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Two men with the same background have two completely different outcomes

Dear Reader,

Case study

On the afternoon of a warm day near the end of spring, some 20 years ago, two young men left the same university, they had the same background. Jack and Mike mentioned. Jack had successfully completed his studies; Mike had not.

They had much in common. They both performed better than average. They both had warm and friendly personalities and they both had great plans for their future. There was only one difference: Mike had unfortunately failed his studies, not because he couldn’t do it, but simply due to the fact that he was afraid of failing his exam and suffered from extreme exam anxiety.

Twenty years later, Jack and Mike returned for their 20th reunion.

They still had much in common. They were both happily married. They both had two children. And after one passed and the other failed, they had both gotten jobs at the same manufacturing company – and were still working there. So the same background can get you at least one job at the same company.

But there was a difference

One of the men was the manager of a small division of that company. The other was the CEO … and with the same background.

What made the difference?

Have you also ever wondered why these kinds of differences arise in our lives with people who nevertheless have the same background? It’s not just because of intelligence or talent or dedication. It is not because one person wants to make money and the other does not. Nor is it because of your gender. It is not because of a university study or academic title. This story involved two young men, but it could just as easily have been two women or two people who had not studied.

The difference is determined by how a person consistently applies the ironclad absolute laws of life, which always apply, in his/her life and thereby achieves complete inner strength. A successful application has nothing to do with your background.

The same mindset creates the same situations

Jack and Mike were hired by the same unreasonable supervisor. You would think then that the same background would cause them to react similarly to that man. He was unreasonable because he belittled everyone and tried to keep them under him. Jack was regularly frustrated with his then supervisor. His supervisor was a grump and went on a regular rant. Jack had developed unconscious anger as a result.

This anger had made associated neurological synapses. This means that as soon as Jack was irritated by his supervisor for even a moment, his brain produced even more associated thoughts. Thoughts that were consistent with his feelings (anger and frustration). Think, “my boss is unreasonable!” or “what am I still doing here anyway!” or “now I’m really going to resign, what a ….. As a result, the brain continuously switches on the same circuits. As a result, Jack remained in the same mindset throughout his life, and he remained energetically emotionally attached to his supervisor. Also, this created an inner self-image that confirmed his thoughts (think also of the insecurity and low self-esteem created by the belittling behavior). Because he kept having the same thoughts, there was also more and more frustration that he just couldn’t move forward in that business. Jack began to think “I’m not good enough. You understand that these beliefs were deeply embedded in his body. So continuously his body pulled him into the past. And this created a wavelength in his brain that always generated the same experiences: experiences that he himself drew into his life through his thinking. Experiences that continuously confirmed his behavior and thinking. This is what the unified (energy) field does: it bounces back your thinking in experiences.

Background says nothing about mindset: New mindset creates new behavior

Mike, on the other hand, also thought his supervisor was an unreasonable and unpleasant man, but he had resisted. At first, he also annoyed his then boss. Mike found him very annoying and felt anger toward him. However, he was long glad that he was accepted because, due to his fear of failure, he had not completed his studies in full. His supervisor’s behavior caused Mike to take a serious look at himself and become aware of his own emotions, reaction and behavior. All he could do was change himself.

Mike had applied the law of inner currents and the law of action. As he looked at himself and thought about himself and his behavior, he was already initiating new wiring in his brain. This is how the brain works: when new information comes in, the brain springs into action. In short: Mike was changing his mindset. He thought, I’m not going to stop here and I want to move forward in this business no matter what. So you can imagine that Mike had made a firm decision. Since the brain works with new information and new beliefs, Mike had already positively set his circuits in motion by this firm decision. Furthermore, through mediation and certain mindset exercises, he had released his emotions from his body, creating free energy for receiving new experiences.

At one point, when Mike had completely overcome his emotional memories of his then-manager, there was no force that would let him return to automatic programs of his old frustrated mind. As a result, Mike created new situations in accordance with his new way of thinking.

Mike learned essential things about his own nature and about the ever-present laws of life. He learned about how acceptance and forgiveness could free him from the past. In his case, it was to forgive and let go of his then manager and turn the associated emotions into an inner strength. Mike learned how to apply new beliefs (positive phrases) that supported him in his goals. By repeating new information regularly, he was rewiring his brain. As a result, his brain started working differently and his thoughts changed. This led to new choices (his reaction to his boss changed, he left the frustration with his boss and could further let go of his boss’ unreasonableness). His other choices led to new behaviors. Finally, his new behavior led to new experiences. As a result, he was assigned a new supervisor. His new supervisor saw potential in him, and this new situation gave Mike further opportunities and new possibilities that eventually led him to become CEO. These new and pleasant experiences as CEO in turn created new feelings. These new feelings continuously propelled new thoughts. In short, life reacted like a circle to his new behavior and way of thinking, continuously reaching out sustainably to new associated pleasant situations.

Quantum model

The above example shows that if we remain mired in emotions, or stuck in a particular structural mindset, our goals are thwarted and you get stuck in complaining, anger and fear. This all leads to the same experiences and situations over and over again with even more agitation, anger and anxiety, thus continuously generating the same emotional response and frequency, identical to Jack’s situation.

Seems like a vicious cycle, don’t you think?

The quantum model is so beautiful because it teaches us that we ourselves are in control. Mike took matters into his own hands and took responsibility for changing himself inside first, creating new factual events. No matter what happened before. You always have the choice and an option to create a new neural network. So by making a powerful decision and repeating and programming empowering supportive suggestions in the mind. And by reconditioning the body, which means freeing the body from stuck emotions. Finally, visualize a crystal clear image in your consciousness that corresponds exactly to what you want and who you want to be.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Warm regards,

Petra M.C. van den Berg


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