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The Secret Awareness Formula of Success

3 Rules You Can Apply Anytime, Anywhere!

Suppose you are in a prison in a cell with a lock. This lock requires either a code or a combination formula. You spend years trying to find the combination but just don’t succeed….

Now what if I gave you these
3 PMC success rules
that you can apply anywhere and at any time and set you free, instantly and with ease and love.

Success and awareness, this is what it’s all about.

The secret awareness formula of success, 3 rules you can apply everywhere. The more conscious we become the higher and freer we can think. Remember: we consist of energy and information everything constantly connects with each other, man and matter influence each other in one big field of consciousness.

Good luckWhat is SUCCESS anyway.

You may recognize a kernel in this story: I had a client in New York, once met in Aruba. This beautiful woman had everything her heart desired.

Stone rich, well at least four beautiful houses, a healthy son and she herself was physically healthy. Only she was severely depressed and unhappy.

Was in a divorce. She is a beautiful and sweet woman. Everything about her body was lifted and plastic surgery was applied to parts of her body.

She kept falling back into old negative thoughts, that she wasn’t worth having a good relationship. Her realization was literally “learning to be grateful with what she had” and working on her old negative patterns, then replacing them with positive beliefs, which of course did give her what she desired.

For the law of creation is absolute and direct. She felt happy and successful also now in relationship. She became happy with herself again and consequently attracted the desired partner and situations.

With the above, I just want to say that in my opinion, you are only truly successful when you are balanced in all areas. Self-knowledge (is also universal knowledge) is, in my opinion, the start to success.

But also when you break your old negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior. Because as long as you continue to think, feel and do as you always thought, felt and did, you will continue to get what you always got. You can ask yourself, do you still want this? Or do you really want to receive success in your life right now?

For me, success literally means the attainment of inner freedom, creating a universal flow and power, revealing my desires regarding success and happiness. Note: You accomplish all of this yourself!

vibrationsThe manifestations you receive in your life will correspond exactly to the inner vibrations you are emitting. Don’t get me wrong, everything can be worked on!

Inner or personal freedom is THE freedom and is the basis for outer freedom and success. Both for business and personal success. Also for material success. The other way around, it will never work.

Why not

Because business success, for example, wanting more money in your bank account or an expensive big car only makes you happy if you are also happy inside and feel yourself valuable. A person who is happy inside enjoys life and what he or she has or may use much more. Think of Buddha. Buddha could drive an expensive Porsche but also drive an old Volkswagen, with or without opulence he was happy.

Imagine a formula that if you apply three simple rules in your daily life, brings you into a mindset of success.

Key to success

Now I will give you a key to success…. For much of my entrepreneurship, I searched for the ultimate formulas for business success and personal success. For me, the unraveling took years. I have developed a formula that – with the proper application of the universal laws – will lead to success for every entrepreneur and individual.

After working through myself, my weaknesses that in retrospect are my strengths, and in addition as many as hundreds of books on energy and success, I have not found anywhere a success formula that
all the factors
of success. Of course, all books do contain portions of the formula. The formula for success I have developed is irreversible and fully tested.

The formula is easy to apply anywhere you are. Extremely simple really… This formula – with the right application – leads to success and self-reliance for every individual and entrepreneur!

My ultimate formula for success!
(P)Personal =>(M)Mindset) => (C)Complete universal professional knowledge

PMC‘s ultimate success formula thus consists of 3 rules:

  1. Personal: Develop yourself and engage in self-reflection, make yourself and body a top product
  2. Mindset: Create the right mindset in three areas (1 = thought, 2 = feeling and 3 = behavior)
  3. Complete knowledge of the mind: study the (quantum) laws of success and insights and apply them to your life

Integration of the universal PMCs laws of success, along with self-reflection (awareness) and the required mindset is the basis of any success.

It is a foundation, on which you can manifest your goals with success and ease!

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