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Multilaw of Behavior: how does behavior affect your life?


MultiLaw of behavior change.

Everyone behaves a certain way, and that behavior has all kinds of consequences. The more aware you are of your behavior, the more effectively you can deal with it. Read more about behavior and influence of behavior on yourself, your life and on other people in this blog.

The multifunctional aspect of this law is that the behavior co-displays who you are and thus you attract corresponding situations. That is, this law again has a self-reinforcing effect because everything reflects from one field. Think about such things as your biology, your neurocircuits, your behavior, thoughts and most importantly, your beliefs.

This means that behavior change effectively impacts multiple areas of your life because the body, mind and life are one unit. Also, quantum physics and science shows that life, through your behavioral change, gives exactly what matches and connects with your new behavior. This stems in part from the fact that behavior is the icing on the cake of previously made adjustments in yourself and choices.

What is behavior?

Behavior is the endpoint of a series of actions and the result of adjustments you have applied within yourself. When it comes to adjustments in yourself, you can think about adjustments in your beliefs, emotions and thoughts. Those often determine first what you end up doing.

Behavior creates a perception and experience. Those experiences in turn stimulate and produce the same emotions and feelings associated with that behavior. If you learn new behaviors by applying new knowledge, you stimulate new thoughts and feelings, making the corresponding choices easier and easier, and therefore the new behavior integrates more and more (into your subconscious).

Behavioral change has consequences

As mentioned, you get experiences through your behavior, and changing your behavior automatically means getting new experiences. So when you make one change, you reinforce everything in line with that change. In addition, you effectively enrich your brain. This is something I will discuss in more detail another time, explaining it to you from my knowledge of quantum physics and neuroscience.

There is a caveat though: procrastination actually causes many more things in your life to slow down and get put off. After all, when you don’t do something, you reinforce that “don’t-do” pattern. And that in turn has consequences.

So be aware of your behavior and the change you want to see in yourself.

When you are efficient at behavior change, you automatically create a new identity. You no longer identify with the behavior you had, but rather with your new, changed behavior. This corresponds to the person you would like to be. Also, you enrich your brain with new experience.

Exemplary behavior in organizations

In the workplace (organizations and companies), behavior is also important, especially if you work together in teams or are in a leadership position.

As a manager, it is important to show exemplary behavior, such as:

  • Commitment to the company
  • Leadership / authenticity / integrity
  • Commitment to staff
  • Honesty, openness and clarity in communication
  • Focus on personal development and team development
  • Adaptability
  • Solution Focus
  • Empathy
  • etc.

When a manager changes his or her behavior, the staff often does as well. Many organizations talk a lot, but apply nothing. This is also a form of procrastination. In fact, latent potential remains, even the level of production may slow down as a result.

Other behaviors, such as bragging or misusing a company’s resources, can cause team members’ psychological well-being to decline. This is especially true when they depend on each other to perform their tasks. As a result, team members may become insecure, which in turn affects the mental component. As a result, people are less enthusiastic, and unconsciously this affects their production levels.

As a manager, it is important to identify this type of non-helpful behavior in time and encourage employees to change their behavior, otherwise it will affect the entire team[1].

You also see in studies that the thoughts you have about your team, for example, do something to your team. For example, choosing to rely on your team members is good for team member performance and collaboration[2].

In this way, choosing to trust works through that line because everything is interrelated, just as elements of the MultiLaw of behavior are also interrelated.

Self-regulation and your behavior

For whatever purpose you are engaging in behavior, whether business or personal, some form of self-regulation is needed to have conscious behavior. Then you are aware of your thoughts and the choices you have. Research shows that when you have control over yourself, your thoughts and willpower, it helps you achieve your personal (and business) goals.

That willpower is necessary to be able to focus on your goal and to be just for a moment not just focused on your goal. The study found that subjects who could do so were more likely to feel a sense of success[3].

It may sound strange that you need to be able to let go of your goal for a while, but it’s nice when you can just relax in the evening instead of still working in your head.

Rest and letting go is very essential.

Would you like to become more aware of behaviors or behaviors and get started for yourself or in your organization through an Incompany training? Get in touch!

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PS Also read the book Millionaire in Happiness.

PPS Check out these videos on the MultiLaw of Behavior




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