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Quantum field: grab your business and personal growth

After some attention and priorities, and now that the vacation season is over again, you must be interested in some fun news. It’s time to excite you again with new MultiLaws and scientific research.

I would like to talk about MultiLaw: the law of “the quantum field.

What does this law say?

This law says that we are all unconditionally connected to each other. We and everyone and everything in this world is connected to an abundance of information. This information is outside of time and space. That is, we don’t have to touch anything, nor do we have to be together to initiate anything. Even our bodies are made up of systematic patterns of information and energy, which are also connected to everything in the field. This MultiLaw also says that we can only change something in the external world by changing our thoughts, feelings and behavior.

“The quantum field” may sound complicated, but it is a simple field, a field of all possibilities. It is the space in your consciousness and in reality that gives you every opportunity to make something of your life, both business and personal.

Only those opportunities or chances must be taken!

This quantum field is not something unique to everyone. It is the space in which we all live and in which everything is connected to each other. Your consciousness makes something of that field, that makes you see certain opportunities and dare to take them.

Researchers indicate that the quantum world is a world of knowledge, the accumulated knowledge of people, and that to make sense of the quantum field you need psychological knowledge of people [1].

This involves the same quantum field. That field contains information, as well as energy. That energy you can also feel, by becoming aware of how you feel. For example, as a human being, you are also an energy field.

To feel this energy field of yourself and others well, it is often inconvenient to be highly educated. This is because then you think an awful lot and have replaced feeling for pragmatic thinking [2]. And that while thoughts and intentions actually have healing effects, due to the action of thoughts and intentions in the quantum field (see source 2).

For example, people can help people at a distance through quantum physics. Non-local effects can be caused by. So you can remotely cause something with your thoughts.

Use the quantum field for business growth

So thoughts and intentions affect your energy field, your life and what you can achieve, including with your health.

You can also use those thoughts and intentions for business growth. For example, you can use affirmations to attract success to you.

Remember that our daily habits, familiar thoughts, emotions and feelings continuously maintain the same state of being. As a result, you keep performing the same behavior and thus you maintain the same reality. This means that when you change your thoughts and feelings, you create a new reality.

What can you start simple with?

For example, you can repeat intentions out loud, as if you have already achieved certain business goals. These kinds of intentions also help with healing (see source 2). So you also try, while stating the suggestion, to create the feeling that you have already achieved your goal.

If you somewhat experience this particular feeling, say, for example:

“I’m grateful to attract all kinds of successes.”

This intention, with the feeling of success, creates opportunities and new situations for you to actually create this success.

This feeling is important because it allows you to adjust your energy field. You change your inner world, the way you think and feel. This in turn communicates with the rest of the quantum field (the world), drawing something into your life that finally leads to successes. This is because the outside world changes with you due to your own efforts and inner changes.

For example, you might suddenly have a valuable book come your way or a collaboration with someone you wouldn’t have seen without that intention (perhaps that person would have been there, but because you didn’t feel the intention, you would have found that person less noticeable). Try not to expect anything. It is important to trust and let go of the “how. This is quite difficult for most of us because we like to be in control and rely on the familiar, on our old thought patterns. Whereas it is important to trust and surrender to new thinking patterns. Trust life and trust that the universe always creates the best possible outcome for you.

Use the quantum field for personal growth

Working with intentions can also enhance your personal growth. For example, when you suffer from certain negative emotions, you can also express intentions that you no longer suffer from them, such as:

“Even though I have sad feelings, I love myself and accept myself completely, even with these emotions. I know that the world also loves me completely and accepts me exactly as I am.”

In that case, you use self-love to feel better and thus create more personal opportunities. If you want to create a new result, you will have to integrate new energy into your inner world, and with that you can create.

Want to know more about these types of techniques and what intentions can further help you use the quantum field to your advantage.

Please contact me without obligation.



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