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The law of connection enriches your mindset

One of the most important laws we teach in this field is how to create from within. In fact, this inner self is connected to the field. The invisible field of frequency. In fact, it is energy that connects the inner and outer worlds This energy field exists inside and outside our senses and expresses our three-dimensional reality.

To help you, I have developed a law that simply gets you started and gives you the insight into why learning and acquiring new information is so important. Because when you change your energy, by integrating new information, for example, or changing something in yourself, you change your life.

You can choose which stimulus to use to support your goals. Consider meditating, gathering new information, internalizing positive statements, visualizing.

This law can be used for both business and private purposes. Also read the article in WoMagazine. And healthy lifestyle magazine for health and success.

The law of connection

The law of connection is the domain where we use old information to capture new information in the brain.

The connection principle is actually a law that says that when we learn new information it is linked to old information. So we use old information to master and understand new information.

This reuses old circuits in the brain to expand and build new ones. Your memories are exploited, so to speak, to make new memories. You are going to use what is familiar to you to learn and make the new (unfamiliar) your own.

This will create new forms of thought. Eventually, you are going to use the whole thing stored in your brain, the new connections, to create a new future.

What does the law of connection say?

This law is a coupling law of the law of repetition. The law of repetition develops new enriched compounds. You can do this by repeating the new information, for example, by reading or repeating statements daily. As a result, you develop a matching thought and feeling. This means that when you keep repeating the information, it becomes familiar to you. It belongs to you. It becomes something natural to you, consciously and unconsciously.

Why at the cellular level?

We ourselves can draw energy from the larger field that supports our lives. This is because we can change our brain connections ourselves and optimize happiness in business and private.

Above all, remember the simple fact: your blueprint will determine your future. To make a change and new future permanent, it really has to be done on cellular foundations. The connections in your brain need to be adjusted.

Case study

Once I had a client, Leonie. She worked for a government organization and managed 20 employees. Leonie struggled with insecurities and lack of self-confidence.

In the past she had had bulimia as a child, although she thought she was rid of that, a feeling of restlessness and old thoughts from the past and eating crept up on her more and more. Despite disappointing attempts, she had failed to resolve this properly.

She was a perfectionist and as a result she noticed that restless and insecure empty unworthy feeling again, which she had experienced in her youth. Leonie functioned well and was able to disguise things well, although at times she felt she could not control her team. The feeling associated with that was her insecurity and fear that she could lose her nice job.

The effect of the law of connection

We first talked together about her insecurity and her feelings and association with the past. These old patterns that surfaced and were still stored in her brain were needed to gather new information and understand and capture the new.

Then I taught her how to accept and accept so that real healing could take place. They also learned how certain laws worked that applied to her issue. This enriched her brain with new information that Leonie linked to her patterns (old information, existing connections) from the past. In this way, new connections were made. Old information was used to create new wiring and circuits and also to (re)program the brain.

Leonie finally understood that the only way she could change something herself was by modifying something within herself. This created a liberation and a confident feeling. This, her insights and mind, this enrichment for her life no one can take away from her.

She then applied a few laws and did several integration sessions. Those are coaching sessions where we reprogrammed her mind and subconscious (body) through meditation, EE treatment and brain training. This transformed her insecurities into feelings of self-assurance. Were her associations with the old patterns of emptiness and eating (old information) changed to the new feeling of peace, self-love and self-assurance.

She herself had taken the helm and used the old information to change, allowing her to manage her team much more confidently. Her team worked much more efficiently, effectively and quietly, and they had fun together.

Finally, 3 tips on how you can immediately apply this law yourself:

  • What would you like to know more about or be like? Read about it, find role models. Make sure you open yourself to new information so that it helps you in enriching your life.
  • Learn the new enriching information from your mind so that it is anchored in your mind and new connections are made.
  • Keep encouraging yourself to read certain new information. Repeat read, repeat, read and repeat.
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