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The law of energy

Earlier I wrote that about 20 years ago I discovered that I myself – like every other human being – possess immense power to positively change my life with my thinking and beliefs. At that moment, everything changed for the better. I still had a few things to learn, though, and still….

Particularly through symptoms of the body, I found this out. I remember well the words of the rheumatologist. ‘If you don’t take your medication you will end up in a wheelchair.’ However: I took tramadol, methotrexate and plaquenil for a while, but with these I soon stopped. It could be different: I felt that in all my cells. I did have to start scrutinizing myself and the body, otherwise the body might still have had rheumatism. I had to change myself: to begin with, my thinking patterns, habits, lifestyle and beliefs.

During this process, I was living alone. Still very well I know I crawled through the apartment and body up have hoisted to get on the toilet. Everything was stiff, hurt and swollen due to inflammation. My sister had to give me at some point help with showering. Then I realized: this is how I want No further in my life! This does not suit me. I am far too young, et cetera. These were cries I was thinking at the time.

My then GP visited me home. She requested that I be admitted to the hospital. I refused to do that… To make a long story short, it was an intense period, but I am convinced that if I had not taken control myself I would still be in Sat that process. Because then I would have been through my old thought patterns, influences of others and old personality, continue to create the disease process and perhaps multiply.

Then during those years I ended up with a very good naturopathic doctor. He reminded me to visualize: thinking that I am healthy, vibrant, joyful in life. “What you give attention to grows,” he used to say. As a result, I gave attention to the body with healthy thoughts. This also allowed the body to remember how to regulate itself again.

Healing occurs because the body remembers how to regenerate again. It comes in its natural state. Energy works the same way; self-healing all comes from our consciousness. Energy can only decrease or increase. Understanding this is quite complicated. However, quantum physics shows that mind, matter and body are one and the same field. So then our mind should be fully aware of the body (and vice versa). Check out my accompanying video at

Three groups were once observed learning to play the piano. All three had never touched a piano before. The first group was asked to practice a scale alone. The second group was asked to practice only the corresponding scale in mind(visualize).

The third group was asked to nothing at all to do. The research and brain scans revealed that the brains of group one and group two had the same effect. Group three had obviously no brain change. So that means that for the brain there is no difference between a real activity and visualizing. It is only our ego which is in the way. Lynne McTaggart has written a number of books on this subject and you might want to read something from her if you want to know more about this. She has described lots of explanatory scientific studies and researched on this topic.

By the way, it is very important when practicing new healthy behaviors to make the picture highly visible to make. You do this by visualizing it. It has been demonstrated with studies from Harvard University that visualization is a scientifically visible effect creates.

Everyone has a gigantic power to optimize his/her (business) life! Open your heart for yourself, a different view and surprise yourself.

The amazes me greatly that so many professors, doctors and scientists who are engage in logic are afraid of losing their title (and income). She build a wall around their own nature and cling to the fact that it is life is what you see and therefore touch precisely of the hidden potential deleted. This also applies to physicians. Physicians will not asking, “What do you have on your liver? Do you feel anger or can you feel something or someone not forgiven? What heavy emotion vibrates in your liver? Or which chemical low-vibration food or drink prevails in that area? No, the doctors give a cure or a pill but will not look for the deeper cause.

While the body has a deep self-healing capacity available, for free! However, we are as human beings so programmed (in part by upbringing, genes, media, environment, society et cetera) that we have forgotten this and we believe exactly what a doctor says. We cling to someone else’s ideas.

By a belief you create even more of this(the law of energy). Just to be clear, I advise everyone to see a doctor as well in pain. During disease processes, all help is needed! However, I recommend that you in addition, to scrutinize yourself from the perspective of “everything is energy’. Open yourself and your heart from a different point of view. We are going to namely sleeping through life!

Below I will explain how it works, also seen from a scientific point of view. It will quite touch you and touch your heart if you read the following actually learn to understand.

The quantum law of energy

Energy is always there, buzzing in and around us, really everything is filled with energy. Energy is never lost. Energy can decrease or increase, though. This means that anything is possible at this time. Everything is potentially on this moment present.

Think This includes your inner self: your energy state. The inner also consists of information and energy. Thoughts, beliefs, emotions, your blueprint: everything is permeated and consists of information as well as energy. We create from the inside out. You understand that energetically there is no inner and appearance exists, but our mind still says it does. Past, present and future are one and fully connected to the quantum field. Energetic in this context means a collective term for everything made up of energy.

On the deepest level, we too are composed of energy, for atoms, in turn, also form molecules. A molecule, in turn, leads to cells. These forms tissue and further construction and growth to organs and your entire remaining body. So, in short, everything can be traced back and decomposed into energy. Energy seeks always the path of least resistance. Energy can never be lost. Energy is always there, vibrating at various heights and different speeds. Energy is alive, pure, neutral and fully in the here and now and works in wave movements. Energy consists of information impulses. All potential, all possibilities are thus already there! We just need to believe it and activate it.

The space in and around us, between us, and all matter consists of soft undulating vibrating energy. In short, everything consists of information and energy. We are all a part in this field and connected to the quantum field. Or the infinite field of potentiality.

Energy Is present, in the here and now. It knows no time, no past, no age and distance. Energy vibrates only in the present at high or low levels. All possibilities and dreams are now present. It is one infinite potentiality what to can be activated at any time. The scientific term for this is data.

There is a perceptual principle from quantum physics that explains that on which you place your focus energy harnesses. So what you focus your attention on is the place Where energy multiplies. The smallest particles of energy can only affect be by an observer. Various studies have shown that the observer influences the experiment. You understand that this is logical if we talk about that everything is made up of soft energy.

With other words, when you focus on what you do not want, it will also multiply. So it’s that simple: focus on what you want and this will employ in your life.

Energy Vibration

There is still one very important principle you need to take into account with regarding the law of energy. And that is that energy vibrates on certain heights. In one of my next articles, I’m going to explain to you exactly How the law of vibration and vibration works. In this article, I am not going to much about it.

What you However, what you do need to know regarding the law of energy is that energy is always moving and always there. That means everything is a has vibration and vibrates at a certain frequency.

How do you? How do you think? The vibration of your energy state determines your frequency. How you think determines and causes your feelings. Thoughts, by the way, are electrically charged and feelings (heart rate) magnetically charged. As a result creates a certain vibration. You probably hear the term: who has a soft aura or who has a negative aura. This is often measured or felt in a room with different people. That one person may be the influence atmosphere quite a bit. This is because of the vibration of that person or the electromagnetic field around that person.

What do you see in your life?

What you perceived with your senses you see as your present reality. Our energetic senses, in fact, notice only what matches our beliefs, expectations, thoughts and blueprint.

This is what you see, and what has arisen in your life, because you with your energy state (thoughts, emotions, feeling or in other words your blueprint) resonates with this. Recall that you look through a window at your reality. The part you see lives within you. It is that which can only be picked up in your life by your senses. They are the moments of recognition.

What there actually possible, however, remains as untapped potential. Provided we replace our limiting beliefs and thinking with unlimited and greater thinking. We can replace our limited beliefs with new ones. Beliefs which are based on trust, growth AND new situations. With this change your energy state.

You will understand That we must therefore also address our unconscious zones. In fact, our blueprint is all that is ours. On this our lives can be scanned. Your blueprint exists however, also from energetic currents. There will also be a separate article here about.

What is our greatest and only limitation?

These are So we ourselves. By working on your own energy attitude (thoughts, feelings, ego and emotions) to work and by learning a new way of thinking you are going to improve your energy increase vibration(s). You are going to activate untapped potential. The direct As a result, you reveal other things in your life. Certain hindering emotions and limiting beliefs that stick to certain cells be resolved. Space is freed up for new energy. Isn’t that nice?

By this way of thinking and acting make your own desires visible to life and create more joy. You are going to make your desires visible, so to speak for yourself. As I told you before, you do this through your inner vibration In other words, adjust your personality. Remember: thoughts, feelings and beliefs are all made up of vibrations, both high and low. High for example, is: joy, peace and happiness and low is: down or depression, anger or brooding state.

The Changing your energy state is done by examining your thought patterns and subsequently change. By changing your beliefs and creating a new way of thinking. By thinking differently, the result is that you optimizes your feelings as well. This in turn ensures that you have opportunities and is going to see opportunities. In other words, you are going to make new things visible, because your resonance has changed. So this also changes your reality. Again: your inner self is your reality, for with it you create your (new) reality.

A very important aspect in this is to stay with yourself and focus on what you want. With this, you then create more of the same. The (energetic) environment is so powerful that it influences you (unconsciously) and thus can help determine how you thinks and feels.

What do you want to make visible to yourself?

Just Coming back to that everything is made up of energy. Everything in yourself but also everything in the universe, or world. Our subconscious mind and brain consists of all kinds of wiring: consists of all kinds of automatic programs. Stronger still: in most people, 5% consists of consciousness, while 95% consists of subconscious exists. From automatically ingrained behaviors and patterns.

Original sources for these conditionings include: education, media, parents and family, friends, religion. The subconscious mind has formed in your past and consists primarily of information (experiences) you had as a child amassed and from beliefs, dna and emotions. As a child, you learned how you have to think and act. They are programming. The consequence of this programming is that you respond automatically. This automatic response thus determines your life and future. They are thoughts that you unconsciously accept and in resignation. Perhaps you are not even aware of it.

Therefore it is so important to learn to reprogram yourself so that the 95% to the wheel comes to stand. It’s that simple!

The subconscious mind thus largely determines your life and your body. Consider here To your career, health, relationships and your finances. The remaining part which determines your life is the 5% of our consciousness. Your life and health of now is the result of the quality of your subconscious mind and consciousness.

Everything can be reprogrammed. How fun is that?

The nice thing about everything is, because everything is made up of soft energy, everything is also to be reprogrammed and improved. Even your dna and genes you can influence with your attention. There are so many new been facts and researches in the field of epigenetics. A natural restoration of the body to the level of neuroplasticity.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, has discovered that what you believe about yourself and about your life this determines the functioning of the (energy) cells: so your health. In short, how you feel, observe, think and make connections makes with your environment and stakeholders, is sustainable and continuously affecting your cells. So with this knowledge, you can positively affect. Why? Because everything is made up of energy. And where you put your attention on have you create. More on this later!

Just returning to the law of energy. So if you really want a new reality create, then first start with a small step: observe yourself and your current reality. How are you acting right now? Indeed, these are the parts that are under operate the 5% awareness. Examine automatic energy patterns. Research your personality. Think about: your emotions, your behavior, ego, how is your acting? Does it fit the life you want?

This Already gives awareness and releases energy. Everything we focus on or In terms of our energy attitude, we create in our lives. But is thus also positively influence or change, so that we can create new situations and create future.

What does this mean?

That you cannot create a new reality if you still think the same, act the same and feel. Day in and day out, you will continue to create the same thing until you find your personality and (thinking) patterns changes. Only then do you change your reality.

For the manifesting a desired (business) life is only a new inner YOU need, to adopt a behavior more suited to the person you want to be are! Isn’t that fantastic?

See you soon again.



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