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The law of creation

The quantum (success) law of creation

Intention and consciousness and our inner currents are the real creative forces that shape and create our lives. Your intention and consciousness penetrates the field of all possibilities (potential), it causes a coherence. If you consciously add a positive emotional energy charge to the thought and associated action, it will lead to a manifestation. By this I mean having positive feelings, thoughts and beliefs about a particular goal. Everything in the here and now.

We are always creating, no matter what you think or feel: this law is always in operation. We can only create something from the inside out. So you must first create something within yourself before you can see it outside yourself. That’s how powerful our mental energy is. This mental energy travels even faster than the speed of light, so to speak. This law is all-encompassing and all-pervading. This law is so powerful and affects everything, thanks to our thinking, feeling and actions.

What does this law say about creation?

If we want to change certain circumstances, you can apply this law. By changing your mindset related to a specific circumstance, you immediately create a new event. When you are thinking, you make (invisible) contact and connection with like-minded people and situations. From this you can conclude that the mind is the cause and your present circumstance is the effect. For more information: click here for Success Law: the law of frequency.

This law also tells you that when you use criticism or prejudice, you connect yourself to events or people who think the same way. So you understand that if you are anxious or distrustful, you experience similar events in your life. Your emotions are thus mirrored and thus confirmed. This law says that you must be willing to want to change something in yourself. Only you have this power to change energy in yourself and thereby change your life for the better. I have no power over you, only over myself. So you have to do this yourself.

For example, if you have an organization that is not running smoothly, it is easiest and most beneficial to make a change in the mindset of yourself and your employees. Perhaps you can bring in someone who inspires and guides others to make a change in their thinking. The consequence of a new way of thinking together with a new policy or strategy create a positive but profound change and new results.

Previously, I published an article on energy. In it you can read why everything we send out is amplified, after which something new is created in your life.

Scientific foundation

By repeating a relevant thought, the neuroconnections in your brain become stronger and stronger. Studies have shown that the more often you repeat or speak out loud a new thought or belief, the faster your subconscious mind starts to accept it as true. It causes a new pattern, so to speak, and breaks the known pattern (the past). This new pattern in your brain in turn causes your new way of thinking. This also makes you think about it more and more.

Our brain is always looking for events that match what is stored in your subconscious. You understand that by doing so you create situations that match your new way of thinking.

You, through mental repetition of a new thought or belief, consciously instruct your brain to detect new desired events and thereby create new situations in your life. It may feel quite strange, but that is because you are letting go of your old Self and the past (wasted energy). You push your boundaries and prepare yourself for a new future, so to speak.

Highly recommended is Joe Dispenza’s book, You Are Placebo. There are many scientific studies and examples in here, so you can learn to understand why it works the way it does.

Finally, how can you apply the law of creation immediately?

Everything you want to create you need to consciously give a positive energy charge. If this doesn’t work right away, pretend you already possess that positive energy, that way your life will change permanently. Because of this you are activating that dormant energy, your unused potential, so that this energy is given weight and strengthened, and therefore you will draw this new reality into your life.

For example: if you want a good relationship, ask yourself what you want from the relationship. This synonym you must first give to yourself and be, feel and integrate because we are in fact vibrational beings. So you understand that it is important to first visualize what you want the relationship to look like. Feel deep inside how you would like it to be and how you are then. Feel this with positively charged emotions.

How do you do this?

Try to be positive about yourself, have positive feelings, really love yourself, encourage yourself, take good care of yourself and your body. Anyway, the more you learn to truly love yourself and your body, the more you will find that all areas of your life will improve. The better your relationship with yourself is, the better your relationships with others will be. What do you feel when you have a good relationship? What do you smell and see? Then how do you act? In short: empower within yourself that which you desire as if it were already accomplished. Reprogramming negative beliefs really works very effectively.

Start with a suggestion that is supportive of your goal, reflecting the desired relationship or desire. For example, repeat, “I feel wonderful,” “I radiate health and I deserve all the good things. ‘I have a very nice relationship’ or ‘I have others’ best interests at heart’, ‘I am grateful for my resources’. You will find that solutions to certain problems will naturally emerge from unexpected quarters.

Use positive phrases, because as you can read from my last publication, the subconscious mind hears exactly what you say. So for example, “I don’t want to get sick” is actually counterproductive. As a result, you will create precisely what you do not want. After all, your subconscious is hearing the words “getting sick. It is really very important to focus clearly on what you do want. So say, “I feel wonderfully healthy” or “I am healthy and have a strong vital body” or “I am grateful for all the good things in my life. Reinforce these affirmations with joy and gratitude.

Last but not least

Focus your attention on what does go well in your life. As you give your attention to this, you will strengthen this energy. At the same time, you will receive this energy back in equal proportions. You probably know the saying: if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.

Every change in your mindset, every new thought and belief that you send (or broadcast) into the field of all possibilities (aka the universe) will create a new reality. In other words, instead of continuously repeating old familiar patterns, you are preparing your brain for a new future.

Good luck and take good care of yourself!

Warm regards,

Petra M.C. van den Berg


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