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Being True to Yourself: Multilaw of Integrity

being true to yourself

Being true to yourself sounds so easy, but due to all sorts of circumstances and obstacles you put in your way, it can still be difficult. In this blog, I discuss the Multilaw of integrity where it is especially important to have integrity toward yourself. And that means: being true to yourself.

The multifunctional aspect of this law, exhibiting the behavior that comes with being true to yourself, is that it has a self-reinforcing effect. This means that it positively affects multiple areas of your life because the body, mind and life are one unit. Because of this, life will remain true to you, it will give you what you need and what you ask for. This is partly because consciousness (energy) has an astringent effect.

Staying Yourself

Staying yourself is easiest when you stay true to your intention, chosen thoughts, desires and feelings and when you exhibit the behaviors that go with them.

If you do not do this, you are not effective in achieving your goals in your life. You then too often put time into something else or even another person’s goals, allowing creation energy to flow away from you.

When you do not act in line with your feelings and intentions, you may experience stress in your body because you experience frustration and irritation with yourself. You are not happy with yourself for not keeping your word. The emotions that come up then can cause inflammation in your body. With prolonged inflammation, you can suffer from diseases again.

There are studies that show that being satisfied with your life and with yourself is more important for your health than not smoking and drinking in moderation, for example. Of course, people who did not smoke and did not drink were healthier on average, but satisfaction with life showed the greatest correlation with having good health[1].

Staying with yourself

Staying with yourself also means following through in choices you make, but in life this sometimes feels uncomfortable and as a result you may feel impatient or frustrated. Self-compassion helps you stay with yourself and be able to continue pursuing your goals, making you extra happy (and healthy) when you succeed. If you apply self-compassion well, it helps you stay optimistic, be happy, take initiative (important when it comes to staying true to yourself), be accommodating when needed, be careful, remain curious and gain wisdom[2].

Becoming sure of yourself

Uncertainty can prevent you from being or staying true to yourself and your own plans and goals. However, a good connection with yourself and feeling confident is essential to connecting well with others and with the goals for a bigger picture[3].

By working on staying true to yourself and being self-assured, you cultivate much more self-confidence and good feelings. As a result, you are also working on having a positive image about your (quantum) self. You are good enough the way you are, or the way you want to be.

But if you would like to be different than you are now, you have to change your personality (identity). These include thoughts, emotions, choices, self-image and behavior. Exhibit behavior that matches the behavior of the person you want to be. How does this one act? How do people see you? How do you see yourself? You will have to adjust this in yourself and have confidence in it, this will help you become your new self. The multifunctional aspect of this is that you then also create corresponding new situations in your life that match your new identity.

When sufficiently confident about your (new) self, you naturally take the steps you want to take to become and remain your (new) self. This in turn gives you good and happy feelings[4].

In doing so, you will find that you can better connect with other people and with the bigger picture. This allows you to achieve bigger goals.

Do you need help with being true to yourself or would you like to apply this law to yourself or your organization in a results-oriented way? Then get in touch.

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