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The ironclad law of investing

Dear Reader,

On Monday, Oct. 5, I enjoyed and enjoyed participating in the Sparkling Presenting training from ZijSpreekt, a speakers bureau dedicated to getting more women experts at conferences and in the media.

A training where you learn to present with impact and authentically in one day. We practiced a lot of new techniques. Besides receiving good and useful tools, tips and feedback, it was a fun, inspiring day in a very pleasant environment, namely Het Kasteel in Woerden.

The ironclad law of investing

Applying this law increases your skills, experiences and knowledge, thus energy. I find it important to continually invest in myself and in my business. Constantly improving myself. For example, I invest in my profession by reading and studying a lot of professional literature. I invest a lot of time in my writing by hiring a writing coach. Bonnie Steenman is rock solid and a very critical, wonderful editor and coach, for whom I am immensely grateful. My articles aim to pass on free insights and expertise to others. I exercise regularly (almost every day) and watch my diet. Is my diet healthy (and therefore healing) or unhealthy (and therefore destructive)? Furthermore, I invest in my marketing and new brain techniques to learn and manufacture new tools and apply them so that I can help, advise and coach my clients even better. In short, delivering high quality to my clients, readers and to myself is very important to me.

By investing in yourself (that is, in your energy), you will attract exactly the right clients who need and want exactly what you have to offer. They will see your added value. We all always have a choice: what do I invest in? What is important? You can buy clothes, or you can choose, for example, a counselor to help you improve the quality of your life.

So the other side of the story with regard to investing is that you are directly and indirectly changing your energy. You are scaling your energy (taking it to the next level). You will gain better skills and knowledge that will help you achieve better results. In fact, you are generating sustainable profits. So your inner strength becomes stronger. This is because through your investments you become increasingly confident, valuable, confident and powerful. You also broadcast this. Then you draw the right situations in your life that will contribute to achieving your goals. Just realize that you are creating your future now through your investments and your thinking. Your emotions (such as becoming more confident), the words you speak, beliefs and thoughts shape your life at all times.

In what ways are you investing in yourself?

Some tips:

✍ Invest about 4% of your income each month in your professional or personal development so that you get better at achieving your goals.

✍ Invest in your brain. It is a fact that investing annually in your brain will yield significantly more than you would invest in a house or moveable property; Click below for the law of creation

✍ Invest in the development and/or mindset of your staff or team, this will contribute to motivation and promote production.

✍ Invest in your health. The fact remains that in any creation process, your health is the most important foundation.

✍ Invest at least one hour a day in a study, course or studying professional literature.

✍ Invest in a business coach or a personal coach who will help you use your inner power in a more focused way. Click below and check the law of frequency

✍ Check with yourself what investment you can best use right now to take your career to the next level.

✍ Invest time in meditating, visualizing, make plans for the future, write them down.

✍ Invest in a charity or develop a new project or team.

✍Watch free YouTube or listen to postcasts that can help you move forward in your goals or in your career or ambitions.


Give enough attention to your partner and/or family if you have it, such as quality time, so that everything continues to run smoothly at home as well and the peace and joy remains.

Good luck, stay safe and take good care of yourself!

Warm regards,

Petra M.C. van den Berg


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