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Changing lives with the MultiLaw of mental effort

The MultiLaw of mental effort.

The law of mental effort means that the brain can adapt to any effort. After all, the brain is plastic. This means you can create new wiring between neurons that will support you in achieving your goals.

One way you can make this change is through visualization. I’ll tell you more about this later in this article. Through visualization (conscious imagining) you give new signals to the brain. But also, for example, applying a new way of thinking or acquiring new knowledge, or adopting new, powerful beliefs. The beauty of this is that you will experience the positive effects in multiple areas of your life. Because applying this MultiLaw also has a self-reinforcing effect.

The multifunctional aspect of this law is that through mental effort or a new way of thinking you are reconditioning the body. This means you are creating new feelings. All this sets off a chain reaction in life. From the quantum principle, you call this a quantum reaction. In fact, life always resonates with your inner self, events and your reality. And so when we are adjusting something in ourselves, we are simultaneously activating on an invisible level something in our lives that corresponds to what we are adjusting in ourselves. You often only need to adjust something small in yourself, which means you are bringing about something big.

Your habits define who you are in the future

Changing your life is difficult and at the same time very easy, as long as you know where to start. You can get stuck in habits that don’t actually bring you anything. It is important then to realize that your habits determine who you are in the future.

If you imagine yourself how you will be in the future and you see someone you do not want to be at all, it is time to take action.

This need not be difficult. In fact, the first action you can take is mental effort. You can also repeat that action, which can be incredibly powerful (and amazingly fast).

That mental effort can include certain exercises, such as visualizing a picture of the future in which you see yourself as you would like to be, or repeating affirmations that help you be your ideal self.

Confidence in your positive thoughts

The exercises by themselves are not quite enough. If you really want to achieve a good effect, it is important to have confidence in those thoughts[1]. So it is important that you feel good about that visualization and that it makes you happy and satisfied. After all, that is also what you would feel if someone you trust completely told you that you are going to achieve all your goals.

This trust in your positive thoughts also helps you process information relevant to that vision of the future, which in turn can have all kinds of effects on the choices you make.

So trusting your positive thoughts is important to convince yourself that you can achieve this. So that you make choices and then behave in ways that fit your visualization and affirmations. In this sense, applying the MultiLaw of mental effort also carries over into the rest of one’s life and becomes multifunctional quite quickly.

Working with affirmations

One of the exercises you can do to be your true self is to work with affirmations. You can think these affirmations, speak them out loud and write them down. For example, you can write down what your own core values are and what you think is important in life. Research shows that mental effort with affirmations can positively affect your health, educational attainment and relationships. That positive influence can last for months and even years.

This is also because working with affirmations and then seeing how your environment responds positively to them gives you a positive feedback loop. So initially, you use mental effort to become more aware of your values and live by them. This already changes your brain, but then when your environment also responds well to your true self, it completely reinforces your brain and makes it retain these new patterns[2].

Working with visualizations

Another way to use the MultiLaw of mental effort to change your life is with visualizations. Research shows that visualizations help modify behaviors that lead to you achieving your goals. The closer the goal of the visualization is, the more likely your behavior will change[3].

So you can visualize where you will be in five years, but also visualize where you will be next week. You will then find that achieving success is faster than you think.

These are just a few examples of how a MultiLaw exercise of mental effort changes your life for the better.

There are plenty of other examples to think of, but that’s for another blog.

Want to learn more about the MultiLaw of mental effort and need help to improve your life? Please contact me without obligation.



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