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Your physical well-being as a source of creation

Your body is an important source of creation. Many people think the body must be healthy then. To some extent this is true, but even if you suffer from illnesses, there is a lot you can do to help your body. The degree of your physical well-being often also determines the degree of success you can achieve in your life.

It is not for nothing that people who are incredibly ill are often unable to work and therefore lose control of their lives completely. In fact, it makes perfect sense to take good care of your body, because a healthy body offers more opportunities than an unhealthy one.

So why do we still find it so difficult to work on our physical well-being?

Listening to your body

When you use the MultiLaw of awareness of the body, you notice that your body is giving you all kinds of signals. For example, something may or may not feel right. It is important to be aware of this.

In the end, for example, that “tasty” pizza often feels heavy on the stomach anyway or you’re more quickly tired afterwards. Then secretly that doesn’t actually feel good at all, does it?

In addition to your body responding to outside stimuli such as smells, tastes, sounds and what you see and feel. Does your body also respond to your thoughts and emotions.

If you have prolonged negative emotions, for example, you can literally become ill from them[1].

Because of this, your body is also something that says more about how you feel, what you think and what you know. Your body says something about who you are and what you stand for. It is, in fact, an imprint of your inner self. When you can feel well and be in connection with your body, you can harness your body for greater happiness and success.

So, by not only working on your health through healthy whole foods and exercise, but also by being mindful of your thoughts, emotions and (limiting) beliefs, you can do a lot to optimize your physical well-being. With that, you work on the energy to make your life more enjoyable.

The connection with your body and happiness

Research also shows that if you are happy with your body – this is completely independent of your gender, BMI, age and personality, by the way – you are often happier and more successful in your life[2]. That satisfaction is a factor that determines how well you listen to your body and if you have a good relationship with it.

So are you overweight or having other health problems? If you listen to your body and take good care of it, making you more appreciative of your body, it will affect how happy and successful you are.

Sensing your body well also helps you with the awareness that your body is moving in a bigger picture. If you can make the connection to this bigger picture, aka the quantum field (your expanded self), this also helps you feel happier and in addition, this connection works very effectively for your body.

Research shows that people who perform a mindfulness body scan to eventually use it to achieve a sense of oneness with the rest of the world, as if the body did not exist (selflessness), feel happier and less anxious than people who do not perform this form of meditation[3].

Happiness and success through physical well-being

You may now be thinking “Yes, but what difference does being happy make to success?”. For many people, being happy is already a success to celebrate.

On the business front, it appears that being happy has a correlation with business success. People who are happy often earn more than people who are unhappy, perform better than people who are unhappy, and help other people more often than people who are unhappy[4].

Enough reason, then, to work on your physical well-being, because it will eventually affect all areas of your life.

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