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Want some powerful business insights this summer? Wish you a great summer!

PMC’s Laws

Dear Reader,

What do you know about the workings of our potential (let’s say present vibrant potential) and the law of resonance?

Fantastic right to get some powerful insights in this summer, peaks of sustained heat? Discover the life behind our view; by applying insights well, you can already create a profitable (work) environment.

The struggles of a successful director who is not yet completely satisfied. Read more in this article…

Do you want to use your energy, the energy of your colleagues in business, to work together more efficiently, more focused with togetherness?

Then you probably think, simple right, I already do that. I still work together and take the right actions. But is this actually the case? Nevertheless, we often do not live the law of resonance effectively and consciously. A lot of potential remains…

Then I go one step further. Do you recognize this?

Well, but it is quite difficult to stay positive and aware while people and colleagues around me are negative and judgmental. I can tell you that you are always being tested in life. The question is: Are you staying true to yourself? Or do you allow yourself to be influenced and distracted by these people?

Look at the other person respectfully, as an old you, and know that you don’t want that anymore. Leave the judgment and negativity with the other person. Again with respect, don’t go feeding it. If you do then you deactivate your potential and vibrant energy available in the present. And of course you don’t want that….

Realize, at the field level everyone is equal. Everyone is unique, no one is better or worse, only we are all different. That’s the fun and the thrill of life.

What will happen to you if you stay true to yourself? How does a director do that? Continue reading this article.

You, on the contrary, will grow through this situation and become more powerful. It will strengthen you because you will remain blindly true to your values, to yourself. Do not judge yourself either because this only harms your own energy and not the other person’s: partly in the context of the boomerang effect! Our actions, thoughts and words come back to us sooner or later with a most amazing care.

Example: if you judge or speak badly about someone, you damage yourself. You yourself will suffer. You can only create within yourself in your own life. The other is, as it were, a reflection of that part of you. I’m going to explain this to you further in another blog.


My experience in this regard is brief. Staying close to myself is a process but very important. For my mission and goals, I consider it my job to continuously work on myself and body, to keep improving myself. It’s totally in my system and nothing is too crazy.

In the past, I did regularly get distracted by certain emergent (difficult) situations. Out of fear and doubt about myself, I fell into old (work) patterns. Until I realized that I did not stay true to my values and belief (had doubts at that time) in the field, in our inner reality: doubts that everything originates within ourselves and that I can determine my course through my attention and intention (inner strength and consciousness is really the foundation).

The moment I realized that and turned around, I could see the valuable signals of life again, because the universe was working very hard to get my attention. I didn’t want to see it…

Challenge (practice) question:

I am a positive-minded man and would like to grow more, take courses and apply certain insights. My previous experience is that positivity/personal development greatly affects the whole picture in the organization. However, I currently have a lot of staff walking around from various levels. Some of my colleagues are quite skeptical and some are also negative and even think it’s all ridiculous. Now my question is what should I do? Should I start imposing certain courses on them or shall I start working on myself first? How do I deal with this?


The law of resonance. First, I think it is a wonderful initiative to take your entire company (staff) to the next level through personal development. This creates a profitable culture, this is a fact. Wonderful right? Second, don’t go trying to force negative or skeptical people to join a course or event. You can fill them in on how it works, though. In doing so, you check at the same time that they are open to creating new opportunities.

I prefer to advise that it is your duty to first apply what you have learned yourself. Use and apply what you have learned and, to the extent you can, be a role model. When you are positive, happy and joyful, you will radiate this.

Colleagues may also want some of it (unconsciously they will resonate with your energy). They will become curious… In addition, of course, you can hire a (business) coach to start the process for the staff.

Why is positivity from our inner capacity profitable?

  • by being too preoccupied with problems, from old programming, these start to take power over us, and nothing is created;
  • the flow of success becomes stagnant, leaving money lying around;
  • worry and judgmental emotions actually feed and cause the drama, putting you on low vibes: while good strives to reach you, this flow is unfortunately blocked;
  • surprisingly, your staff will show more commitment and enthusiasm leading to more production and happiness (our brain really changes when we focus on happiness and positivity: stress decreases), which then determines business results;
  • Through coaching, behavior within a company is created in alignment with the vision. This creates a powerful corporate culture. This will express itself externally: which in turn leads to new and satisfied clients, potential clients and assignments;
  • as the entire company grows in higher consciousness, this will automatically create success in and outside the company: this can only be profitable.

I quote from a quote by Saul Gellerman.

“Employees pay attention to management’s behavior, not its statements.”

Above quote you can best understand the importance of a manager or executive having a role model for her staff. If you’re lucky, you will discover that your staff and colleagues resonate with the behaviors and emotions that you as a director exude.

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In August, I may send out slightly fewer blogs partly because of the vacation season.

I wish everyone a great summer!

Success you are precious!

My passion and focus is empowering people and organizations! Based on my professional knowledge: expertise in human potential. By providing master classes, (corporate) trainings, articles, coaching programs and consulting. For more information, visit PMC Consulting.

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