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The power of repetition: Multilaw of mental rehearsal

The power of repetition

Everyone has heard of “the power of repetition. This expression indicates that you remember things better when they are repeated. Everyone knows it works: if something is said to you repeatedly, you’ll remember it once. The same is true when you read or listen to something over and over again. What is also very effective is repeating a positive suggestion to yourself. At some point it enters your subconscious and becomes normal, rather than “new. You start believing in it; because of this, you automatically start living and acting upon it.

But the power of repetition goes much deeper, and can be used for so much more than that. If you want to change something or learn a new habit and unlearn an old one, the law of repetition is a must. Here, by the way, I like to refer to James Clear’s book, Elementary Habits. James Clear has conducted many studies using theories from psychology, neuroscience and biology. Very interesting! I have used these often in the past and still, if needed:

“Is this habit helping me or holding me back from achieving my desired identity?


“Is this habit effective or is it actually working against me getting or staying healthy?

Multilaw of mental rehearsal

What does the power of repetition say now? This force says that everything can be unlearned and that new habits, new actions (behaviors), such as exercising for a while every day, eating healthier or meditating, can be learned through consistent repetition and mental rehearsal. This can be in words, positive suggestions, as well as in images, actions and feelings.

The power of repetition is used in the Multilaw of mental rehearsal. This multifunctional law implies that mentally – in thoughts – get to work on your goals and embodying those goals. You are working to become the person you want to be, rather than who you are now. This affects all areas of your life. It affects your emotions, your energy, your mindset and very essential: your body.

With the power of repetition, you are going to program yourself every day, as it were, through imagination and empathy, to be directed toward the quantum field to broadcast either what you want to achieve and who you want to be in the quantum field. You are going to start each day by already experiencing the day in your mind, or inwardly, as you would want the day to go and what you would do if you were that person you want to be.  Then how do you act? That way it seems to your brain as if the day has already happened and as if you are already that person you want to be, because the brain does not know the difference between that which you experience in your mind and that which you experience in reality.

This means that you are establishing a new route to the future, rather than being persistently drawn back to old behaviors, your old identity and the past.

As a result, you attract the same situation that you have repeated in your mind, i.e., that matches your visualizations and new identity.

Indeed, life always works in accordance with your inner state. From this you can conclude that you can make a change only if you adjust or change something in yourself in your behavior and inner state.

This may sound a little crazy to those who are new to this, but research shows that if you visualize being in a good mood, for example, it causes your mood to actually improve. And it is not so crazy, because we ourselves are the creators, however, we have to make a reversal to receive and start seeing affirmations in the outside world. So instead of thinking outwardly, you can start thinking inwardly and experiment that your inner world can make changes in your external world.

The power of repetition and your goals

In addition, you can visualize and sense that you are achieving certain goals. In this case, then, you not only see the goal in front of you, but in particular, you evoke the feeling you will have when you have actually achieved your goal.

The interesting thing is that this kind of visualization also has a positive impact on your body, biologically, chemically and neurologically. People with diabetes who used these types of visualizations in which they imagined themselves taking good care of themselves also started taking better care of themselves over time. They monitored their blood sugar better, controlled their weight better and moved more.

There are many more examples about how visualizations affect your health, for example, some people suffer less from hay fever, stress and high blood pressure. In my most recent book Millionaire in Happiness , you can also read a lot about it. In particular, I then refer to the MultiLaw of imagination. This multifunctional law says that we all have powerful potential at our disposal.

Another great and especially effective example is the result of a group of students who had to visualize how they successfully completed a Spanish course. They had better results than students who did not[1].

First believe, then see

Now the only question is: do you then get those better results because you change your (learning) behavior, or do those better results come only from the visualization and meditation, that is, from inner work? By the law of mental rehearsal?

During my in-depth research, I have come across many scientific studies that show that through meditation, it emerges that if you are heart and brain are coherent – your feelings, intentions and thoughts and, note: especially behavior, are aligned -, a magnetic field is created. Those thoughts that you then have, you send as a kind of radio wave to the quantum field.

This quantum field then causes you to get what you transmit. By first feeling what you want, you create what you want. You are creating a new possibility. Your emotion then works proactively rather than reactively to the outside world[2].

It is difficult for some to feel before you see. We all know the phrase “first see, then believe. So in the West we were brought up exactly the opposite way, which means that for a long time in patterns can get stuck that don’t help you at all. This keeps you reacting and waiting for the outside world for a long time.

First believe, be and then see is how the law of mental rehearsal works.

It is important to keep repeating to yourself internally how you want to feel, be and feel when you achieve your goals. Then who are you? And very powerful is also to already be grateful for what you don’t have (yet). Through that gratitude and repetition, you change the connections in your brain and condition yourself in a healthy way, which in turn reflects positively in the quantum field (unified field) and in your life.

Want to know more? Please contact me without obligation.

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