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There are all kinds of reasons to delve into yourself, into your personal as well as business development. In this article, I mainly want to impart and share something about personal development. How difficult it is sometimes to make a choice, how important it is to take the right responsibility and leadership in life yourself. But how do you do that? How do you apply knowledge in your life? Did you know that insights into the mind (read: intelligence) is more important than knowledge?

For years I have been coaching individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, managers, officers, in short, a tremendously diverse clientele. I have seen organizations and companies grow and collectively reach their goals quickly. Mission completed.

Why do you do what you do?

A client once asked me: why do you do what you do? Because “quantum physics and insight into awareness” is my passion and I am naturally always exploring how powerful our mind is. I myself have had the necessary life experiences, studies, seminars and trainings; read a lot and studied various religions. I also stay up to date with various professional literature and rely on my personal hunches in terms of (professional) knowledge that I receive.

From my passion I have skillfully made my profession and with this I can serve entrepreneurs, companies and individuals and guidelines how the universal principles (laws) work.
In addition, I believe in the power of our brain and will and god, or the universe (read: field of consciousness). You can give all kinds of names to this, by the way. My willpower and my belief in consciousness (rather than in myself) has given me much in life. Mainly because I have been allowed to go through a number of processes in my life in the past, including blood transfusion, jaundice, severe allergies, bulimia, burnout, business learning processes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, renal pelvic inflammation, an infection virus and various addictions just to not want to feel the power of “being.”

My mother passed away at a young age and this was an important moment for me to have her passing as meaningful to me. The will, insight and determination to lead me through this difficult period and survive, but also my strength to walk life in paths that sometimes seemed unusual to some people. Every day I am grateful for my blessings, insights and for the health and happiness for my family, loved ones, loved ones and the world.

Insights more important than knowledge

Getting back to the question, how do you apply knowledge? Consider this well-known saying which refers to relationships, yourself, your business or job, your health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual:

If you always act and do the same thing you have always done you will always get and receive the same result: the power of change and application of knowledge and intelligence (read: is insight into the mind, consciousness, into yourself). When you act differently you will get different results. Life responds to your actions and thoughts!

And here’s another open door, but a clear example: do your actions and purpose align?

If you want a relationship, it doesn’t help to never date. If you want to be successful, however, you must make sure that your action is consistent with what you want to achieve. So very important is to take action. This is where life will respond and give you the best possible outcome. Trust that if something does not work something better will take its place.
There are laws put into creation. By deepening and researching cosmic laws and quantum physics, I have found that there are many parallels between “cosmic law” and the laws we know and use in our legal system (written laws).

“Do you know how to use your own brain optimally so that you can realize what is important to you? Or are you being lived? This means that your environment is in control of you and therefore has more grip on you than you are aware of. Do you want to become a player again and get the best out of yourself…”?

If you go along with these cosmic laws then life will support you. If you go against the cosmic laws it will turn against you. You can attract wrong things into your life. Personal development is an overall learning process as well as a holistic and continuous growth process. Developing (cosmic) qualities in yourself that allow you to achieve your goals with satisfaction, both business and personal. Developing yourself goes beyond acquiring knowledge. It is mainly living consciously and gaining insight into the mind (read: intelligence). This again requires self-awareness, willpower and self-insight.

Personal development is aimed at achieving a high level of awareness and personal and business well-being. Next, we have another important item: acting. Taking steps and actions in accordance with your goal. The insight of what you need to do differently now to realize one of your goals.
Experiences will help you change what is needed so that you continue to grow and create new situations. The more conscious you are in life, the more easily you will use previous experiences for learning, personal and/or business development.
My experiences so far have taught me how not to do things, which gives me great success and insights.

So, as we know, personal development is also about
leading yourself and taking responsibility
taking responsibility. In what areas would you like to change? Can something be done differently or more efficiently. Where do you focus your attention?

Did you know that this phenomenon also has repercussions in the brain.
What you want is simply to learn a new habit and this is shaped in your brain by forming a new network of brain cells.
. Personal growth is mainly also related to: that which you give attention to, will grow.

Are you giving attention to what you want and taking the right actions in doing so? Then this change will come about and appear in your life. The way will open itself….. Another interesting item is the brain. How does the brain work? I can tell you more about this.

I wish everyone an especially wonderful vacation season with wonderful insights, see you soon.
Petra (PMC)

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