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Scan yourself and change! Your world is a reflection of your inner currents.

Dear Reader,

Scan yourself and change! Your world is a reflection of your inner currents.

Many entrepreneurs and individuals I know, and you and I, want to join the fast-paced (online) market. We are constantly looking at how others are doing. Whether you are just starting out or have been around for years.

What I find is that we regularly fall into the trap of forcing and with the thought “I have to participate in social media marketing and other activities” because otherwise I will fall behind and may miss clients or assignments or even better I won’t be seen”.

Unfortunately, this attitude will only stress you out. At least that’s what it gave me. The result was fatigue and ultimately nothing came out of my hands AND nothing was created, it only brought stagnation. In addition, it is a belief, which will then create this, only we ourselves can change this belief. Let me just repeat for you: the quantum law: what you focus on will grow and come about.

In the above phase, however, it is important to scan yourself and your life regularly. Why? You will then discover for yourself where exactly you need to take actions or what needs to be improved or adjusted.

When you take focused actions with dedication and have the courage to go for it fully, the universe will support you. It’s that simple!

Scan yourself!

Now is an ideal time, so near the end of the year, to scan life and your business life to see if everything is still going according to plan. What would you like to create more of, or would you rather reinvent something, revise a choice, or develop an idea or collaborate?

Perhaps you find yourself in occasions where you could use something new. Perhaps also a great time to simplify your mind: this brings even more wealth and prosperity. From complex to flow, it’s that simple! Please understand me well: by wealth I mean health, success, satisfaction and well-being.

For me, the scan worked as follows:

  • I was checking my beliefs, conditioning, perhaps old energy (thought) patterns and/or pop-ups from the past, feelings and emotions that were impeding my energy flow and therefore keeping me away from my goals;
  • My energy state: does this concern high or low frequency: how is my brain activated;
  • Where needed I implemented, integrated new beliefs in myself and/or if needed I worked on old emotions by applying: new affirmations (beliefs) and with the EE / Eft techniques and brain taps quantum techniques (read: own training);
  • Then I scanned which quantum laws I used well and which ones I overlooked and thus had to apply and integrate more effectively (there are so many sub quantum laws). What laws did I need to intune on extra. What about you?
  • How is my business going. Do I need more clients or assignments. How is my daily focus. Which activities are necessary and which are not (this is personal, by the way).
  • Each person radiates a unique energy (your inner workings as well as intentions) here is consistently responded to by life itself.  Check with yourself if your inner thermostat is set to give as well as receive.


  • Of course, I also scrutinized my lifestyle. How about daily exercise (running and fitness every other day is my goal), even when I am in Spain or abroad. I then checked if I did my daily session/visualization as well as meditation. Do I regularly work on my goals casu quo intention book for 2020.
  • My nutrition: what is the state of this? Healthy or yet or too heavy food (heavy food is heavy AND stagnant energy).
  • Home situation: what is the state of that? You can ask yourself: am I communicating enough with my partner or family (if you have one). Do we agree on common goals as well as the value we add to our experience of peace and happiness.

In short, awareness of the fact that everyone creates themselves and only we ourselves have power and responsibility over our own personal beliefs, body, actions and inner currents.

The result for me personally was inner peace AND the competition feeling was completely gone from my hard drive.

Our inner currents and personal beliefs are consistently responded to by life (your deepest self). NB creating energy: conscious focus leads to creation. Creation leads to manifestation = results). I will keep repeating this to help you understand this important law.

Personal én business coaching.

In my profession as a personal and business coach and consultant, I have helped many people, children and organizations to become aware of their own strengths. To (learn to) understand the power of their personal beliefs, self-image (self-worth), the currents of feelings and thoughts and what is the consequence in life of these beliefs. They learned to engage in regular self-reflection and scan themselves and life for satisfaction and/or make adjustments where necessary. Finally, the outer world is a reflection of our inner currents.

Awareness of thoughts and beliefs: inner workings (think low frequencies: fear, frustrations, anger and doubt), can keep you away from well-being and success. If you believe that something is not possible, the universe (and body) will confirm that it is indeed not possible either. If you believe something is possible, life will confirm to you that it is possible!

Returning briefly to my coaching with children. The most important thing is to teach children with effect and love the power of inner well-being, thus creating sustainability for now and the future . Sustainability really comes from inner workings, this is a fact.

After all, our children and students are the future of our new generation and world.

Animum debes mutare, non caelum!

Wish everyone a great weekend.

Take care of yourself!


Petra PMC’s quantum laws

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