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The logic of happiness: how the right knowledge makes your brain and you happy

We’re going to talk about happiness. The word alone makes you a little happy, doesn’t it?


Everyone wants to be happy, but how do you make that happen? In this article, I explore the feeling of happiness and what factors contribute to being happy. That way you can become a millionaire in happiness!

What is happiness?

Being happy is a state of mind, a feeling. Many people describe happiness as being satisfied with themselves and with the current circumstances in their lives. In ultimate happiness, there is nothing gnawing at you that can still make you unhappy[1].

In quantum physics, you can say that happiness means that your body and mind are one and you can be who you really are. By now we know that to create a new feeling, you need to trust yourself completely, so that deep inside you feel and know that your inner workings – your thoughts, words and feelings – create your life. This means, according to the MultiLaw of thought, that when we emit something, when a thought comes into your mind or when you utter a word or phrase, it then comes into our lives in a form of an event or experience.

With a conscious, new thought as an electric charge and the corresponding emotion as a magnetic charge, you can change your feelings, create a happier feeling. What this boils down to is that you are changing your energy and, at the same time, changing your life.

You are shifting your focus, so to speak, from less happy living and living in the past to happy living and living the life you desire. To a future full of happiness. The benefits of a new focus are that you will automatically stop feeling victimized (and unhappy) by events in the outside world, you will start taking back control, and you will start living as the founder of your own life.

The feeling of being who you really are can also manifest itself in the feeling that you want to start helping other people. You will be less concerned with helping yourself; after all, you have already found yourself[2].

What brings happiness

What then brings happiness? Prosperity in your life, at least that helps you feel happier. But what is prosperity to one person may feel like poverty to another. As a result, what brings happiness can be different for each person.

What is clear is that what brings you happiness depends on how you view certain things. The more things you can name that make you happy, the more happiness you will experience.

Hypnosis and happiness

Hypnosis is often used to make people happier[3]. This can strengthen the interaction between body and mind and change your view of the world, allowing you to see more happiness.

You can use hypnosis to gain more influence over your emotions. The awareness that you can choose an emotion and (in almost all cases) stop a particular feeling is something hypnosis can help you with.

In addition, with hypnosis you can learn how to conjure up positive images that will help you have more happy thoughts.

It can also help you look at your past in a different way, making it less stressful for you. Hypnosis also helps you worry less about the future (source 3).

All in all, it’s pretty helpful for feeling better about yourself and feeling more connected to yourself and your environment.

Now you may wonder if those thought exercises with hypnosis really work to be happy. You may have noticed that when you feel happy, you suffer little stress and are generally healthy. In fact, how you feel strongly affects your immune system. The benefits of feeling happy, regardless of how your circumstances are in the outside world, are manifold. It all starts with feeling and emotions, such as gratitude, kindness, joy, compassion, mercy and love. This all directly affects your nervous system and hormonal balance and even your mental alertness, intuition and happiness.

Your thoughts and your influence on the tangible world

In a study of how hypnosis affects your mood, which then looked at your immune response to histamine, it was found that when people had been hypnotized where feelings of happiness were evoked, their skin reacted much less than those who had been hypnotized where feelings of sadness were brought to the surface[4].

From this, you can see that how you feel directly affects your health and the tangible world. Actually, quite logical.

When you are happy, you may feel the need to give something back to the world. These include helping other people or carrying out your passion. That can then make you even happier.

Exercise for greater happiness

Take a quiet moment in your daily activities and pay attention to your breathing. As a result, you find stillness in your body and mind. With each breath, the brain becomes calmer. Check with yourself what thoughts you are having. Do these match what you desire? If not, imagine what you do desire. Very essential here is to focus on the feeling you get from it. If only in your inner experience. Think: happiness, gratitude, joy, freedom, contentment.

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