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Wealth begins at…. appreciating yourself

value yourself

You can see that self-assurance is a growing problem in today’s age. This is because, in part because of social media, we have become increasingly dependent on validation from others for our self-assurance. The more likes your posts get on social media, easier valuing yourself becomes.

Only, in doing so, you put an awful lot of power in the hands of others. This causes you to live not for yourself, but for that other person.

On top of that, society is falling from one crisis to another, which doesn’t really give you the peace of mind right now to focus on what you care about. So a combination of factors make it difficult to live your life based on self-confidence.

You can see that this low self-confidence is reflected in multiple ways, for example, political conflicts, wars, attacks and the like. All actions start somewhere with a lack of self-confidence and a lack of feeling that you can do something to change the future.

This is often how it is with wealth. Whether you were born rich and managed to hold onto it or you are self-made, having wealth is often also a matter of self-confidence and having the confidence that the steps you want to take will help you move forward. But also trusting your inner self and imagination, that through your thoughts and beliefs you create and can direct your life. Research also shows that there is a correlation between having self-confidence and being able to build financial wealth[1].

Self-confidence and valuing yourself

Self-confidence is about the image you have of yourself and to what extent you value, know, reward and even compliment yourself.

In fact, you can have a certain self-image about how rich you should be, and that can motivate you to actually achieve that wealth (source 1). So self-confidence is crucial because it turns on your power of manifestation. Your self-image and valuing yourself is the key to your creative power.

In addition, people with higher self-confidence are more open to seeking financial advice than those with low self-confidence (source 1). This, in turn, helps people manage success because they then know again what they can do with the money to hold on to it. So even if you were born into wealth, self-confidence is important to handle this money well.

What is interesting is that in the study, people with high self-confidence often had 2 times more value than those with low self-confidence. While a similar percentage owned their own homes, 32% and 38%. So that wealth was really down to things other than being able to buy a house.

So believing in yourself and that you create the opportunities in your life yourself and can trust in the future helps you tremendously for financial wealth, among other things.

If your self-confidence ensures that you also believe in your own abilities and ensure that you are emotionally stable, this also helps you to be happier[2].

Optimizing your self-image

So optimizing your self-image will do a lot for your self-confidence. Studies were conducted on students to see what visualizing the best possible version of yourself combined with gratitude does to student performance.

The study showed that even if you only practice for 4 weeks visualizing your best possible self, your best possible life, and expressing gratitude, it directly affects your performance and motivation. A nice bonus is that those visualizations also put you in a better mood[3]. That is another indication that you are vibrating higher in the quantum field, which is an essential part of the MultiLaws and manifesting your ideal life.

So building something starts within yourself. By consciously working with your imagination. By visualizing your goals and your possible life, you change your thought patterns and the connections in your brain. That in turn changes your motivation and thus your behavior. Thus, visualization as a butterfly effect can positively affect your life. A small change, such as taking a moment daily to visualize what your life could be like, can have very big consequences.

So, unfortunately, many people respond to, whether the image they put out gets enough likes. Instead, try determining what you like first, and the rest will follow naturally. Don’t react to your environment, but react and tune into your dreamscape. That is your power of manifestation.

Do you want to get good at visualizations that make you feel good and allow you to communicate with the quantum field, so that yourself appreciation works to get the life you want? You will get helpful and valuable tips from me and Riny van As in the recently launched book “Millionaire in Luck.” Get a grip on what you care about in your life. The book is available online and in regular bookstores. Learn more:




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