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You get these results, when you obey the quantum laws!

Dear Reader,

Let me be honest. I am not a born writer. The reason I write is to bring my expertise to the attention of my readers and clients, and I enjoy doing so. Enriching people with new insights.

I am madly in love and overjoyed about quantum laws. They are unconditional and always do their work. I am writing a valuable blog about a piece of my own past so I can explain how body consciousness works and relates to quantum laws and success.

This blog is unfortunately not finished because I got stuck in a piece of text. Fortunately, I have a writer’s day coming up soon, where I too will gain new insights, how to deal with this.

Hence, I set aside the blog on body awareness and an appropriate reader question for a while longer and you will receive this blog in between.
Looking at myself? Puff he shakes his head. I’m really not going to do that, really. Before I know it, I’m kicking myself again. I already have it so hard…

What do you want then I ask quietly?
Well Tja I just want a simple tool to get rid of this. Nights I lie awake sweating why I keep getting stuck in the same circle. I wander around in another reality. However, nothing is getting off the ground… Even my friends are getting fed up with me. Is he starting alwéér about himself? I’m just bothering myself!
Ok, I say. You’ve been looking for a simple tool for so long now, I understand, to get into a flow. You have read books and attended seminars. You hope, I think, that someone will want to use that tool for you? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You can only change something yourself. It seems like an obsession. My advice is to get rid of this first.

I want that, preferably very soon, my critical mind working overtime, andne puff … but how?

I’m going to explain that to you now. You just need to start with a simple technique and use it in your life.


In my life, I have met people who truly live continuously in a flow.
I asked them what that means then: usually it comes down to this.

Life becomes easier, everything continuously falls into place. I am always presented with the right situations. It’s like life is always behind me.”

That sounds good! Can you also experience this in your life?

The answer is yes! I experience it myself. In this blog you will learn a simple tool to create more flow in your life that will also increase your productivity.

First, you need to understand what disrupts the flow. The enemy of flow and focus is distraction, anything that pulls you away from the NOW. Remember the magic trick I wrote about earlier: what you focus your attention on multiplies and creates.
Go within yourself, sit down and close your eyes if necessary;

1. Observe and accept this recurring grinding thought that you want to get rid of. It’s like leaves in a
flowing river, it floats past you. You acknowledge that they are there, but you don’t address them. You let them pass by quietly drift.

2. Know that you are not the grinding thought; you are the observer. Observe them from a neutral perspective.

3. Bring your attention to the NOW.

This is a small step. To truly live in flow daily, you can apply and follow the quantum laws. Don’t be startled by the word “laws.” It’s like “written laws.” “It stands for consistent quality and for great ease of use (I quote this sentence from my college law textbook).” However, we also have unwritten laws in life, which work exactly the same way: facilitate the use of life and the quantum laws represent constant quality.

When you follow these quantum guidelines, your life can completely transform from one moment to the next.

You will think and focus in solutions rather than problems. You learn completely on your
Intuitiontrust, and you will know and feel that you are on the right path.

Resistance will disappear and acceptance, unwavering trust and freedom will take its place. Fear is replaced by certainty and inner peace.

These are a few results when you obey the genius quantum laws.
In 2-day PMC trainings, I teach you exactly how to do that. The training is based on my book, Handbook for Success. Step by step you will learn how to get into the flow every day and you can keep and bring yourself into it. Furthermore, you will learn and understand how the quantum laws work.

Click here to read more about the training cq master class:
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My passion and focus is to empower and enrich people and organizations based on my professional knowledge: expertise in human potential and quantum laws. By providing master classes, (corporate) training, articles, (online) coaching and consulting. Make an appointment. Or for more information, visit
PMC Consulting.
Good luck, take good care of yourself; you are precious, see you soon!

PMC’s Quantum Laws

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