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The ironclad (success) law of action

Dear Reader,

In my laws discussed earlier, little by little it has become clear that conscious action is very important. Hence, I have developed one more very important law: the law of action.

You can make an idea and/or wish come true only with all your inner and physical qualities. Without deliberate actions, the construction project can never become a beautiful building. By this I mean that if you do not take focused action, your intention will not soon be manifested. This is because no action energy is added to the intention. With a physical action, energy is added to your intention, giving the unmanifest (a possibility in the unified field) quite a jolt to become manifest. By manifest, by the way, I mean that your goal as a result is made visible in your life.

In an earlier publication on the The law of creation I explain to you that your intention and consciousness penetrate into the field of all possibilities (potential). It causes coherence in the invisible realm and a desired possibility. If you consciously add a positive emotional energy charge to the thought and associated physical action, it will lead to a visible manifestation. Furthermore, by doing so you activate the frontal lobe in your brain. I will come back to this later in this article.

So the law of action is a kind of switching law. It is precisely the transitional law that connects the possibility between intention and manifestation. A relevant action should be aligned with your intention, thoughts and goals. This creates an impact and a powerful ripple effect throughout the unified field. So you understand that the vibrations actually act as magnets forming one.

In my new book, I will elaborate on this and you can read more about it. For now, I am happy to continue with the law of action.

What does this law say?

That intentions, (images c.q. thoughts) visualization and appropriate supporting beliefs (and words) have consequences and emerge as possibilities in the unified field. These are the starting points and beginning actions on the path for change. If you add a physical action to this, it is complete, even on the visible level. The cause is the mind and the effect is your present situation. Mental action and physical action create a new reality or situation in your present life. So one purposeful action on top of mental actions causes a series of consequential reactions.

For example, if I lead a particular construction project, then my intention to lead this project is the invisible cause. From this, building the property (doing it) is the visible consequence and that manifests itself in the entire property.

This law also tells you that you must do and apply it yourself. What do you want to let go of? What would you like in your life? What can you yourself already do for yourself in a pleasant way? What are you still stuck on? What do you want to change in your business? What limited beliefs do you have?

And then the most important question of all: are you willing to take actions (both mental and physical) that will bring about change? Think of all your tools (thoughts and beliefs and belief suggestions) that are available to you for free.


What can you do if, for example, you have a business that is not going well? Your intention might be to create a better structure within your company. So what beliefs should you have? Start with: I am grateful that my business is getting better and better. Or better yet, phrase the sentence in such a way as to make it seem as if it already is. By now you understand that what you send out (cause) comes back to you (effect). So start with the right choice of words: I have a successful business with a good structure and strategy. You go beyond your limiting beliefs and so you consciously choose words (conceptual thinking: the domain of language and word choice) that help you create something new, something you want. Know that limiting beliefs are only in your head; however, reality is different.

Picture Thinking

What you give attention to, that is where the energy flows. You can also promote this by very consciously seeing certain images in front of you. So really see before you that your business is running nicely and is successful (how do you feel and what do you experience if this were really the case?). So this is the mental invisible act. You consciously create thoughts (image thinking: a visual way of thinking, that is, in images and experiences) that support you in your goal. In addition, you will take targeted physical action in the visible field. For example, you can create a new strategic plan or ask an outsider for help restructuring your business or you can pick up certain targeted pathways that support your business to become successful. Or you can take a course or do targeted advertising and marketing.


Another example from myself: for example, I can continuously affirm (a thought that you come to believe more and more through repetition) that I have a strong immune system. In my mind, I see images of myself with a powerful, strong and healthy body. This I consciously perceive in myself. Here, of course, it is also very important to act accordingly. So actually physically moving and exercising and also watching healthy diet. All of this reinforces each other to create new circuits in the brain so that reality actually reveals itself, both in the body and in life.

Scientific foundation

Research shows that giving focused attention to a specific goal through mediation (which, by the way, is also an action) clearly activates the frontal lobe. Further, this same study revealed that this is simply a skill that can be learned just like fitness or golf. So this means that as we practice more and more to perceive and give focused attention to something, through mediation and visualization, what we like or who we want to be, it has an effect on the outside world.

In fact, the frontal lobe is the workshop and leader for creating new situations and change. The remaining parts of the brain follow the leader. It is the gathering place of information to generate a new state of being. Then, with a new state of being, you create new situations in your life. Here I will not go into further detail now.


The inner world has an effect on the outer world at all times. Once you believe this you start using your frontal lobe adequately and purposefully. As long as you continue to believe that your outer world is real and the inner world adds little, you will always use the same daily neurological connections (networks) c.q. synapses in your brain, thus continuously creating the same situations and reactions in your life. In this society, most live in an upside-down world. Indeed, our inner world (and action and appropriate behavior) is the real world and also the cause for creating something positive new in life.

I would like to cordially invite you to check out this link: http:%20of%

This study from Scans of Monks’ Brains Show Meditation Alters Structure, Functioningtodemonstrate that changes are actually brought about by mental training. It was published in The Wall Street Journal back in 2004.

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Good luck and take good care of yourself!

Warm regards,

Petra van den Berg


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