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Why organizing your internal energy is so important!

Dear Reader,

Attached is a new intention. I used to post these only on social media. From now on, I will also share these in my newsletter so that also
have something to gain from it.

“My intention is to organize my energy well, stay focused on my goals AND dreams, be quiet, experience inner peace, enjoy my life in the here and now.”

This is a clear intention right? To make your dream run smoothly, you need inspiration as well as focus . However, it is important to properly organize your energy inside. The reason I know this is that from my experience, otherwise there will be chaos in your world.

One of the most important categories is using your inner power and tuning in to the quantum laws, the field where everything is possible, where everything is already there, staying true to yourself and energy, net work, innovation, determination, perseverance, being creative, taking actions, staying sharp on the goals and development (does something support or does it cause chaos or distraction) and obviously bring continuity to the whole.

Why tune in from within?

We can only create from the inside out. Through your eyes, nose and ears (senses) you pick up what resonates with your energy state Watch below to listen to a short explanation!


NOTE: Atoms are composed of subatomic particles: protons, neutrons and electrons. Subatomic particles consist of various vibrational energy levels casu quo energy packets. It consists of particles and soft undulating energy. Pioneers of quantum physics discovered that energy particles took on a precisely determined shape when observed by an observer. However, everything and everyone is made up of energy. Because of our directed creation energy, everything is in vibration with each other in a specific ratio and frequency. By applying the teachings of quantum laws you will gain access to the energetic field of all possibilities…. I further call it your expanded self. That’s how it feels to me. It is an inner knowing. This field contains data: information.

Distraction involves improperly directed energy that causes stagnation in the development of your goals. In short, there is no agreement (resonance) with your goals, beliefs and associated visualizations (with energy).

Force, by the way, for Napoleon Hill meant knowledge of the quantum laws ánd applying them: this is exactly what I mean by applying organized energy. Indeed, by doing so you set everything in motion, otherwise your dreams will remain an illusion. Make work of your goals and get to your goals faster.

Which 3 items will you put into action?

My first action is to plan well for 2020. Because of my thorough preparation and schedule for 2020, I go into 2020 with peace of mind and confidence.

Last but not least, pay attention to signals. Does synchronicity increase in your life?

By this I mean how is your life, what falls to you? How are you adjusted? Pay attention to encounters, are these the right people, radio or TV you see or hear exactly what you are waiting for. Newspaper, phone call or email. Check, check. In short, it means that you feel good in your skin, live synchronously ánd your wishes are spontaneously fulfilled. Sounds nice, right?

Would you like to explore more depth and knowledge on these topics or a (business) advice? Then check out my website

A fantastic week!

Take care of yourself!

Greetings Petra

PMC’s quantum laws

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