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Plant-based eating: beneficial for body and mind

The MultiLaws of whole food. Say: plant-based nutrition. The multifunctional aspect of this law is that it too has an effect in multiple areas of your life.

You are no longer an exception if you choose a vegan meal. More and more people are going vegan and focusing on plant-based foods. When you’re vegan, you don’t eat anything that comes from animals, such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. So you are not eating animal protein. Instead, eat lots of vegetables, fruits, tubers, seeds, starches and nuts. When you read this like this, it may seem like there is little left, but you will be surprised how many types of vegetables, legumes, fruits, tubers and nuts, seeds and kernels there are, which allow you to still eat delicious food and feel fulfilled. By the way, there are delicious recipes on the Internet, you really don’t have to be short of anything.

I am naturally slim and petite built, so in order not to get too skinny, I eat two or three bananas almost daily and lots of starch, tubers and sweet potato. I also do fitness and exercise daily. I believe that if you eat healthy and take good care of your body, you will naturally stay at your ideal weight. What weight that is is different for everyone.

In this article, I will elaborate on the benefits of plant-based eating. I myself eat a lot of plant-based foods and for me it has brought health, strength and peace, among other things. Initially, I started paying attention to my nutrition, finding out exactly what nutrition accomplishes in the body and what it did for my health.

What is plant-based eating?

Plant-based eating is about eating vegetables, fruits and nuts. You may still boil, bake and steam this. It’s not as if you can only eat everything raw. There are those who stick to eating raw. I myself also eat raw vegetables, but I also steam and bake it.

When you start focusing on plant-based eating, you find out how much variety there is in the vegetables you can eat and how many flavors vegetables can have. From bitter to sweet and from sour to spicy, it really can go either way.

There are also lots of vegetables and other plant-based foods that ensure you still get that good filling feeling that meat can also give you. Beans are a good example (hence those vegan burgers with beans), as are nuts. This is also why an all-vegetable cake often has a base of crumbled nuts. Hmmm, tasty feasting! I personally love bean casserole, with onions and garlic, I make this at least once a week.

Benefits of plant-based eating

Eating plant-based foods has all kinds of benefits. This is because with plant-based foods, you are closer to nature. Then it does involve plant-based, unprocessed foods. For example, many vegan burgers have gone through all sorts of chemical processes, so they don’t really count in this story.

By staying close to nature, you ensure that your body gets the nutrients that primal man also got. Hunters and gatherers could also live very well for long periods of time on plant-based foods (sometimes there is just a little less to hunt).

Follow nature and nature follows you

An inference of whole foods is that plant-based, unprocessed and organic foods bring you closest to your natural state. After all, your body is living energy (a living entity). So is plant food: everything that comes from the earth is living and growing and high vibrating energy. From this you can conclude that you shift faster to your quantum-self (inner strength).

When you eat plant-based foods, you become sharper, your senses work better, you feel more comfortable in your body.

Processed, heavy foods affect your creative power. When you replace processed foods with plant-based foods, your creative power improves rapidly. Plant-based nutrition makes your intuition (an impulse from your expanded self/the quantum field) work more powerfully.

Therefore, fresh food is very important. A secondary and beneficial benefit is that this lifestyle will get you to your ideal weight. Great: you’ll never have to go on a diet again!

And that being close to nature, that also keeps you close to yourself, your authentic self. Also, you are not affected by all kinds of chemicals that cause you to still feel hungry even though you have already eaten (really a problem with some fast food chains!).

Physical benefits of plant-based eating

Plant-based foods are good for your immune system and gut flora. After all, eighty percent of your immune system is in your gut.

I myself started to study nutrition about twenty-five years ago. I still ate fish and very occasionally took dairy (in the cappuccino…). Yes, that has been my pitfall for a while.

At that time, I then changed course and began to study the body, the mind and, also very important, life. I desperately wanted to know why the body, which nota bene has a self-healing ability within it (think of wounds healing on their own), did not work that way with me and why I found everything so hard in life.

Severe rheumatism limited me in life when I was young. There was a time when I even had to be showered by my dear sister because I could no longer do it myself. Our mother had unfortunately passed away prematurely, I was living alone and did not want to be hospitalized, despite my family doctor’s advice. While sitting, on a stool, being washed by my sister Mirjam (for which, by the way, I am still intensely grateful), I had a sharp insight: this is really not going to happen to me and this does not suit me. From this belief, I threw myself into my power and started experimenting with myself on a mental and physical level. Admittedly by trial and error, I did everything I could to make the maximum effort to heal. It worked. For years I did not suffer from this disease.

As a result, I have found the time and peace to delve into being human, the brain, the body and the unified field. I have been doing that for over twenty years now. From this MultiLaws was born and currently it is my life’s mission to help people move forward on a business and personal level.

By the way, it is clear that rheumatism is caused by acidification of the body, a deficiency of enzymes and fiber. As Cliff Paddison nicely describes it, “An overgrowth of unwanted microworms, such as bad bacteria, yeast and so on.” This causes a leaky gut. This means that holes form in the intestinal wall. These perforations in the intestinal wall allow large, foreign proteins to enter the bloodstream and, in short, cause the inflammation in the joints.

I would like to share a piece of text from my book Millionaire in Happiness:

‘The body consists of pure life energy and related information. It is fully connected and synchronized to the quantum field, or universe. The world natural system is the same system that circulates throughout our body. The body processes data and nutrition almost instantaneously and therefore the universe will immediately simultaneously value the same information from the body that plays a role in creating and organizing desired events in life. Amazing in this context are the following repetitive and ever manifesting discoveries: the better you take care of yourself and body the better life takes care of you!

The body functions identically to biological processes as in other creations of nature and therefore naturally has a self-healing and regulating capacity. From this, you can conclude that all the foods that grow in nature are the healthiest for us humans, thus supporting and fully contributing to our happiness, beauty, health and growth potential. In other words, follow nature and nature will follow you.

So by eating more plant-based foods, among other things, I was able to be completely myself, and for many years the inflammation stayed away, although it returned violently once. It was in the middle of the corona period. I was stressed, didn’t move enough for a while, meditated a lot less and had lost connection with myself. I then knew exactly what I needed to tighten up in my lifestyle in terms of diet, rest and gut flora and went right back to work on it, which had a positive effect. We all have this power to harness for healing!

Gut plays an incredibly important role in our immune system. Eighty percent of your immune system is in your gut. This is why scientists refer to the gut as “the second brain.

Lots of health issues can be traced back to unhealthy gut flora. Eating plant-based foods creates a gut flora with good bacteria for your health and therefore can already remove or reduce many health complaints (like the one I had)[2]. Good bacteria are in love with fiber, especially fiber from leafy vegetables, this causes natural growth and because of this the good bacteria will multiply. Daily I eat lettuce with every meal! By the way, I also regularly rinse my mouth with coconut oil, which is good for detoxifying the body. Here I will go into more detail another time.

Consuming chemical and packaged foods, animal and processed foods creates an environment in which pathogens can thrive. This is because these feed the bad gut bacteria, and therefore diseases will occur. The cool thing is: within five days, you can already greatly improve your gut flora! Even if you do not want to make a big turnaround, this turnaround is possible; you already get this turnaround by following a vegetarian diet. Then you can still eat dairy products and eggs. Even then, you will quickly notice the positive effect on gut flora.

Other benefits include:

  • Greatly reducing overall inflammatory levels
  • Better metabolism
  • Far fewer cardiovascular diseases
  • Lower risk of early death
  • Lower blood sugar levels (= lower risk of type II diabetes)
  • Lower cholesterol
  • More sensitive to insulin (= spray less insulin if you already have type II diabetes)

Mental benefits of plant-based eating

Important to returning the body to health is that you also pay attention to your mental health. This can be done through affirmations, visualizations, tapping and meditation, but eating plant-based foods by themselves can also do a lot for your mental health. It helps you to be your authentic self or create behaviors that match your desired identity.

According to a meta-analysis, there is also evidence that a plant-based diet (although I prefer to call it a lifestyle rather than a diet) helps to effectively reduce stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms (source 2). There is also evidence that this lifestyle can counteract mood swings in women.

In addition, it will change the way neurotransmitters respond. This may mean, for example, that you will feel fulfilled faster than when you were eating meat (source 2). Also, after consuming plant-based foods for several weeks, your taste will change positively and the body will crave plant-based foods more and more. Furthermore, you also get more tryptophan in your system, which is good for the production of serotonin, the substance that makes you feel happy . This is good for your well-being and even for having healthier thoughts[3].

Last but not least. Eating plant-based foods has a positive effect on fighting animal suffering and combating climate change, so you’re also supporting Mother Earth by doing so.

Do you also want to think healthier thoughts, be more yourself and create the life you desire? Take a look at what plant-based eating can do for you!

Contact me if you want to change your (business) life.

Warm regards,

Petra van den Berg




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