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Through the law of repetition to the next level

Dear Reader,

To become a great success in realizing your goals, an important fact remains: what you give your attention to grows. Whether external or internal, this law is always operative. This means that the power of repetition is also an important required law to create the right mindset permanently.

My article, which was published in Womagazine this month, is about the law of repetition. In this article you will find an explanation of why it is important to harness the power of repetition and why by doing so you form a new neural network (precursor to new situations) that automatically develops new behaviors. Read the entire article at: Womagazine

How you think, act and feel is how you see the world

Your environment is a reflection of your inner world. Many of us are not aware that they have accumulated limiting thoughts and beliefs over the years. These are deeply nested in our subconscious. Restrictive thoughts are continually generated by the external world and therefore the ingrained restrictive programs play out automatically.

The beautiful thing is that we ourselves, can become aware of all the things we delude ourselves about. Our subconscious mind makes us think and act in a familiar way, this comes from past experiences and deep beliefs. They are familiar feelings that continuously drive the same thoughts.

Your neurocircuits, biology, chemistry, physiology and genetic expression will always correspond to how you act think and feel. You understand that this also creates your personality. You can compare this to the dog drooling beforehand with his food. The dog is stimulated by the smell and drooling is automatic. It is the same with us. Certain triggers are triggered by the environment and then all the automatic thoughts, emotions and actions follow. This means that we think the same thoughts over and over again every day, thereby creating the same experiences. In short, you stick to the same mindset through the power of repetition.

If you want to create a new experience (reality) you will have to stop what you have been thinking about. Then you can use the power vna repetition again. In this way, you can create a new mindset. Most of us know that with positive suggestions and statements you can regain control of your thoughts and actions. It is not easy to coach yourself in this. However, many stop after only a few practices because they see no results. 

This is why the law of repetition is so important. Indeed, if you don’t consistently repeat certain new information, such as positive statements, those new circuits are unfortunately driven apart after a few days. When you do repeat the essential statement(s) consistently, this information begins to rewire your brain. You have to repeat it so much until it also neuro-chemically conditions the body (feelings) so that the body and mind work together. The new conditioning will suddenly be fully saturated in your consciousness and subconscious. As a result, it has become a fact that that possibility or idea (the positive suggestion or statement) becomes truth. You will automatically act accordingly. It has become your new mindset casu quo state of being.

In other words, it becomes a subconscious behavior, that is, an automatic thing; your new personality has become second nature. And with your new mindset, you create a new reality.

Why the law of repetition?

All great successes are preceded by a specific mindset. This mindset is focused on one specific and clearly defined goal. It looks like, because we have accumulated so many limiting thoughts over the years, we have to continuously repeat what we want to change in ourselves. By this is meant that you consciously stop your automatic thoughts and ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now? Do these thoughts align with my goals? How can I change my thoughts so that it does make a change’. With repeating positive thoughts and statements, at some point it becomes part of your mindset. You have a positive statement programmed into your subconscious. As a result, you will automatically act accordingly and the matching experience will always find you. This is why the law of repetition is so important.

Scientific evidence regarding the power of repetition

Research shows that giving focused attention to a specific goal through repeated application of the power of statements clearly activates the brain. Your brain will perform new combinations and drive a different sequence. It’s like fitness or cycling, learning a new skill. So this means that if we keep repeating one specific mindset you are reprogramming your mind. This produces full effect on achieving your goals. Every time you learn something new, you will activate new neurological connections (networks) in your brain, thus creating new situations and reactions in your life. This is because when you truly feel that a new belief has created a new mindset, or attitude of being, the appropriate new experience will always find you. You can read the entire article in my publication in Womagazine. Read more.

Other news

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How does it work? I’m going to explain it all to you in the Master’s program. 

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Here’s to a Masters year!

Warm regards,

Petra van den Berg

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