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Response from Won Yip highlighted and translated into laws of success!

Dear Reader,

There are many successful people who use the laws of success (both consciously and unconsciously). Some people are born wealthy and others are self-made thanks to the right beliefs and growth mindset. Both ways are good, of course. The big difference is mainly in the mindset: do you think in terms of wealth and wealth consciousness or do you think belittlingly and have entrenched beliefs?

A role model for many: successful entrepreneur Won Yip

Won Yip is a hospitality entrepreneur in Amsterdam. In 2017, Won Yip bought the most expensive penthouse in the Netherlands.

On my last publication, I received a lovely response from one of my readers:

My advice is: above all, don’t look at what you don’t have and cherish what you do have, knowing the salary of Messi, Ronaldo or Jeffrey Bezos is not going to help you. I am convinced that the current crisis has other causes, Corona is now the cause, but is certainly not the cause.
After the credit crisis we massively chased wealth, in itself that is not a problem, but the basis was wrong and there is no “free money. Too many people had financial false security.

The knife cuts both ways

This reader response touches on something I have been advocating for years: cherishing what we have and being patient with the (re)construction. We need to focus our attention on that so that the energy starts flowing in the right direction again (my area of expertise).

Good entrepreneurship

Indeed, financial false security seems to be a major problem in this day and age. That is why it is so important to put money aside, to save, especially now in this current situation. Even if you start with 10 euros.

In addition, give at least 10% of your income to charity. This will initially give you a sense of hope and joy. These feelings combined with gratitude will give you opportunities to create more of the good.

Indeed, money follows at all times, along with love and respect. Ask yourself: how do you handle money? How do you handle yourself?

An example

John D. Rockefeller( once started out as an office clerk, earning $3.50 a week. He saved 50 cents per week’s salary and donated half to the church. This has been his starting point. Throughout his life, he continuously created opportunities and possibilities. So he started with 50 cents and grew (at the time) into one of the richest people. With this I want to make it clear to you that when you take the right actions in peace, patience and trust, energy will do its work for you.

The fact is that every great success is a result of thousands of small efforts, dedications and perhaps even sacrifices that we are not aware of ourselves or what we do not even appreciate. Consider efficiency, patience and persistence. Either way: in the long run, your efforts are going to pay off. That’s how simple energy works.

Energy is always there

People with real wealth, and it does not have to be with a lot of money like Won Yip’s, view the world through the lens of contentment and loyalty. It is a fact that everything that starts from ourselves from some point consists of energy. Energy can only increase or decrease and cannot be destroyed. It is always there. So this means that potentially everything is there now. In addition, the law of frequency ensures that there is abundance in love and respect.

Satisfaction is a universal emotion and thus has a high vibrational frequency. Click here to read more about it. What do you think will happen? You can only create much more of the same. Every starting point from yourself, what you do, say or think comes from your unique personality. These will automatically interact with the appropriate energy waves (lengths) and these will create new situations in your life. You can only get and give what you yourself have and how you live. Life is an exchange of energy. The law of frequency always works. The right energy waves are closer than you think!

Different mindset

In my opinion, truly successful people like this successful Won Yip have a different worldview. They think differently. Whether they inherited this by nature or taught it to themselves: both are possible. But everyone has this in them. Once you realize and know this then luxury items or cars are dwarfed by it. The point is that the energy that these people possess and radiate is different, bringing different results into their lives.

Most people live from fixed beliefs and look at the world through these glasses. This allows them only a glimpse of the available potential. They obscure the path to true wealth.
I share Won’s belief that the current crisis has other causes. The pursuit of more and more has given this coronavirus free rein. Our way of life must change. The cause is the mind and the outside world is the effect. Where the cause is we need to change.

I repeat: our potential and inner power is considerably stronger than any means, only we don’t see it yet.

How can we use the laws of success to create better results?

  • Learn to start experiencing frequencies and see them as carriers of information
  • Change your inner coordination
  • Integrate the keywords of the laws of creation for happiness and wealth: gratitude for what you have now, sincerity, effort, patience, peace, trust, loyalty and efficiency.
  • Integrate trust: when there is trust, results will follow
  • Build a buffer
  • Apply the laws of success in your actions
  • Change the quality of your thinking
  • By discovering that all laws of success are a derivative of the law of cause and effect, along with that of frequency and belief

Would you like to know more about this or attend a personal transformation session yourself, map out a strategy or hire me for (corporate) training or consulting? If so, please feel free to email me to make an (online) appointment.

Be safe and healthy.

Kind regards,

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