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Visualize: MultiLaw of Imagination


Visualizing is a very essential way to get goals clear. In this blog, I discuss how the MultiLaw of imagination helps you with this and how and why it helps you achieve your goals.

Multifunctional aspect

Keep in mind that the only thing you can monitor and control is your thoughts. Therefore, the multifunctional aspect of this law is that by applying it, you can adjust all elements of your life. Think about your career, your relationships and your health.

The law of imagination is about consciously imagining yourself to have an end result or goal. You create an image of what you want to experience in your life and focus your attention on that. Because of that attention, you grow toward the result you want to achieve. After all, you continuously place energy in that image. The more often and consistently you do this, the faster you will get results and find that reality begins to look more and more like the image you created.

What is a visualization?

A visualization is the translation of a thought into an image. Adjusting the way you think also adjusts the quality of your life. The more completely you imagine your future image, dream image or goal, the better it will work to achieve your goals.

So not only see what you want to look like, but also see the environment you want to be in. How do you feel? What do you smell? Think about all that you have learned when you reach this goal, that is, as if it is already there. Keep in mind here that if you properly employ the MultiLaw of imagination with discipline, you are creating a precursor to the actual experience. This already makes you happy! After you come out of the visualization, especially hold this happy feeling.

By feeling as much as possible, making your visualization as complete as possible, you make clear to yourself the steps you are going to take. In addition, as you make your visualization as complete as possible and apply it in your daily activities, you are making new neurological connections in the brain. This means you are creating new circuits in the brain.

These circuits are going to help you in achieving your goals. For you simultaneously activate the possibility in the quantum field, you tune in with this image to an infinitely intelligent field of energy and information in which we all live and which flows completely around, in and through us. This divine intelligence makes energy and consciousness come to form. Your thoughts and visualizations are also imbued with energy.

This is an explanation in a nutshell; another time I will go into this in more detail. If you want to know more already, you can also check out the book Millionaire in Happiness: see the link at the bottom of the blog.

Visualizing well

Good visualization has all kinds of nice effects. After all, you can visualize whatever you want. The possibilities are limitless. This means that everything in your life is unlimited. You can achieve anything you can imagine. When you choose to start visualizing something about a certain topic, it affects that topic in your life.

Think, for example, about your work, health or social life. Visualization affects behavior and the choices you make, so you will live more consciously and thus achieve something that makes you happy faster. It causes you to be or become the person you want to be more quickly.

And it doesn’t just affect your choices. The right way to visualize even affects all sorts of other things. This was examined in a group that visualized and included the following elements:

  • Physical movement
  • The environment
  • The timing
  • Learning
  • Emotion
  • Perspective

The group that visualized with these elements had better muscle strength development than the group that visualized traditionally and did strength training[1].

So focusing on increasing muscle strength also causes muscle strength to grow.

Thereby, as mentioned earlier, visualizations also affect your brain. If you have (unconsciously) had too many negative visualizations, this may have changed your brain so much that you have developed a disorder as a result. Fortunately, guided visualizations and positive visualizations can play a role in straightening out that mental health again. Visualizations often play an important role in the treatment of mental complaints[2].

Guided visualization

If you find it difficult to begin visualizing your goals yourself, a coach can help you with guided visualization. In that visualization, you can be encouraged to visualize your ideal future image. During a preliminary conversation, a coach can ask you questions that will provide the inspiration to give you a good visualization. These questions can also be asked during the visualization itself, to help you imagine, or envision, your ideal future.

For example, if you want to stop negative thinking, guided visualization works better than your own visualization, but not visualizing or a placebo doesn’t work anyway[3]. So it’s better to do something than nothing at all.

On the website you can get guided meditations that will help you meditate and visualize.

Click here to go to the guided meditations.

In conclusion, it has emerged bit by bit in my previously discussed laws that the “application” of the laws is most important, otherwise nothing will happen. Hence, the law of imagination is crucial. Only you can decide how you see and want to see yourself. Another can only judge this from his/her own perception. So the judgment is a projection and belongs to the other person.

You always have the choice to tap into a new neural network, to imagine a new desired image about yourself. Earlier you heard in one of my videos that the brain doesn’t see a difference between an image of an event, i.e. experience, or an image you created yourself. Both are creation mechanisms. Either you remain stuck in a negative pattern and self-image, or you break through it by imagining new images.

The more you give yourself in terms of love, value, faith and loyalty and commitment, the more life will affirm you of the above and give you of the same.

You can make an idea and/or wish come true with your inner and physical qualities alone. Without deliberate inner action, life can never be optimized. For example, an inner action could be making a change in your thinking to improve a certain item of your life because, I like to repeat, by the way you think, you continually create your reality. So a very essential inner action is to apply the law of imagination; a conscious imagination is a placement of energy, and where you place energy, that grows. It is important that you become so involved with the inner image or with the new self-image that the image in your mind becomes more real than your reality.

“Imagination is more important than facts,” said Albert Einstein.

Visualization coach

Do you need more personal help getting clear on what you want in life and how to get there?

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PS Also check out this video series on Imagination’s MultiLaw

And read the book Millionaire in Happiness.




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