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The body thinks and feels.

Dear Readers,

In this article, I will show you through a practical example how to successfully apply the law of the body.

By now you know that thoughts can enhance and even change our brain and body. If you (unconsciously) ignore the body and do not express heavy emotions, it will eventually affect your body. So you can ask yourself the question each time: are these emotions and thoughts good for my body? In fact, the body thinks and feels. Deep down, you will usually know if you need to do something with the emotions and process them, express them (through sports, sessions, talking with friends; there are many ways for this) or change and let go.

Case study: law of the body

Maria experienced a positive change in her body after she started attending sessions (initially) because she wanted to become mentally stronger. She did not consider that her body would go along with this. At the time, she herself did not believe it was possible to make her body better.

Maria had overworked herself for years. She was a career woman who was also a control freak and had a certain kind of perfectionism. Maria was in burnout and her body was running out of steam. She had various vague physical pains, severe arthritis and mental symptoms (negative thoughts and emotions). Also, she had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Mental stress had made her sick. Stress creates knots in the body and prevents energy from flowing freely. In the process, other flows are immediately blocked. Think of a blockage in the immune system or organs, all of which can be caused by certain situations in life.

Maria thought to herself, “The body doesn’t want anymore, what’s fun left in my life? I feel frustrations, sadness and fears, why shouldn’t I take actions myself? I really need and want to start working on myself. There must be more than this in life, right? I feel so weak. I feel I can contribute a lot myself to become stronger. In short, her analytical mind kept rattling on.

My advice was to definitely continue the visits to the hospital as usual but to actively use 4 pillars of life in addition, because each pillar affects each other. These 4 pillars were: emotions (learning to set boundaries, being assertive), nutrition, physical movement (body) and mental. With this, we went to work.

Despite not liking anything in her life at the time, Maria persevered through peaks and valleys.

By changing her inner energy, Maria began to send out different signals step by step, and in doing so, she directly generated other energy. She experienced that the body became more flexible and even felt less pain. Maria even began to believe that she was improving her body and life with her mind.

The effect of changing your inner currents on the body

We discussed together how energy works and what effect the mind has on the body. Because Maria got serious about working with her mind, also adjusting her diet and exercising consistently, she finally got a response from her body. This reaction consisted of her body gaining more energy. She was reconditioning her body with new self-suggestions and thoughts. Also, she got the feeling that the body was not so heavy anymore. Indeed, for times Maria had felt as if she was dragging the body along, and this feeling was now slowly subsiding. In short, the body became lighter. In addition, the inner work made her feel happier and healthier.

Meanwhile, she worked on her mental part (old beliefs) and kept a journal of her old emotions. Who she wanted to be and become and what needed to be changed. She wanted new beliefs that gave her confidence, that gave her health, and chose to integrate supportive beliefs into her mind. In this way, she gained more and more insight into herself and was changing her inner energy. She also acquired powerful brain techniques and, despite occasional resistance, persisted with the sessions.

Finally, after a year, her life and body were much improved. It took quite a long time for her to really start feeling it, but that time is nothing compared to what she got in return: her health and strength. She realized that her efforts had had an amazingly positive effect on her body and life. In short, because she had taken the helm herself, she even got to enjoy working on herself. You understand that this was caused by the positive feedback (proof) she received from life and her body. So by applying the law of energy and of the body.

Quantum model

Fears, worries and negative thoughts push away health and related life situations, so to speak. Joy, gratitude and inner peace create health. Practicing the law of the body, Maria continuously trained, reprogrammed her brain and physically trained her body. These issues greatly reinforced each other. As a result, Maria noticed that she began to feel more satisfied, stronger and more delicious, and the positive feelings became more and more intense. At the same time, she automatically let go of being sick and negativity. The letting go was caused by her entering a different energy level.

The quantum model shows that what you do with your energy determines all the results you, and the body, will experience. This reality eludes from the cellular level. As Maria taught herself a new way of thinking and acting, she replaced old automatic responses of her brain (associated with her old programs, emotions and illnesses) with new programs. Programs that supported her new views. In her meditations and visualizations, she focused mainly on a healthy and vital body. As a result, she attached new genes to herself. Through a new mindset, a new state of being, she overwrote her old sick I, so to speak. This also meant that she had raised her physical vibrations to a higher level, creating new healthy cells. At the same time, new situations arose that aligned with her inner currents or, in other words, her new personal vibrations.

The above example shows that mental work is very effective for the body. Have a read of Dr. Bruce H. Lipton’s book, The biology of persuasion. How your thoughts define your life. There are many recent studies in here.

Scientific studies support this fact. For example, the quantum model indicates that stress is a kind of disease that causes a lowering of frequencies. Thus an incoherent whole is created, leading to stagnations in physical energy. However, because we keep our attention focused on the outside world, a separation of our energy cells occurs and we experience lack.

While everything is one. Check out the law of unity.

See you soon.

I am for health and success, are you?

Good luck and take good care of yourself.

Petra van den Berg
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