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Increasing self-love: useful knowledge and exercises

Increasing self-love: why it’s so important

Self-love is not something everyone has automatically. Many people who look at themselves in the mirror mostly see things they don’t like about themselves. They don’t see that they are someone to love. They cannot express that they love themselves or their bodies. Because there are disorders such as narcissism, self-love is even seen by some people as something that is morally wrong. That’s not right!

Self-love, on the contrary, is very essential for having morality, and it is good to have an alternative view of yourself. An image that gives you a reason to know yourself, to take good care of yourself and to behave morally well[1].

Aristotle said that how much you can love another depends on how much you love yourself[2]. And so it is. Self-love can be seen as the basis of the love you have to give. The more you love yourself, the more you can love another. The more self-knowledge (and quantum knowledge) you gain, the more you learn to love yourself, because this is the most valuable thing in life.

MultiLaw of self-love?

This law says that everything consists of the same source, information waves and moving loving energy and information. This MultiLaw means that everything you give to yourself, you get back like a boomerang. This is because energy works magnetically and you yourself are the core that rules and can amplify this energy.

Everything is connected. Every action you take will rise above your personality and body. Every action (think an action, intention or a thought) that you take touches and affects your entire body and being, as well as your environment.

And you yourself are the one who rules and embodies this and the only one who can have control over it. There are elements that get in the way of true self-love. These are: your identity, bad habits, being outwardly focused, beliefs about yourself and certain limiting beliefs or self-destructive behaviors (putting yourself away or not finding yourself important enough), and ego.

What else is self-love?

Self-love is the principle that love is there to see the good in yourself and in others. It is about kindness, reverence and compassion toward yourself and is very essential to the body. Self-respect and self-esteem are important values. I also call it being in love with yourself.

Self-love is the will to do good and do good things for yourself. It’s about saying yes to yourself, accepting yourself completely, exactly as you are. Including the not so nice sides of yourself. Self-love causes you to do what feels right, giving you a sense of completeness. So this does not mean eating a bag of fries empty because it feels good, because that does not create that feeling of being complete. Because you eat the bag of fries empty you have a temporary pleasure, often you feel less good afterwards, or maybe even guilty. Here I will go into more detail another time.

On the contrary, it means choosing that healthy option, like a nice apple, because it makes you feel good. Because of the delicious taste of the apple and because you know you are doing something that is good for your health and skin. Every healthy act you perform for your body is in fact an act of self-love.

Every choice you make for yourself has consequences for your body, as you read above. But it works much deeper. After all, life gives you what you give yourself. From this you can conclude that the more you love yourself and your body, the more good things will come your way.

My experience of listening to yourself

Really loving your body is often the hardest part. Listening to your body and intuition is especially difficult, and then acting on it. However, if you manage to do this, this is your strongest link. This has been a common thread in my life. In the past, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was in pain from inflammation in my body. Listening to symptoms of the body and making changes in habits to answer the cry (attention demanded by the body), I had to learn. It was important, though, so that healing could occur.

Listening to yourself encompasses much more than that. It is also about thinking about what you want and acting on what you believe and stand for. And not to what your environment demands of you! It’s about having the guts to be completely yourself, stay with yourself and your own values and not go with the herd.

Nutrition and self-love

Quantum shows that everything is energetic and pure. Plant foods are vibrant and in terms of nutrition contain the highest vibrations, fiber, enzymes, minerals, vitamins. Examples include: nuts, vegetables, tubers, fruits, seeds and kernels, whole grains and legumes. It makes sense that this brings and keeps you closest to your quantum self, your creative ability and power. It also triggers self-healing. Other foods are all processed and have an acidifying and chemical effect on the body. This means that you feed unhealthy bacteria in the intestines, which in turn can cause diseases. Later there will be an article in which I discuss this in more detail.

Feeding your body with healthy, whole foods is a powerful act that indicates that you can value yourself. It shows self-love.

A small list of some actions that demonstrate love for self/body:

  • Respect and consideration for the body
  • Taking good care of the body
  • Saying no when something doesn’t feel right
  • Taking time and space for yourself
  • Feeding the body with whole foods
  • Lots of exercise (I myself bike a lot, work out at least two to three times a week and take a sauna regularly). After all, the body is made to move and not to sit still. Then it only stiffens, at the same time life stiffens.
  • Continually forgiving yourself , and forgiving the body.
  • Establish the very best relationship with your body.
  • Show gratitude for your health.
  • Meditate.

Love yourself like a friend

Love for a friend, wishing that friend the best and helping him/her with that, you can direct that way to yourself. You can also think of yourself as a friend, or your best buddy. As someone you wish the best and someone who helps you[1].

It is also about wishing yourself the best in the long run and being able to love what you love. So if you enjoy doing something, it’s okay to do it because you feel self-love.

A lack of self-love can be recognized by not taking good care of yourself, or doing things you don’t really want to do. Or to self-deprecation.

The things to enjoy, like exploring the world to find something to love, you only find them when you have enough confidence in yourself as a safe haven. The confidence that if things go wrong, you can calm down at home or with yourself for a while and rethink how to tackle and create something.

Your parents had this function when you were growing up, and with sufficient development of self-love, you have sufficient confidence in yourself, making it possible to go out and find the things you need in life (source 3).

Developing self-love

If you are currently finding it difficult to give yourself your best, it is important to develop self-love. Can’t you see yourself as someone you can treat as your best friend(s)? Then there are steps to take!

What you see in the description of self-love is that you may grant yourself something. For example, are you giving yourself the nutrition that is right for you? Are you working on things that you think are important and that make you happy when you have done them? Can you laugh with yourself and be well alone? Can you caress your body? Do you like yourself?

As you can see, self-love also requires persistence and discipline. You ultimately want the best for yourself in the long run, too.

To develop self-love, the first thing that is helpful is to have an ideal image of how you want to be. How would you want to be if you had to befriend yourself? What would you be like if you were your own role model?

Then you can think about what you need to do to meet this image. You can experiment with exercises to see what makes you happy and what makes you feel you have done something good for yourself. Taking daily steps to work toward that image creates more self-love.

Self-love exercises

A good exercise for getting more self-love and self-esteem is to write down daily what you are grateful to yourself for. For example, you might write down the following:

  • I thank myself for eating healthy today.
  • I thank myself for the nice clothes I put on.
  • I thank myself for reading that interesting instructive book.
  • I thank myself for the walk I took at lunch.
  • I thank myself for allowing my body to move joyfully.
  • I thank myself because I am becoming more and more aware of my body and life.
  • I am grateful because I have decided to love myself.
  • I am grateful because I now take myself and the body seriously.
  • I am grateful because I now take responsibility for my body.

You can add to this yourself.

In addition, mirror work is a powerful exercise. Look at yourself, deep in the eyes. Then what do you feel? Can you say to yourself without question, “I really love you”?

Really loving yourself and expressing this in your actions entails that life will give you exactly what you give yourself. So you will find that you will have more and more positive experiences and life will bring you more and more events that match your desires. You will also find that with more self-love, you bring more positive energy into your life. You then communicate qualitatively better with the quantum field and the MultiLaws will work for you to get that ideal image you want to achieve in your life done.

If you want to know more buy the book Millionaire in Happiness. Or contact me with no obligation.





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