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Master HIGH LEVEL (one-on-one coaching)

Is one-on-one coaching convenient for you?

Do you also sometimes feel like :

  • Lingering in certain emotions
  • You’re not getting anywhere with learning certain ways of thinking
  • Stuck in the same situation?

Then the HIGH LEVEL one-on-one coaching annual program is for you!

In a year-long program, you will have every opportunity to change your mindset for good.

This program aims to teach you new ways of thinking and behavior,
so that actually the brain circuits strengthen and new connections (precursors for new situations and experiences) are formed, giving you solid results.

Get help with one-on-one coaching to create successful experiences with a high-end mindset. You learn ironclad laws of life that expand your thinking and development immensely, so you create new possibilities with a new mindset. You break through to a new level of thinking and behavior. This new behavior matched to you is critical to achieving your small and large goals. As you spend the entire year (2023) doing this, you learn to live in the now with inner peace, joy and confidence. Boarding options are possible (2023/2024).

The HIGH LEVEL one-on-one coaching annual program

The goal of a HIGH LEVEL annual program is to teach you the laws of success that will take your life, both personally and professionally, to the next level.

What is success according to the MultiLaws?

Health, joy, confidence and prosperity. These include small and large goals. These can be goals on a relational level or in the areas of health (losing weight or optimizing overall health) and career. It can also be about becoming more mentally resilient (self-confidence, self-esteem and setting boundaries, and so on). With guidance and coaching, you are more likely to achieve your goals and success.

‘Lost’ rules for prosperity and success

These laws are not new, but hidden and explored and supplemented by Petra, which does not mean they have no place in modern society. These laws are precisely what is needed: they are ingenious and sustainable.

Currently, major changes are taking place in the way we think and do things. Passion, happiness and fulfillment are increasingly at the forefront.

But how can you ensure that you actually enjoy what you do without worry ing about the future, your finances, health, or getting stuck in addictions or conflicts with others? Through guidance and coaching, you gain all the knowledge that allows you to create and influence situations in your life yourself.

During a HIGH LEVEL annual program, you will discover what ironclad laws are and gain in-depth knowledge about the brain. The program, counseling and coaching are designed to help you learn what steps to take To achieve your goals faster, easier, with inner peace and confidence. You will also learn exactly how these laws work. 

Who is this one-on-one coaching annual program for?

This program is designed for ambitious business people and individuals with powerful personalities who want to grow further and achieve more on a personal and/or business level. It is also designed for people who are facing a business issue and those who want to develop personally faster. People who give themselves one year for this and actually feel like it.

The program is there for you:

    • If you want to learn how to get more out of yourself.
    • If you want to learn how to attune yourself to desired creations, dreams and vibrational levels.
    • If you are looking for a way to take charge yourself.
    • If you are stuck and want to break bad habits and patterns.
    • If you want to learn new skills that enrich your life.
    • If you want to release stuck energy (emotions) from the body.
    • If you want to increase the productivity and performance level of your business or organization.
    • If you have the ambition to continue to grow and develop yourself.
    • If you want to learn how to create less resistance and more effortlessness.
    • Now if you are really serious about optimizing your (business) life.
    • If you want to know what life is really like.
    • If you want to discover how to make your own potential available to new experiences, after which you can achieve successful results.

Do you want to learn all this? Then this HIGH LEVEL one-on-one coaching annual program is definitely for you. You will begin to consciously interact with an infinite intelligence that flows through each of us. You learn to be firmly at the helm of your own life.

Warning: you will be challenged during this program! A degree of self-reflection is important to get the most out of this program. You are challenged to open your heart.

This program does not consist of lectures. We will also work with interactive brain techniques on leadership, coaching and strategy.

What can you expect as a result?

The annual program is based on a personalized approach. Because you have your own inner values, you will have to start working on your own path. With Petra’s coaching sessions and VIP days, you can expect to be aligned with your authentic self, fully saturated with new knowledge,  leadership qualities, awareness and power, among other things, upon completion of the year-long program. In both personal and business situations, you are able to shift smarter and faster to opportunities during challenging circumstances.

  • Do you access your subconscious to initiate healing.
  • Can you exert a stronger positive influence on your environment.
  • Can you consciously harness your inner strength and new way of thinking for results.
  • Are you able to get into the right mindset faster, creating the right people, solutions, opportunities and situations that support your goals.
  • By having worked on yourself consistently for a year, you have developed a mastermind and upgraded your consciousness that will benefit you throughout your life.
  • You will have the opportunity to be able to get more out of yourself and your team or (family) environment.
  • Feel confident about your own self-developed vision, mission and strength, based on peace and confidence.
  • Are you aware of the main laws, which determine the realization of big and small goals and know how to apply and make them work to make your life vision and business goals a reality.
  • You have gained unique knowledge (groundbreaking and innovative ways of thinking) and depth: you know how energy and the brain work and therefore you create amazing positive changes in your life.

In closing, another piece of advice from one of the richest, smartest and most successful investors in the world: Warren Buffet. He was asked what’s the best thing to invest in these days. His answer was quick and practical

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

Petra is 100% behind this. With this one-time investment, you make a commitment to growth and development of yourself.

This personal annual program consists of 8 VIP training days, 42 weekly online sessions. 

Want to brainstorm whether this year-long track will give you the results you need? Petra is happy to engage with you. Sign up at the link below for a no-obligation introduction.

'MultiLaws', get into your quantum power

Two or four-day high level personal coaching

Quick change to achieve inner peace, (self)confidence and success, in any field! You can do this with the VIP package. These multifunctional laws and brain techniques, help you to strengthen your inner strength and mindset in order to achieve greater success more easily and energetically.

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

January 2023 Aruba

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

Dec. 11 and 12, 2022 in Malaga, Spain

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

September 10 and 11, 2022 in Leiden

Registration seminar

Seminar: 'MultiLaws': laws for greater success in business and personal life

June 11 and 12, 2022 in Leiden

Registration seminar


October 2022, Malaga Spain

Registration seminar


June 2022 in Eindhoven

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Self-direction course with Quantum-Hypnosis-NLP

April 1 and 4, 2022 in Leiden

Registration seminar


February 4, 5 and 6, 2022 in Leiden

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"Making good intentions come true"

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

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"Live from quantum rest"

Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

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"The healthy slim lifestyle"

Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.