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The quantum law of unity. You too can score with this!

Dear Reader,

The quantum law of unity

We all live in one field. You, I and everyone are part of this one field and we have various names for it: divine field, quantum field, the field of infinite potentiality, pure field of potentiality, nature field, and multiverse.

What does this law of unity say?

This law says that everything consists of the same source, information waves and moving energy. This law means that everything is connected and every action you take is beyond your personality, body and distance. Every action (think an action, intention or a thought) that you undertake touches and affects your entire quantum field. The only thing standing in the way is your identity, beliefs and certain emotions. So our identity as well as mind delays perceiving the real potentiality of the present. Most people are limited by their senses and perceptions. Earlier I wrote about matter in its smallest state and the construction of the field. Read more.

You may ask, what does this unity field consist of?

This unity field consists of and is imbued with information and energy, which we call pure potentiality. Each of us embodies the entire field. All energy vibrates at a certain frequency and is always there. It can only reduce or increase and create and manifest. These frequencies include all information about you, me, every living being, every thing, all matter, the body and every situation. The past, present and future. Anything and everything is possible. Everything happens in the field in the present moment. If you transcend time, critical ego and your personal beliefs, you experience other new unlimited possibilities and other realities. You enter the 5D quantum world. I’m going to tell you more about this in another blog.

Electrical energy

I repeat in this blog that a frequency means an electrical energy. An electrical energy that is measurable. This energy is constant but vibrates between any two points at a certain height. We all have an electric frequency. Think of this as anger has a low frequency and joy has a high frequency. Dr. David R. Hawkins has delved into this issue. This American has put human consciousness under the microscope. Every emotion has a vibrational pitch. Read more at

Earlier I wrote that we ourselves can raise and optimize our vibrational frequency. This sends a signal to the quantum field. As a result, positive situations are created.

A frequency is the number of cycles per second, which is usually expressed in hertz. 1 hertz is equal to one cycle per second. More information and depth on this can be found in Lynne Mctaggart’s books(The Field, The Connection)

To explain it more concretely, I would like to refer you to the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. He has done some wonderful research to visualize the height of frequencies. Check out

His research shows that we ourselves can intentionally influence the crystal formation of water. He filled a few bottles with the same water. On the one bottle he intentionally pasted words with a negative connotation such as hate or I am angry with you, I am so afraid. On the other bottle, with a positive intention, he pasted words like love and gratitude. It turned out that the water with beautiful loving words created beautiful harmonious crystals. In the case of the bottle with the negative charge, chaos ensued in the ice crystals.

So a thought or intention is one with everything around you.

I would like to refer you to source document

Experiment with yourself

Have you ever experienced thinking about a person? And suddenly, shortly after this thought, you get a message from that person. From the law of oneness, this means that we are all one and everything we think or do has an impact on the entire field where there is no distance and time.

Important characteristics to know this law are love and consciousness. Another important feature to know this field or law is to teach yourself a different new way of thinking. Adjusting your personal views. After all: your personal beliefs are also made up of energy and information.


Write down for yourself what your beliefs are and what you think. Does this match what you want? I have always written a lot and researched myself. In this way, I continuously re-learn myself and can adjust my thoughts or beliefs when I discover separation or destructive thought patterns or behaviors.

Most of us experience lack and separation. Because of this personal conception of lack, as it were, you split for yourself two streams of experience.

For example, fear. You will create and experience more and more anxiety by focusing on it. When you focus on peace and confidence, you will experience more peace and confidence in your life. This is because you put more energy into this thought. This will make you think more about good endings. Ultimately, this produces desired results.

Eventually they arrive at the same point: the quantum level. By the way, fear is a low vibration and therefore it acts much more retarded than inner peace.

Direct your attention inward

I hope with all my heart that people turn their attention inward during these times. When we place our energy inward you are directly connected to the now and connected to potential, which can activate you. By changing your inner information, thoughts and feelings, or in other words by raising your frequency, you can bring about a change in your energy field. Here you can then also activate new potentials or possibilities. Also, you are increasing energy in the brain, so your consciousness is growing anyway. Everything is one.

It is quite complicated matter, but next week I will give you concrete practical examples and a case study on how to successfully apply this law to the situation that is now all over the world.

Good luck, take good care of yourself and others!


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