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Snowball effect through a sustainable friendly mindset culture.


Dear Reader,

Earlier I wrote that one of the writers who has inspired me regarding self-knowledge is Napoleon Hill. Among other things, this writer has given me the inspiration to deepen or add to the official universal laws.

His language is direct, easy to read and practically applicable to all. A large number of successful businessmen have been inspired by him.

He advised many business luminaries to use the following rules:
The Principle of the Extra Mile
, which means being willing to do more than you are obligated to at all times (this can also apply to an individual). 

The second is:
The Golden Rule
, which means turn the tables on your clients or loved ones, so … treat these people as you would want to be treated yourself. Apply this, experience and take action. See what happens!

The Law of the Extra Mile can cause confusion (especially in business). The 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. mentality and the viewpoint it’s 5 p.m. so I’m going to shut down. Of course it is good to set your boundaries, but the right ones. You may be wondering how can it be relevant to me?

However, this is an important law. For this law determines how much you can give without expecting anything in return; only then do you give from your heart and invisible creative power. At the same time, this power is being further harnessed. So the main issue is in what attitude (energy state) you give something. Giving can be business-related but also private, working consciously and unconsciously in the unified field.

 Consider also giving compliments or even helping through resources, something this person needs. It is partly about sharing intentions and positive prayers for others and wisdom.  

Move in the direction you want

By and large, you also record how much you can still work on yourself (your mindset). This is because it also determines what specific skills and abilities you still need to use for personal and business growth. Analyze your results by looking around you. How effective are you, are your circumstances in line with your goals. Check whether you need to tighten inner laws somewhere or unlearn certain emotions and patterns. There are several ways of testing to reflect your own mindset.

Why analyze?

Because frustrations, judgments, jealousy and not liking or just having expectations actually stagnates the intelligent flow of energy. It flows in the wrong  direction and its effect is diminished many times over. By the way, this also applies to executives, management or governing bodies. Observe yourself and feel  emotion. What else can you modify about yourself to increase this positive impact?

The wonderful thing about this is that energy (read: consciousness) is absolute and self-regulating. It does not think in terms of persons who, what or where, but it works through a seed that we give from our hearts and thus create. Subsequently, this value will also belong to ourselves. After all, everything exists within ourselves; we create this. This seed will ripen and also arise within ourselves, perhaps from a completely unexpected place.  

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The above are actually window laws. It contains rules for our total inner self; say mind. In my opinion, self-education is the most important investment in yourself.

You are now where you are because of the following
inner law
: everything exists and arises in yourself through yourself (ability and potential). From actions, thoughts and beliefs you can direct and create desired situations. Focus amplifies and accelerates energy.

If you would like more information about implementing these laws, do not hesitate to contact me, you can also do so at

Take good care of yourself and fellow human beings. You and the other are precious! 

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