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Personal leadership: causing a consequence

personal leadership

One of the hardest lessons I learned early in my personal leadership journey was dealing with emotional reactions due to lack of self-insight, self-respect and self-love, as well as lack of universal knowledge. By this I mean knowledge of quantum power and human potential.

It was an important lesson for me to stop allowing others to control my emotions and thoughts. This led to increasingly healthy ways of thinking, desired results and stimulated my growth.

Meanwhile, that growth ensures that I have a team, an organization, that helps me achieve goals. This is entirely in line with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s thought, that believing in your own thoughts causes a significant effect in the world and that it comes back to you[1]. He also indicates that every organization is an extended shadow of one human being[2]. So your thoughts continually affect the world and around you, and this always leads to corresponding consequences. Or from the Bible: what you sow, you will reap.

Awareness of own thoughts as leadership quality

To practice my craft well, it is crucial for me to control, or heal, thoughts and emotions. To achieve this, I had to learn that I am the one who is the enabler and that the consequence followed in the external world. By this I mean that when I removed an inner cause, the outer consequence also disappeared.

Finally, each behavior has a corresponding opposite reaction and effect. In contrast, each effect has an explicitly identifiable cause. Inner and outer are in fact one.

When faced with a lack of quantum understanding, remember that your own response is your responsibility. Everything in yourself is created by yourself. You always work from the inside out.

In fact, research shows that your reality is a result of how aware you are of certain things. Everything is connected on an energetic level. By having the right insights, you can effectively influence the world around you with your inner thereby and what you get back[3]. Your extended shadow. Because after all, everything is one.

Therefore, practice with the following questions:

  • If I am the causer, and the consequence is my outside world, what do I need to adjust in myself?
  • What thoughts or behaviors do I need to adjust to get a new destination, or to just stay close to myself to create the right destination?
  • What thoughts or behaviors do I need to adjust to see that which triggers me as something belonging to the other person, so that I can leave it there? Is there something I need to heal in myself?

Indeed, growth is an ongoing process and mastering emotional resilience is very essential to becoming an effective personal leader.

How do you handle your emotions and thoughts in challenging situations? Can you stay in your power? Remember that a bad feeling or result in your external world always arises from a certain mindset. Your mindset is a primary strength. When you change this mindset, new consequences will arise in your outer world.

How all this is related also depends on the context in which you have certain thoughts. Indeed, the challenge with the quantum field is that you have an ideal in mind, but the reality is not there yet. This can be very confusing, but by keeping an eye on the context, you can see that certain quantum reactions may work through quickly in one place, but less quickly in another context, because the rules are different there. Consider, for example, how a friendly relationship works, and how a collegial relationship works[4].

Furthermore, when you pay attention, life will always give you certain signs that you are getting closer and closer to your new reality. In all cases, it is important that you are fully attuned inside (thinking, feeling and being) to your new reality. You must become, as it were, another person corresponding to the identity that is fully consistent with your desired reality. Here I will go into a little more detail in a future article.

You create your world by the way you think. You can optimize your life within seconds by changing your thinking.

The MultiLaw of Causing a Consequence

From this I developed the following MultiLaw: the MultiLaw of Causing a consequence. This is because when you remove the cause (lies with the causer), you also no longer have a consequence. There is causality. Therefore, the multifunctional aspect of this law is that the series of chain reactions on the consequence (think of the magnet effect) cancel out. You’ve probably read that your thoughts make the circumstances. It is not the circumstances that make you.

For me, it was an important decision to put into practice all the new things I learned. Applying knowledge is the power of wealth and, above all, contentment. That very thing, integrating and applying knowledge, is the big obstacle for many people.

I would like to enable you to take advantage of the multifunctional law Causing a consequence. A video series on this topic will be published soon, so keep an eye on my channel.

Help with personal leadership

Do you need help with personal leadership and shaping the world to your ideal? Then keep an eye on my website and YouTube, as there is also a video series coming up on the MultiLaw of Causing a Consequence.

Please also feel free to contact me for an exploratory discussion if you would like to get started.





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