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Stress unconsciously unbalances the body

Dear Reader,

Another way of thinking, another new body

First, another new video has been posted on quantum-tv, which ties in with this blog and my latest posting.

From all my research and experience, it is confirmed that health starts with healthy thoughts, healthy ideas and beliefs, nutrition and adequate exercise, combined with feeling good.

When you experience physical symptoms, it is actually the body’s way of asking you to change some things in your life. Consider, for example, releasing emotions that may be locked in your body or changing ingrained beliefs that stand in the way of your health and success. Your lifestyle: is it supportive of your health or not? What choice do you make in this? In short, if you work on your body and mind, you will eventually begin to experience promising results.

Life is actually a mirror of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Just as the body is a mirror of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. To every word you utter, every emotion you experience and every thought you have, every cell in the body responds. However: no one has ever given us this knowledge or this knowledge was never known at all. It is the knowledge needed to bring health and success together.


Dr. Bruce Lipton conducted research at Standford University (School of Medicine). In his book The Biology of Belief, he describesthat his experiments show that our biological position is not determined by our genes. His experiments showed that cells respond to signals from the environment and thus are not governed by genes.

We have beliefs that determine how we respond to our situations. So the cells are listening in and going along with this. Your genes constantly tune into your thoughts and emotions. In fact, they can turn themselves on and off depending on your needs.

If you think you have rheumatism they listen in, if you think you are not beautiful they listen in and go along with this. If you think you are healthy and a beautiful person the cells listen and go along with this. Your cells immediately believe what you say and think. So you can ask yourself if you are giving negative and positive signals to your body.

Stress unconsciously unbalances the body

I regularly encounter in my investigations that medical science cannot find the cause of a disease. Although stress is a driving force in the development of disease. When there is no cause of illness, it actually means that you yourself have an opportunity to begin to see your health from a different perspective. You understand by this I mean that you yourself can take control and delve into your mind, body and way of life.

Where does stress come from? There are a number of possible factors: diet (or chemical stress, think toxins and toxins in food), physical stress (think stomach upset, headaches and increased blood pressure or heart rate) and, of course, worry, emotional stress such as: agitation, anger, overwork and anxiety. Finally, external stress: think of negative stimuli from your loved ones or others.

By the way, one of the biggest challenges that I observed in business is that people are living increasingly stressful lives and developing more and more physical complaints as a result. As a result, people get sick and drop out. This in turn negatively affects the motivation of other employees and their level of performance decreases. Subsequently, this comes at the expense of work flow and production, and ultimately revenue.

To begin with, you can ask yourself where the worry or anxiety is coming from with you. You may wonder where the overwork is. When do you reach the point of burnout?

How could stress be prevented?

Everything starts with a confluence of circumstances. Negative thoughts, feeling overworked, not being able to set limits, not receiving appreciation, ignoring physical signals so that the body cannot recover, problems at home, not daring to face confrontation (so something inside you continues to fester), brooding, not taking rest and space for yourself, no motivating team or nice home situation, no attention from your manager or colleagues, or you constantly wonder if you are doing everything right.

By the way, as an aside but not unimportant; performance levels drop significantly when someone is ignored by other employees or by a supervisor or manager.

At some point, these negative thoughts become chronic. Then they turn into ingrained conditionings and beliefs and become automatic habits (responses), with associated negative feelings. As long as you don’t address the source (thoughts and your lifestyle), chronic stress develops. Stress has a devastating effect on your health. So it can be prevented by teaching yourself a new way of thinking.

The law of the body is always at work

The law of the body is a guiding constitution. In addition, it is directly related to your (business) life at all times. What we ignore the most is the most important thing to work on and therefore you will achieve results or goals even faster and successfully.

By renewing your thoughts, emotions, conditioned behaviors and self-imposed limitations, you are consciously optimizing your health while also activating and creating new possibilities in your life. Furthermore, through the new behavior (skill) you are creating new neurons in the brain that support you in each goal. Indeed, each new way of thinking creates a new supportive pattern of brain activity. You can read more about this in my previous article, which includes other people’s experiences, my own experiences and scientific research.

Next week you’ll get my conclusion on the law of the body and 5 tips to help you change your mind and make your body stronger and healthier.

Take care of yourself!

See you soon.

I am for health and success, are you?

Good luck and take good care of yourself.

Petra van den Berg
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