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Our thoughts are considerably stronger than any drug

Dear Reader,

On Friday I will post a short video that ties in with my last blog and gives a little commentary on it. I’ll give you a heads up on techniques I use in my strategy sessions.

Listen to what techniques, among others, I use that can help you develop a growth mindset (emotional intelligence)! I bring in a little quantum physics so that you can also understand how the science of mind in contact with the field of all possibilities works. I would like to teach others to see that by applying the law of inner currents , you have exactly everything you need to optimize yourself and your (business) life.

Please also reiterate that this law is not mystical or religious. The law is backed by scientific research.

Our inner currents are considerably stronger than any remedy

This law is always operative and has to do with your self-imposed beliefs. This law works from the inside out. By working on thoughts, emotions, conditioned behaviors and self-imposed limitations, you are consciously activating and creating new possibilities. You can read more about this in my latest articles that include experiences of others, own experiences and research.

Conclusion on the law of inner currents

We can all change our (inner) energy. As a result, we bring about lasting new changes in ourselves and in our lives. There is no difference between the outer and inner worlds. There is wholeness and connectedness and we can only create and bring about results from within ourselves.

Recent information, (scientific) research within neuroscience, quantum physics (multiverse) and epigenetics combined with measurable human experiences, instructions and ancient governing principles (laws) all lead to one and the same fact, which is that everything is connected. So many studies as well as measurements have been done in my field and hence my conclusion is that you cannot achieve a goal without first creating this goal within yourself.

To strengthen the connection to the laws of success, understanding your inner currents (thoughts, emotions, conditioning and beliefs) is most important. Where does your attention go?
This law declares that only you yourself can rule your boundless thinking.

4 questions you can ask yourself to make changes in your thinking:

✍️ Look around you, what do you see in your personal life or in your business: does it all match your thoughts, inner attitudes, goals and beliefs?
✍️ Do you run into resistances, and if so, which ones?
✍️ What actions are you taking, or not taking, to make changes?
✍️ Are you at peace and empowered no matter what comes your way?

Write down the answers. Then make a list containing the most important key words distilled from your answers. Also describe the emotions involved.
Also make a list of all the emotions you want to experience and beliefs that match your goals. So emotions and beliefs that you should have in order to achieve new goals. Through these lists you will already create insight into the quality of your thinking and you can already change your thoughts.

I am for health and success, are you?

Good luck and take good care of yourself.

Petra van den Berg
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