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The law of intention during the creation period

Dear Reader,

I just heard on the news that the Prayer Book during Corona has become a best seller. This makes me passionately happy, because prayers actually help. They are a kind of intentions we send out for ourselves and the world.

With an intention, you can direct your creation, or in other words, shape your own life. It is actually a derivative law of the law of creation. However, you can also support others with an intention during difficult times. Science shows that everything is connected. Our thoughts, feelings and intentions know neither space nor time. Suppose you think of someone with good intention, your energy moves directly to the other person. We ourselves can, quite consciously through a thought, set energy somewhere else in positive motion.

What is an intention?

An intention is basically a clearly detailed goal you want to achieve. A deep wish from your heart that you have for others and for yourself. An intention includes a heightened emotion (this means an emotion that involves joy, gladness and gratitude).

How can you consciously bring about an intention?

Suppose you would like to get a good deal. Then a clear description is necessary. Who are you making this deal with? Where does this deal take place; at the office? What does this office smell like; like a leather couch? What else does the office look like inside? How many people attend? Do you toast when the deal is successfully closed? What do you do when the deal is closed? How will you celebrate this success and with whom? How do you feel? In short: make your intention as detailed as possible.

How does it work?

By heightening your emotion (i.e. feeling as if you are already experiencing the outcome with joy and love) you attune yourself to these heightened emotions. This causes you to send feelings with a magnetic charge out into the field (or universe). Through the intention (deepest desire) that you add, you also send thoughts with an electric charge into the field. These two together form an electromagnetic signature that is consistent with your mindset and attitude, which will create a situation that is consistent with your goal. You consciously tap into the natural law of creation, as it were. It is the nature of the unified field to create continuously throughout.

An intention for the healing of someone else

He who does good, meets good. You probably know this proverb and it also applies to the quantum world. What you wish another through an intention always comes back to yourself. By now you understand that everything you transmit comes back to yourself at all times. The mirror effect. So a prayer for the world has a double effect: for the world/others as well as for yourself.

So the recipient receives your good intention, consciously or unconsciously. Remember that everything is connected to each other in a unified (energy) field, beyond time and space. A good intention for another is particularly effective when you bundle together in a group one particular specific thought and send it to one person. Read Lynne Mctaggart’s book The Intention Effect. She gives many examples and has conducted scientific research along with major scientists and universities.

Thus, we ourselves can consciously make the world more beautiful and peaceful through positive intentions.

Another effect

When you serve others with an intention or prayer, you are less concerned with yourself. This causes you not to pay attention to the result you would like to see for yourself, but that is actually positive! This allows a particular goal to manifest itself correctly. By this I mean: because you let go of your goal, energetic space is released in your brain, thus a result can emerge.

Everything is driven by the power of intention

Whether you are at work or bivouacked in a difficult situation or dining, there is an intention in everything. Only we are not aware of this. The goal or situation may be obvious, but during the activity you are not aware that you can generate a certain energy during the activity. You experience while paying a bill that you are transferring money. Ask yourself: what am I thinking or feeling right now? Check with yourself the rationale. As you pay the bill, you can make a choice to appreciate and accept the service and be grateful for it or you can make the choice to mope (or ponder?) how expensive it is or how fast your money is going out of your account. With the last choice, you are calling poverty upon you because it generates a negative vibration. Which of these two possibilities will be better and give you good results? This question to yourself will increase your awareness of your thinking capacity. As a result, you are developing new neuro-openings that contribute to the quality of your life.

Also consider the energy charge you produce. The difference between moping and despair or between gratitude and the decision to appreciate a service (or accept a difficult situation, for example) are of opposite natures. Nodding is based on fear and will create fear. Gratitude that you can pay together with the firm decision that you value the service or product creates more of the same. It creates a vibration that contains a high frequency. As a result, you generate resonance that draws your needs or goals into your life.

Personal Experience

I consciously experienced myself that an intention together with a firm decision positively affected my health. By the way, this is only one part of my life experiences that I consciously influenced with my thoughts, brain knowledge and actions. This decision, however, has stayed with me the longest. It was tremendously hard work (with peaks and valleys) and it took all my time, attention and resources. My intention was to turn a chronic, serious illness into health, joy and freedom. Achieving health and success received my full commitment in my life. It was my biggest study and challenge and at the time much more important than a relationship, (money) resources, vacations or anything else. ‘First myself and the other would follow.’ So I thought and it did. Because I focused all my attention on this intention, namely healing, I spontaneously created the right situations, insights and people who supported me in this. If you want to know more about this read ‘About Petra ‘:


Ultimately, all ironclad laws, always operating consciously and unconsciously, are about the essence of changing your own energy. They all argue basically the same thing, just from different perspectives and thus provide different insights. Your own energy frequency (the height of the energy waves of your thoughts and emotions) is essential to draw the same frequency waves around you into your life and into your body. Your brain (mindset) is the most important thing here, the cause of everything, and the consequence of that is that you shape your own life. But the consequence is also that you can positively influence your body, others and the world. Hence, prayer also has a powerful effect. After all, we are always generating energy!

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Good luck, stay safe and take good care of yourself and others!

Warm regards,

Petra M.C. van den Berg


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