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The outer world is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world! What do you see now?

Dear Reader,

How is your inner business?

How are you really doing? Are you still focused on your goal? Are you satisfied with yourself and results? Your business results and employees? Do you manage to apply certain quantum laws, integrate and still understand it all?

If you find something difficult or don’t understand something, feel free to let me know. I am here to help you.

Focused mental focus (with the right intention, thoughts, emotions, actions én especially courage) strengthens, creates and generates what you want to manifest (tangible results you will begin to see).

This week I’m going to talk about a fact: a science of Einstein. The first great person who propagated this statement. “We cannot solve a problem with the mindset that created it.” This also brings me to the answer to the reader question, which I promised you this week. But first something else.

Recognizable? Most people get stuck in routines and focus on the problem, while this only expands and reinforces the problem. Remember: focus amplifies and multiplies (doubles) energy. Everything exists and is created from creating energy.

Research down to the roots and change them!

When an obstacle has arisen, it is best to first check with yourself when the problem/obstacle arose: at this thinking or feeling level you cannot solve it.

In doing so, you do open a door to look deeper within and examine yourself down to the roots: this is where you will encounter possibilities. See if you can look at this obstacle from a new or different understanding or perspective.

Confront yourself with the following issues if it is a personal challenge:

  • Do I have fear of developing myself further?
  • fear of what will come next?
  • Do I feel myself rejected?
  • What is really going on under the surface? Do I want to maintain control over something or do I dare not confront myself?
  • Did it arise from old conditioned programming?

The outer world is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world. What inner issues are running well or not so well? Start working on that. I will now move on to the reader question.

Challenge reader question.

I feel like I’m living pretty healthy. I have modified my lifestyle, but still I sometimes keep falling back into unhealthy habits and negative thoughts. What can I do about this? By now, I am so far up to date that I am aware that this relapse is not having good long-term effects on my body. So this is what I want to keep myself from. Is there an exercise?


Integrate acceptance of relapse first. In this way, you embrace yourself exactly as you are and are (unconsciously) open to learning to understand yourself. I then recommend exercise with regularity. Start walking or jogging. The fact is that the body is there to move and not to sit still. By moving, you make your cells dance, resonate with life and your desires. You lift them to a higher frequency. This higher frequency is related to your creative ability and life situations.

Exercise makes you mentally stronger and more confident. On a deeper level, much more good is happening. As you focus on health and exercise, your relapses will also become smaller and smaller. After all, exercise makes you produce serotonin and various other neurotransmitters that significantly improve your feelings of well-being. Also consider self-confidence, mood and impulse control.

Visualize: see yourself in good behavior before you in a clear concrete image. This creates new behavioral synapses. Play a movie in your mind: what are you doing, what do you feel about this, what are you saying, how is your energy state? As you focus on healthy habits and visualize them, this energy will be generated much more strongly, slowly shredding the bad habits.

Second, before you ingest anything, think, wait a minute: first ask yourself “do I really need this”? Why are you doing this? Or can I make another choice? If not, why not, what stops you from making a different choice? What is so strong?

Observe yourself. Describe this feeling.

Only you can make a different decision. The effect of one supportive decision with the right action works positively in your behavior and life.

Continually ask questions of yourself, stop what you are doing. An autopilot can only stop you then. Keep practicing. Observe yourself and imagine how you want to see yourself.

Then you can make a new choice that does support your health.

Take care of yourself, you are precious!


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