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Changing behavior: the way to be in your power

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Your life remains the same if you always keep doing the same thing. Then you too will always see and attract the same thing in your life. If you want to change your life, changing your behavior is one of the most powerful ways to do so. By changing your behavior, you can break patterns and that causes you to change your life. When you change your behavior, you experience a different, happy energy within yourself. As a result, new things in your life will reveal themselves, your senses will pick up different things.

If you want to change your life, it is very essential to change obstructive or negative behaviors. It may be helpful to know where that behavior is coming from, but it may be even more helpful to figure out what you do want now and what behavior you want to move toward. Think about the person you would like to be. What and what behaviors belong to this identity?

MultiLaw of behavior

This law says that every behavior you have carries over into the whole. When you change your behavior to one that matches your desired identity, you will thereby pull out matching events in your life. As it were, you tuned into a new timeline.

Where does negative behavior come from?

Your behavior depends on your beliefs about how the world works and how you can function in it. You have acquired these beliefs throughout your life; for example, as a child you learned a lot from your family, friends and other people. You also gained impressions from your surroundings and from various media outlets.

Researchers indicate that negative behavior at work may be because you have had the wrong role models who also exhibited those negative behaviors.

You can also be in the wrong group of people. Thus, negative behavior can be contagious in certain groups of people, and can lead to everyone continuing to exhibit negative behavior. This is why it is so important to surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart and who exhibit the behaviors you find pleasing. For example, you can join yourself in groups that already show that behavior or are working on the same topics you are interested in.

Stress is also one of the causes of negative behavior. This can cause you to become listless, run into burnout or resign, for example. Feelings of frustration and feeling out of control can also cause negative behavior[1].

In addition, you may also have personal characteristics that increase the likelihood of exhibiting negative behaviors, such as if you suffer from feelings of alienation[2].

Changing my behavior

If you know where negative behavior comes from, then you can begin to let go and change your limiting beliefs and thoughts that cause that behavior. For example, you can start by letting go of wrong ideas that certain role models have given you that now cause you to exhibit negative or limiting behaviors. It leads to changing your beliefs about how you think about the world or how you think the world works, to supportive beliefs about the world, beliefs that match your goals and desires.

In fact, thoughts cause you to make a choice to do something or to ingest something. The choices you make create a behavior. This behavior causes an experience, and that experience triggers certain feelings and emotions. The latter again propel these same thoughts. It works like a circle. So if you learn to accept and recognize a particular thought (that you want to unlearn), you can change it into a supportive thought.

This new supportive, positive thought leads to a choice, that choice will change your behavior into a desired behavior. This in turn leads to positive desired and happy feelings and emotions and these then drive that new positive thought. The great thing about this is that, according to the multifunctional law of oneness, you will create an equivalent new situation in your life.

Why do you do what you do?

You may wonder why you are doing something that is actually not good for you. Usually your intentions are positive, just the way you want to achieve something just doesn’t work for you. Do you have an unconscious motive or desire? Unfortunately, often a certain behavior has become automatic, simply because you have done it so many times before.

This behavior is completely nested in the body. The body is 90% subconscious, and among other things, that includes your desires and unconscious motives. So you will understand that the body needs to be reconditioned precisely. And that is also the biggest job when it comes to changing behavior definitively and effectively.

For example, is the role model one of your parents from whom you want to receive love, causing you to do something that is really not right at all?

If you know why you exhibit certain behaviors, then you can think of new ways to achieve the goals that are actually positive.

You can also think about how you would like to be as a person. Is that different from who you are now? Ask yourself what behavior fits the person you want to be. Does my identity match at all? You give yourself a new identity, so to speak, and that is important for retaining your new behavior. You can ask yourself, does your current behavior fit your new desired identity?

Research also shows that people who are successful in changing their behavior have first had a change in how they feel about their identity[3].

In the book Millionaire in Luck I wrote an entire chapter on the MultiLaw of Imagination. Indeed, powerful imaginations have consequences and arise as possibilities in the field. This can be a starting point for consciously imagining your goals about your behavior. So you need to see the end result and how you want to be in front of you. In this way, you can initiate a new self-image and draw corresponding matching situations as events in your life.

You have to see it this way: events always correspond to what is going on inside you, both consciously and unconsciously. Hence, it is important to explicitly saturate your subconscious with what you want or who you want to be.

Writing down and experiencing the benefits of good habits

Motivation is also something you can generate. For example, you can write down the benefits of new desired behaviors. Anyway, writing is very powerful because when you think about what you want to write, you add another sense to it.


New desired behavior: walk an hour every day.

Benefits: enjoying nature for an hour every day, exercise, better health, longer life, more energy, inner peace and head order and so on.

New desired behavior: plant-based diet to eliminate RA, rheumatoid arthritis.

Benefits: you trigger the body’s self-healing ability, the body returns to homeostasis, fruits and vegetables contain high energy and full nutritional value, lots of fiber and enzymes which are all anti-inflammatory, and inflammation is the first symptoms of diseases. You feel lighter and more energized, you are closer and more powerfully aligned with the field (or your creative capacity), the body recovers, deacidifies and is cleansed.

You can do this with any new behavior you want to make your own. You will immediately notice that listing the benefits of your desired new behavior gives you a certain energy to actually carry out this behavior.

You receive a positive signal through synchronicity in your life that you are doing good and that the quantum field is going to work for you.

The realization of those benefits then often provides a sense of accomplishment as you implement the new behavior. In doing so, writing down your new behavior also helps you have a plan to change your behavior, which is essential to actually changing your behavior[4].

My own experience with behavior change

I myself used to write down not only the advantages but also the disadvantages when I wanted to unlearn something, for example. For example, I wrote down why milk is bad in the case of RA and milk, why I had to avoid anything even close to milk as much as possible.

I wrote the following:

If I want to get the most out of it, I will also have to put the most into it, otherwise all my other good habits will be dwarfed.

Milk (from a cappuccino), I always had a good excuse for that: like “oh well it’s just a tiny bit of boiled milk. Wonderful, justifying my wrong behavior. Until I realized that just this little bit of milk was very essential to get out of my daily habits. Animal protein just does not go hand in hand with healthy gut flora.

In addition, I knew by now that if I deviated only slightly from certain foods and ingested something hugely processed or acidifying, I triggered the immune system again, thereby putting the whole army back into action to destroy good cells.

I also wrote down why, such as:

Milk is very gut-healthy, contains many bad bacteria and is acidifying and even allergy-forming.

Since RA has a lot to do with acidifying foods and wrong foods, this was a major drop for me. In fact, RA has everything to do with improper nutrition and with the intestines (leaky gut). This is something I will be happy to tell you more about in a future article.

I have since completely modified my behavior. I always have soy milk on hand since then, but also drink a lot of ginger water/tea.

You can also consider in planning how you will deal with a setback in everyday life. If you think about this ahead of time, it will help you be able to hold onto your new behavior anyway.

You can then refer back, for example, to your desired identity and what someone with a similar identity would do. You can do this, for example, by going over your day in your mind every night. With that, you put your imagination to work. These are very powerful inner efforts. If you wish you had exhibited different behaviors, then go through the day again in your mind, but then change the images to the desired images. How would you have liked to respond? What behavior would you have liked to exhibit? By doing so, you are directly pre-programming your brain on how you will react to a similar situation in the future.

The power of repetition

Changing behavior often means changing and repeating patterns. For example, you often do something every day now. For example, you sit on the couch every day after dinner instead of going for a walk or exercising. You’re repeating that all the time.

A new habit is also something you are going to repeat every day, both physically and through visualization. The two together are a powerful way to effectively change your behavior. This means imagining your new habit every morning, before you start your day, with the accompanying positive, evoked emotions and also already feeling gratitude for the end result.

The fact is that gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with the field. The field from which possibilities arise in your life. By co-connecting with these feelings and emotions you are already influencing your brain and reconditioning the body and at the same time connecting to the energetic field that you and I are all a part of. By doing this (physically) and repeating it (also with your imagination) you make new connections (a new neural network) in the brain.

When the habit is properly integrated, you are creating a new level of your mind, which corresponds to your desired identity. So you’re on your way to alignment on a new timeline. This means that the universe will respond with corresponding future situations. From now on, for example, every day after your dinner, don’t hang out on the couch, but instead take a walk (or do something else productive).

Help in changing behavior

Do you need help changing your behavior to get more out of your life? If so, please contact me without obligation.







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