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The fifth dimension and its role in your life

Recently I watched a snippet of the movie Everything everywhere all at once. The story is mostly about how important maternal love is to being able to get rid of depression in your daughter, but I would like to talk about another element of the film. In fact, it is also shown that everything is already there and how you can use your mind to obtain certain skills and find materials. The film did not fully convey how everything works, but the idea that everything is already there somewhere and that you can access it with your thoughts is fascinating. And that is exactly where my passion lies and I base my scientific investigations on. In my field, we also call this: learning to be in the fifth dimension.

Now you may be wondering how in reality the fifth dimension works and how you can use consciousness in the fifth dimension to create your ideal life. Let me explain.

Third-dimensional consciousness and fifth-dimensional consciousness

It is useful to first explain the difference between the third and fifth dimensions: we all live in the third dimension. There is space and time and in that space and time (limitations) you try to live your life. Through our senses (nose, eyes, ears) we are connected to the external world, as it looks to you. In the third dimension, everything consists of time, objects, people, locations, etc. Through your senses, you experience this as physical reality.

In the fifth dimension, everything is already there and there is no time. Hence the movie Everything everywhere all at once is inspiring, because it addresses that principle. There are no rules in the fifth dimension. Anything is possible.

The fifth dimension is also associated with the spiritual world or personal spirituality[1].

If you are aware that something is already there, all you have to do is grab it (while “grabbing” again is actually an idea of the third dimension).

The third dimension is situated in the fifth dimension, and if you can make contact with it, then your life can become very interesting. No, you won’t time travel (although you can), but you can more clearly live a life that makes you happy.

But how do you do this?

Your intention

Initially, it is important to have a clear intention of what you want to achieve. This is where you want to focus all your attention so that your brain becomes coherent. Next, you also want your heart to become coherent . Everything so to one thing! In addition to this, it is important to follow and expand your intuition.

You should detach your attention from the external world, that is, from objects, matter, situations, time and age and space. You completely surrender yourself through your attention to awareness, the depths within yourself. It is important to practice this continuously because that is also where your creation energy flows. The separation between the unified field and the physical will become less and less, and because of this you will feel more and more completeness and wholeness.

Meditation is an important tool for this, in part because stress causes your thoughts to run in all directions. As a result, your brain is not coherent.

If you have managed to get coherent brain activity, you get heightened emotion. This is because you have been able to let go of everything; your ego and your sense of self. You become nobody, nowhere, never. You develop pure awareness in that meditation and live completely in the here and now. Your brain waves then also change from beta to alpha.

You then live in complete harmony. Please refer to source one, where this is also well explained.

It often takes some practice to get this transition done with the accompanying feeling. Your consciousness and subconscious fuse, coming closer and closer together. The fifth dimension is a higher level of consciousness.

But if you manage to reach this higher level of consciousness, so you get this heightened emotion and that creates a certain magnetic field. You then become a kind of spiritual vortex (vortex). And your intention is going to play an important role now, because you are communicating it into the quantum field: the fifth dimension.

Because you have created a vortex with your heightened emotion, you attract the intention to you, so to speak. You suck those in, just as a hurricane also sucks in wind and just as a vortex also takes everything with it.

You then no longer have to do anything to reach your intention; instead, the intention finds you! This is because your thought of that intention can move outward in your magnetic field because the thoughts are again electric instead of magnetic.

Especially if you repeat this daily and keep practicing with it[2], intention will find you. If you have experienced your intention inwardly and can also be grateful for it as if you experienced it in reality, then it is good enough. This is exactly the sense of creation you need to hold.

Want to know more? Please contact me without obligation.

See you soon.

Petra van den Berg



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