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Mental rehearsal: Why we drop out too soon

mental rehearsal

Have you ever had a goal and fallen off taking the right steps? Or were you eager to learn a new habit to achieve that specific goal, but at some point thought: never mind, I won’t succeed anyway?

Everyone recognizes this. Whether it’s quitting smoking, losing weight or exercising more: it happens to everyone that the final goal is not achieved, or that it fails to learn the behavior that fits it.

How come? What can you do to achieve your goals though? And what role can mental rehearsal play in this? Read on and learn what you can do.

What is mental rehearsal?

Mental rehearsal is an exercise you do in your mind. It may involve visualizing the accomplishment of a task or seeing before you and inwardly experiencing an end result of a particular goal. The advantage of visualizing performing a task is that you can perform the task “in the real world” better if you have first experienced it fully in your mind.

Inner experience is mainly about evoking the feeling, as if it has already happened. It is about feeling and experiencing internally, with all your senses.

Mental rehearsal makes you more confident. You gain confidence that you can achieve your goals. You feel better and your mindset is automatically more and more focused on achieving your goals.

This allows you to change your behavior and even the thoughts you have. All of this works toward achieving that goal or pulling the end result into your life. The more you practice or rehearse mentally, the closer this will bring you to your goal and end result. With mental rehearsal you connect to the quantum field, or your expanded self. It is an important fact to visualize not only how you do something, but also how you feel when you have achieved a certain goal. This changes your emotions, feelings, cellular memory and the vibrations you emit to the quantum field, among other things. In particular, your intention matters to have an effect on the world[1].

What is also interesting is that you must first unconsciously change something before you can subjectively perceive something[2]. Your mind, as it were, is more important for noticing certain things than your brain. This is why practicing mental rehearsal and improving your focus toward certain things is essential so that you notice the opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

Why do people drop out of achieving goals?

Most people use mental rehearsal primarily to visualize how they practically do something. Consider, for example, athletes who exercise just before a competition. But that is not always the way to achieve success. Then if the goal is not achieved, you see mostly what didn’t go well, and that in turn creates negative feelings. This reduces your motivation. You don’t see what resources you have at your disposal, or you feel you have set an unrealistic goal. This can all create frustration and other bad feelings.

If something feels bad and you get stuck in this feeling, there is a danger that you will automatically stop doing it.

Why mental rehearsal for the quantum field actually helps you

It is important to note that the brain does not know the difference between an external situation (the outside world) and an internal situation (for example, a fantasy or visualization). So it is very effective to “feel” that you have achieved a goal even before it has happened. As a result, you are, as it were, bringing a desired situation to you.

You can also conclude from this that when you experience a goal, that is, the result of a wish, well within yourself as if it has already happened, you are then directly reprogramming your body as well. In fact, through that experience, you produce all the substances that support you to achieve the goal.

Important because the body is the source of creation. By reprogramming the body, you change more easily. It is important that you have integrated the state into yourself, into your body. When you experience your goal this way, you are creating new memories, which will help you act in a more focused way and you have a signpost for the future.

You also become much happier when you notice that you are taking steps toward your goal, rather than seeing how many steps you still need to take.

Do you want to work with mental rehearsal and know exactly how to get it right that you can imagine what it is like to have achieved your goal without having achieved it?

If so, please contact me.

You can also read the book Millionaire In Happiness as an introduction to the MultiLaws used for this purpose.

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