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Multifunctional laws for greater happiness and success.

quantum lawsMultiLaws®, of which Petra is the founder, are multifunctional laws, based on quantum laws, for greater happiness in business and private life. The multifunctional aspect of these laws is, that each law individually has an effect in multiple areas of life. Every law is self-reinforcing and is part of the quantum field, of the multiverse and (world) law. This comprehensive law is much broader than just a set of laws. Cases (case law), universal legal doctrine, investigations, experiences, scientific evidence and substantiation, and integration techniques are also sources of law and are covered by MultiLaws.

Science is needed so that one can also have an opportunity to understand how it works, what the laws do and why they do it.

New laws are developed and published regularly. If you know all these different laws, understand them and learn through integration-brain techniques how to apply them excellently, you will become not only happy but also a magnet for success in any field.

No doubt you have encountered these laws and matter at one time or another (consciously or unconsciously). Yet there may be concepts that come along that you may not relate to. Think: quantum field (also called quantum field or quantum laws), the field of all possibilities, the unified field, universe, the field of consciousness, laws of life, the infinite field of potentiality, quantum jump, quantum shift, laws of nature, divine field, fifth dimension, or quantum physics.

This is all about one and the same field of energy and information. The field in which we all live and in which everything is connected to each other.

All successful companies, businesses and individuals use these theories. Living successfully is 95% about having the right mindset (and identity) and knowledge of related ever-working MultiLaws. Read on below!

MultiLaws: multipurpose quantum laws

Science and quantum physics show us that matter, energy, information and consciousness are one field. Experts teach us that the raw material of the world is immaterial and that everything has the same origin. Everything in the cosmos is energy and has a certain frequency. The mental part (the thoughts) also consists of energy and information and vibrates at a certain frequency. In every action, intention or thought (cause) you set forth or send forth, you start a series of movements and consequences. These extend into the molecular cells of the body and throughout the universe. The fact is that everything that has been broadcast also returns to the broadcaster or action taker.

quantum lawsFor years, Petra has been researching primal principles: how our brain works, neuroplasticity and paradigms (philosophy of science). In her opinion, at a deep level, nature speaks the same language as quantum principles. Quantum physics has been the subject of scientific research for over a hundred years and has been taught for many years. These ironclad laws are also called quantum laws. Quantum laws are invisible laws that are always at work in our lives. They continuously lead to evolution as well as growth.

Petra has been inspired about quantum theory with the books of Lynne Mctaggart(The Field, The Connection), Deepak Chopra(Life in Abundance, Superbrain, The Self-Healing Ability and Supergenes), Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, among others.

Should you want to know more read her own books as well .

How did these laws come about?

This page goes a little deeper into what experts say about the quantum world. What exactly is energy and how can you attune to a higher frequency?

Everything we see, observe and perceive is composed of atoms. An example: you have a cup and it falls. Shards are formed. The smallest piece, that piece that is no longer divisible, we call an atom. An atom still retains all the properties of that element (the cup). So the whole thing is still in there. An atom is an indivisible particle of matter or something. If an atom does split, it loses its properties. An atom consists of information and energy levels. We call this “quanta.

Atoms are composed of subatomic particles: protons, neutrons and electrons. Subatomic particles consist of various vibrating energy particles, or energy packets. Scientists of quantum physics discovered that energy particles took on a certain shape (became visible) when observed by an observer. However, everything and everyone is made up of energy. Because this is a very complicated matter, I will not go further into this at this time. Should you wish to read more about this, I refer you to the aforementioned books.

MultiLaws are laws derived from the teachings of the quantum world, depth of mind, neuroplasticity and our nature and life experiences. So these laws are a translation of Petra’s thought leadership, quantum knowledge and deep knowledge of the brain. With the help of the MultiLaws, you will be supported in everything every day. The laws always lead to growth, development and evolution.

Through laws and our focused creation energy, everything is in a specific relationship and frequency with each other in vibration (connection). By applying the teachings of MultiLaws, you will access the energetic field of all possibilities. Certain branches of science also call it “nature field,” “quantum field,” “unified field” or “divine field. Petra calls the field “your expanded self. That’s how it feels to her.

What is energy?

At the deepest level, we too are composed of energy, for atoms also form molecules. A molecule, in turn, leads to cells. These form tissue and further build and grow into organs and your entire remaining body. So, in short, everything can be traced back and decomposed into energy. Energy always seeks the path of least resistance. Energy can never be lost. Energy is always there, vibrating at various heights and different speeds. Energy is vibrant, pure, neutral and completely in the here and now and works in waves. Energy consists of information impulses. So all the potential, all the possibilities are already there! We just need to believe it and activate it.

So the space around us, everything within us, between us and all matter is made up of soft, undulating, vibrating energy. In short, everything consists of information and energy. Energy is present, in the here and now. It knows no time, no past, no age and distance. Time and age we once created so we could hold onto something. Suppose you are thinking about someone, then you are there.

Vibration frequency

So energy vibrates at certain heights. High vibrations include: pure nourishment, helpfulness, love, strength, joy, authenticity, empathy, respect, joy, granting, appreciation, peace, being content, non-judgment, standing for who you are, peace, patience, fitness, gratitude. Low vibrations and low thinking patterns include: fatigue, resentment, not liking, being skeptical, judging, heavy feeding, thinking what others think, feeling resistance, fear, fear of negative feedback or not getting recognition, frustrations, brooding state, greed, anger, sadness, down, insecurity. I refer you to Dr. David R. Hawkins’ website for an impressive in-depth look at the heights of vibrations as well as emotions.

Frequency is tuning to a particular vibration, or vibration. Frequencies of ourselves are determined by how we think as well as how we feel. Feeling is a very important vibration. This is a result of your thoughts, conditionings AND beliefs. In short, what you see is a mirror of your own vibration (inner currents also consist of energy). Our sensory stimuli (hearing, smelling, tasting and seeing) pick up what we live internally. We look through glasses and see only what matches (resonates) with our beliefs, unconscious blueprint, expectations, thoughts and energy. So the only part you see and can see is your inner experience AND energy state, but then transformed into a life situation. It is what you think is possible and believe and what you expect. All other opportunities and potential thus remain. Therefore, if you want to adjust your reality, you must first adjust something in yourself. That’s why I always say: your inner self is your reality. The completeness of everything is seated within ourselves.

Imagine if you adjust in yourself a thought pattern and a (belief) belief and thereby lift it to a higher level, you will start thinking differently. This also makes you feel differently, changes your overall wave height and therefore your frequency. Then, through this new, expanded, inner frequency view, you will create a new reality. A reality that resonates with your inner attitude. Because universal energy responds to our energy state at all times: everything already exists.

By the way, it has also been shown that our thoughts as well as beliefs affect not only matter but also our health and physical cells. It all works through. I have experienced it myself with various diseases. Unfortunately, we were never told this during our upbringing, at the doctors or at school!

What are MultiLaws?

MultiLaws are part of the energetic legal system of our extended self: the cosmos. ‘Energetic’ means that everything is made up of energy. In yourself and around you, including the spaces between you and the TV or laptop, for example. They are laws that keep everything moving and they govern the whole world and the multiverse. These laws are about deepening the mind as well as laws of our creating life force, of which everything and ourselves are permeated. It’s about learning to use one hundred percent of your potential. You learn that the power of the cosmos is precisely the entire force that resides within ourselves.

By studying and applying these ironclad laws (rules) as well as acting in accordance with them, you work toward full growth, unity, realization and alignment with your dreams and goals. Instant creative power will spontaneously arise. That means you can very quickly transform your thoughts into a desired situation. You learn to make connections between your mind, body and life situation. You are going to (re)organize your inner energy in a focused way. By learning to attune internally to the quantum laws, solutions of your expanded self naturally emerge. This will transform your discomforts and challenges into opportunities. After all, we can only work from the inside out. On an energetic level, there is not even an inside and outside. It’s that simple!

MultiLaws, multifunctional laws provide guidance to create the life you desire. These laws are a guide to happiness in business and private life. They give you access to the field of all possibilities. Your world is the result of your energy state and expression of impulses of information and energy.

Using these laws, Petra wants to teach you to brain and make quantum knowledge applicable in your life, making your life easier and more successful as a result. Petra wants to help and support you to do business with happiness and create a beautiful life. For English speakers, please refer to

Below is a listing of a few laws from Petra’s new book, so you can get an idea of MultiLaws. Other and multiple comprehensive and well-researched laws are also included in my recently published book (Fall 2022).’ ‘Millionaire in Happiness‘.

Recommended literature: Transcending Yourself Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural Joe Dispenza, The Field Lynne McTaggert, The Connection Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment Lynne McTaggart.

(Study) books by: Deepak Chopra, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy and Petra van den Berg.

'MultiLaws', get into your quantum power

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