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Find your inner power: create with the fifth dimension

Find your inner strength to create your ideal life. Creating from within yourself, something we all do unconsciously, is more efficient when you can focus on your inner self. When you learn to focus during a meditation or tapping and purposefully place your emotions, feelings and thoughts with what you want in life, you learn to activate your electromagnetic field. That is, you are literally pulling the future into your life.

Self-reflection is an important activity to find your inner strength and change your energy. It will help you be able to be your authentic self and not give in to social pressure about what others think is good for you. What is important here is that you ask yourself the question: where does my energy go? To which people or objects? Energy literally flows away from you, but when you direct your energy inward, you are consciously (detached from what others think) and directly creating.

Research from the 1990s already shows that people who regularly focus their attention on themselves have more self-knowledge as a result and dare to choose for themselves, rather than what is “socially desirable.” Self-knowledge even affects the world you create around yourself[1].

Knowledge is very important for the mind, which is why in my coaching programs and trainings I provide theory, underpinned by modern sciences, about how life works in relation to our inner self. This creates awareness. We are also going to integrate what has been learned, that is, apply and integrate the newly learned into your daily life.

When focusing your attention on your inner self, asking why questions is not always helpful. Instead, you can start by asking what you feel about a particular topic. Asking “what” you are provides more self-insight than asking “why” you are.

If you make a lot of time to reflect, chances are you will make new choices. More than when you have little time to reflect. If you take your time, you can properly determine what you DO want and that will be in line with your true self. By this I mean the authentic self that can make you feel good or bad at first when you have to make a choice quickly (source 1).

Reflecting on your inner self also makes you notice when you don’t feel good about something. That can be the first step to removing that feeling and feeling better. An important step for connection with the fifth dimension and your creative power!

Brain and heart coherence

Your feelings are something your body gives you. The better this feeling, the better your brain and heart coherence. Your heart rate then goes very well, without strange rhythms.

You then function in line with your beliefs. So you are true to yourself, and that is precisely what is so essential.

Consider, for example, the difference in how you would feel about teaching a child not to hit another. You can do this by hitting the child or by explaining to the child that hitting is bad. It is more coherent if you do this by explaining it, because otherwise you yourself are doing exactly what you want to teach the child what not to do.

Acting in line with beliefs and intentions of yourself actually causes the brain and heart to synchronize and you get a coherent heart[2]. A fantastic side effect is that you will create desired events at an accelerated rate.

Meditating basically means: becoming familiar with (unconscious) self, everything that bivouacs in yourself. Consider: unconscious thoughts, habits and emotions. Meditating can also help well in getting that brain and heart coherence done. You notice this going well the moment the meditation provides unconditional love, self-love, kindness and compassion. This can also be seen in the gamma activity of your brain and in your heart coherence (source 2).

Research also shows that meditation changes consciousness even in beginners[3].

Fifth dimension and creation

A while ago I had written a blog about the fifth dimension and your ideal life. For this, it is important to meditate and reach that state of unconditional love, kindness and compassion[4] to awaken certain brain waves.

As you meditate, you can visualize your ideal life or desired goals, or in other words, you plan your new identity and behavior in your brain.

This is because it is important that you can focus on a goal to which you can adjust your behavior and which activates the fifth dimension.

Meditating daily for fifteen minutes, visualizing what you want to achieve and removing negative emotions in order to properly tap into that very fifth dimension is important. That way, what you visualize comes into your life faster and you find your inner power.

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