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How to Create More FLOW In Your Life with a Simple Awareness Technique

Awareness Creates FLOW

Awareness and change in the world, businesses and in people as individuals. All over the world, consciousness is on the move. One is constantly on the threshold of important events and decisions, in the midst of chaos, change and transformation.

get into flowNow what is awareness. Awareness can be becoming aware of your actions, (relapsing) patterns and experiences in the present without judging them. Awareness can be learning new skills. Awareness and flow is a flow where energy flows, it is a collaboration between your talents, qualities and focused actions and passionate desires.

In my life, I have had the opportunity to meet a number of people who truly live in the “flow. When I ask them what that means it usually comes down to this:

Life becomes more effortless, everything falls into place. It’s like always having a tailwind“.

That sounds good! Can you also experience this in your life?

The answer is yes! And in this article you will learn a simple technique to create more flow in your life. This technique is also a universal law.

As soon as you become aware of an unconscious action, pattern or experience, healing and release already occurs, as well as flow of energy. Check with yourself for distracting thoughts and observe them. Don’t get emotionally involved, but think from love.

In short awareness has so many benefits for your health, as well as for your success and being-state of flow. In fact, flow is much closer than people think!

To get into the flow more often, you must first understand what disrupts the flow. The enemy of flow is distraction, anything that pulls you away from the NOW.

Often the following lurk: distracting thoughts, falling back into patterns, excuses to do other things, seductive suggestions from others.

If you really want to be in the flow, keep your focus on what you are doing. What you are doing should be a focused action for your purpose and passion. Do you notice distracting dry fallen maple leaves on the stream surfacethoughts, observe them from a neutral perspective.

Like seeing leaves floating with the current.

Yes, you acknowledge that they are there, but you don’t have to address them. Bring your attention back to the NOW. You will find that if you really focus in the here and now, you will become one with what you are doing and forget about time and everything around you. Think of surfing, surfing could well be the occupation that most closely approximates the literal meaning of flow.

This is only the first step. To truly live in flow daily you need to follow the laws of success. Don’t be alarmed by the word “laws” because hey, you won’t go to jail if you don’t follow these laws.

But when you do follow these guidelines….

then your life can completely transform from one moment to the next.

You will think in solutions instead of problems. You can then fully trust your intuition and feel that you are on the right path. You will find that you have much to gain from your immediate environment. You will completely optimize your (business) life.

Resistance will disappear from your life and everything will fall into place. Fear is replaced by certainty, peace and love.

This is the result when you obey PMC’s laws of success.

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