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The effect of insights into yourself creates instantly enriching changes

Dear Reader,

In this article, I will show you through a practical example how the law of consciousness works. And I will answer the question of whether success has more to do with chance or with awareness, with insights into yourself.

‘When you change the way you look at things, you change the things you look at.’

– Wayne Dyer

A practical example of the law of consciousness

Tom was working as a director in a large organization. Everything went well and streamlined within his organization. His staff was very pleased with him. He was in charge of a national organization in which he could put all his qualities and passion.

However, one problem had arisen: Tom had gotten into an argument with his business partner. Tom felt that was right on certain legal issues and his business partner felt it was unjust and not right. Whereas before that, he and his business partner had worked together successfully for years. They also hung out with each other privately, so they knew each other quite well. At least, that’s what Tom thought. The conflict was increasingly an obstacle in their success. The staff began to sense that something was going on between their directors and they were increasingly negatively affected by this.

Tom himself did not see the effect the conflict had, thinking that everything else went on in good order in his wards. So Tom was stuck in his own constricted consciousness. The struggle with his business partner created more and more constriction within himself (he was stuck at certain points in his life). Until he noticed that the productivity of the staff was also greatly reduced and things were left unfinished. This meant that money was also left over.

Despite his ego, denial that a heavy conflict was proliferating, his inner struggle, his wanting to be right and because Tom simply could no longer think clearly, he decided to seek help.

The effect of insights into yourself

Acknowledging the conflict with his business partner first created awareness. Tom gained insight into his situation and realized that because of his narrowed awareness, he was constantly thinking in circles and stuck in a kind of comfort zone.

As Tom learned to rise above the layer where the conflict took place, his consciousness became broader. He had learned to imagine the conflict from a third person point of view. This gave him insights into his situation and especially his thoughts. His awareness grew and he was therefore able to confront his business partner more easily. After several sessions together with his business partner, the conflict was successfully resolved, in part because they both gained a broader awareness thanks to certain insights (such as self-knowledge, insight into their own abilities and pitfalls).

In fact, they also learned to examine their inner self and found that these were certain self-centered thoughts. As a result, they understood each other more and both were able to more easily water down and resolve the conflict. They even found out that it was mainly in themselves than in the other person.

Like many other people, Tom and his business partner were unaware of the power of their inner world. Both remained stuck in their ego/skeptical minds during the conflict. This shows how important insights into yourself are to get out of it.

As the conflict was resolved, everything started to flow again and everything within the company was running successfully again. So the solution worked positively in the workplace. The effect was that production increased again and, as a result, cash flow grew up to date.

Because how your behavior is today and what you think and suggest today determines your future. In other words, the consequence, or event (such as reduced staff productivity), is a reaction to a specific cause, or previous thinking. As Tom became aware of his thoughts, energy and desired situations were successfully set in motion somewhere else (un)consciously.

In this example of Tom, two things are important: first, Tom’s awareness expanded, and second, new solutions were provided to him as a result. In fact, his greatest insight was as he says himself:

‘So I myself can consciously send out a signal that will activate a positive outcome, that is, something consistent with what I want in my business life.’ WOW; Tom sorted, through this belief, new signals and thoughts, even more unexpected positive observable effects in his life.

Quantum model and insights into yourself

From the quantum model, uncertainty theory says that you live in a continuous state of possibility. You are in a flow of consciousness (potential). You only need to become one insight richer and a shift in consciousness (an unconscious behavior becomes conscious) will occur that instantly creates an enriching change.

Uncovering consciousness completely will not work, but the basic laws are similar to the (natural) energy laws. Earlier I wrote that consciousness constantly seeks balance. This is also how energy works. It continually seeks the equal. Consider also the law of vibration. Consciousness, as it were, holds everything together in a specific bandwidth. This means that when you become aware of a situation (i.e., gain insight into yourself or an unconscious behavior) your awareness grows. This also expands the bandwidth of your consciousness.

Acknowledgement of his problem and insights into the situation expanded Tom’s consciousness and, as a result, his personal energy was immediately raised to a higher level. Partly because he replaced his limiting belief: ‘I am sure I am right and know better’ in: ‘I am open to other opinions and look at these legal issues from a different perspective and I am not better than the other, all is well’. Furthermore, he brought gratitude into this affirmation, which allowed the affirmation to pass through his subconscious much better. Because mainly the positive change is in the feeling charge and not just in the thinking.

This also meant that Tom’s outside world was rearranging itself. Through his own shift in consciousness, Tom created new situations that matched his new inner vibrations.

The above example partly shows that if we are caught up in an inner struggle, or remain stuck in our ego and skeptical mind, our goals are thwarted and you remain stuck in restlessness, complaining and fear. This all leads to situations with even more turmoil and anxiety and thus eliciting the same emotional response and frequency, identical to Tom’s situation at the time. Seems like a vicious cycle, don’t you think?

The quantum model is so beautiful that it teaches us that Tom and his business partner (and you too!) have the power and responsibility themselves to create things in their organization from within, creating new factual events. No matter what happened before. You always have the choice and an option to create a new neural network. So by repeating and programming empowering suggestions in the mind and further by visualizing a crystal clear image in your consciousness that corresponds exactly to what you want or who you want to be.

Insights into yourself: How does this work?

The brain experiences no difference between a life experience and an image that you vividly imagine (with all your senses).

Our visual cortex does not just rely on what it perceives. The mass of our visual experience consists of images from the past (automatic, daily memories), but also, however, images with personal goals. These images continuously create the same events in your life. When you start consciously changing images to strong supportive images, through visualizing and making changes, you will shift your consciousness to another level. Also, circuits in his brain were overwritten. So by doing this, you project a new signal outward (into the field of consciousness) based on the new thoughts and feelings. The field of possibilities (also called divine or consciousness field) will respond. You will attract new desired outcomes in your life.

Whatever setting you find yourself in, by recognizing what level of consciousness you are operating on you are already taking a good step forward. Scientific studies support this fact.

See you soon!

Good luck and take good care of yourself.


Petra van den Berg
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