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Quantum healing meditation: the power of meditation

quantum healing meditatie

Quantum healing meditation: this MultiLaw of meditation is about using the quantum field to heal. This may sound a bit complicated. Therefore first explain the MultiLaw of meditation and its multifunctional effect, before talking about quantum healing meditation.

The multifunctional aspect of this law is that meditation has a very powerful self-reinforcing and continuous healing effect. That is, it has beneficial effects on health, such as on blood pressure, metabolism and various other functions of the body, as well as on your emotions and brain. So it also has a great effect on the quality of your life.

This is because – when you turn your attention inward (attention is living energy) – you are placing living energy within. Among other things, this means resetting your body. This includes awareness of your subconscious and automatic thinking patterns. And awareness equals change and a first step toward healing.

As you place your attention, therefore all your energy, inward, all your creative energy flows to the direction and place where you conceive, visualize, imagine and handle your goals. As you place your mass energy in those wish images, this energy can attract the goals to you. Only with your own energy can you heal yourself and your body and empower your goals.

You can also, through meditation, reprogram your brain and recondition the body so that your body and brain give you support energy in your goals. Goals such as creating a more fulfilled life, healing illness, significantly reducing or removing anxiety and stress, transforming emotions and so on. There are countless benefits!

You have to think of it this way: normally energy flows from us to the outside world. To people, to our phones and social media channels, to irritations that others create in us and so on. Whereas reality is created by ourselves and from within us (inner) to the outside. We can only create from the inside out. Now that you know that, what would you instill for yourself as a daily habit?

First, it is helpful to know what effect and benefits meditation can have. Trials show that meditation can be more effective than medication. By the way, research also shows that meditation causes you to have more gray matter in your brain[1].

The longer a person meditates, the more gray matter he has. This happens when this is a habit that has been practiced for years. The more years a person practiced meditation, the more gray matter the person had. You don’t have to meditate for hours, but for example, ten minutes daily.

In the subiculum, a part of the brain’s hippocampus, there was also a significant effect seen in both halves. This is interesting because the subiculum regulates stress.

Other research shows that meditation helps improve your focus. You become lucid, your memory improves, you speak more fluently and your thinking becomes more flexible[2].

Meditating: how do you do it?

This sounds like something you want to at least start with, doesn’t it?

You can meditate in many ways. You can sit or lie down. You have transcendental, individual, guided and walking meditations, among others. All is well. You can do it at home or at work. The most important thing is to relax nicely. You can also put on special meditation music for this purpose that will help you meditate.

Speaking of quantum meditation, you can also use music with appropriate frequencies to generate so-called alpha waves . You then cause your brain to enter such a state of relaxation that it sends alpha waves, rather than beta waves when you are alert.

That is also the first step for quantum meditation.

So, as mentioned earlier, it helps you become more aware of your subconscious. Thoughts can come up and you can let them go again. You observe your thoughts correctly. Instead of giving energy to the outside world, you give energy to yourself. To your own inner world.

From Oprah Winfrey, presidents, managers and CEOs to people like you and me, many do meditate, pray or something equivalent on a daily basis. Meditation is basically stopping your mind and coming into the here-and-now. You don’t think, but focus on stillness, inner peace, or instead focus on a particular goal. Meditation is getting to know your real self, and this can provide profound and lasting insights.

Quantum healing meditation

That is often the basis in meditation. In quantum healing meditation, you can focus your thoughts on a particular goal , and that makes the solution come to you faster. You can visualize what your life looks and feels like, try to actually feel this in your body, as if you have already achieved certain goals.

Many people use it to improve their health[3 ] or to solve other problems. With your thoughts, you can release certain substances, such as more hormones that make you happy. By consciously focusing on thoughts and images that make you happy, you give yourself a shot of good feelings, so to speak. This effectively affects your immune system and behavior.

Research also shows that visualizing success is good for your motivation , and especially if you see yourself from the point of view of a third person[4]. You can enhance this effect with group meditation.

Group meditation for your organization

Meditating with your team has other benefits besides finding ways to achieve goals faster, namely:

  • Improved togetherness
  • More empathy
  • More compassion
  • Conflicts are resolved faster

In addition, group meditation also helps improve your working memory, and as another study described, it enhances your speaking[5]. So that applies to group and individual meditation.

Meditating in a group provides a lot of energy, which you can use to achieve goals. You often see in religious settings that praying together (also a form of meditation) can do a lot for the energy in the whole group and everyone resonates with each other. This can continue down to the cellular level[6].

Want to learn more about meditation and how to use it effectively with the MultiLaw of meditation? Please contact me without obligation.

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