancer.

'I have known Petra for a number of years and have had the opportunity to experience her in various roles. Petra is incorruptible, trustworthy, knowledgeable and an expert in her field. Her warm personality makes you quickly feel at ease with her. She is balanced, radiates calm and allows people to have their dignity. What inspires me is that Petra is "living proof" of what she stands for. With her own continuous development, she leads by example. She makes choices from the heart and goes for her dreams. Her positive mindset is contagious. If you would like to spar with someone about how you can take your life or business to the next level, Petra is a very fine conversation partner'.
June 10, 2020.
I highly recommend Petra to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level and be a better version of themselves. Petra has enabled me to access the power within. Whenever I had a session with her I felt invincible and able to conquer the world. Through her techniques I have experienced an enormous energy flow, which transformed into tangible results in various areas of my life. She is an expert in her field and a wonderful person to work with.
April 10, 2022.

Angelique Thodé
All-round management professional, Ministry of Education and Science

'Petra is "the real deal."' As a coach, she is compassionate but direct in her advice to you.
Her coaching is very practical and easy to apply, even in daily life. I highly recommend her'.

Ria Brattinga
Purchasing manager

Fine, accessible effective coaching with Petra. Also for the "beginners" like me, regarding subconsciousness, the brain and quantum laws ed. Clear and informative sessions, which you can definitely take further yourself in daily life, both private and business.

Patricia Vedder
Restaurant Manager

'With Petra, I jumped into the deep end to let her coach and advise me. It has given me many valuable insights, strength and confidence. This has enriched my (business) life. I can now successfully achieve my goals much easier with clear targeted steps. With Petra's energy, know-how and new tools, my attunement energy rose to a higher level. An inspiring woman, an expert in her field with a very pleasant energy'.

Assistant Manager

'Through coaching from Petra, I have become aware of all that is and what I am. As a result, I came back into my own power, which now makes me successful in everything I do and undertake. Also, I feel happy. This is what I also radiate! All this already through small changes in my thinking patterns and, as a result, in my behavior.
Petra has offered me clear renewed insights and practical exercises, as a result of which I am now decisive again and fully trust myself.

Bianca Esveldt

'Petra is an amazing life coach who has helped me tremendously during the difficult times in my life. She is incredibly sweet, doesn't judge and knows exactly how to help you. Both private and business. Petra has taught me many life lessons through her professional courses and consultations'.

Linda Alarcon-Munoz
Dancemaster/personal trainer

'I am very grateful to have met Petra 12 years ago. My life has been so positive and nice since that moment. Every day I still do the karate beat I don't skip often! Meditating and Yoga also help me relax daily. I'm sure this is because of your fine coaching Petra, from all those years ago. Thank you.

Pr manager

'Petra helped me, process my grief, after my father passed away. She also helped me, find out, what was holding me back in my life. This allowed me to move on and rebuild my self-esteem.
Her special techniques bring quick results and are easily applicable. Even remotely, through the Internet, she was able to guide me on my way, to find my inner balance.

Irene, Aruba

'MultiLaws', get into your quantum power

Two or four-day high level personal coaching

Quick change to achieve inner peace, (self)confidence and success, in any field! You can do this with the VIP package. These multifunctional laws and brain techniques, help you to strengthen your inner strength and mindset in order to achieve greater success more easily and energetically.

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

January 2023 Aruba

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

Dec. 11 and 12, 2022 in Malaga, Spain

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

September 10 and 11, 2022 in Leiden

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

June 11 and 12, 2022 in Leiden

Registration seminar


October 2022, Malaga Spain

Registration seminar


June 2022 in Eindhoven

Register webinar

Self-direction course with Quantum-Hypnosis-NLP

April 1 and 4, 2022 in Leiden

Registration seminar


February 4, 5 and 6, 2022 in Leiden

Register webinar

"Making good intentions come true"

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Register webinar

"Live from quantum rest"

Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Register webinar

"The healthy slim lifestyle"

Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.