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My struggle with the law of the physical body. A concrete quantum law you need to know!

Dear Reader,

My struggle with the law of the physical body. A concrete quantum law that you need to know!

For heaven’s sake, while cleaning up family photos, I come across a picture in my own childhood photo book of a beautiful slender woman. Suddenly I realized where it all began. A subject, body awareness, that I have lived at odds with for years.

Do you recognize this? Well I am aware of my body, right? I walk, I exercise and I take good care of my body. But the question is: Are you actually listening to your body’s signals? I lived in a different world and was fully aware of my own body and its capabilities, at least I thought so. The body is like a precious child, you should listen to it and treat it with respect and value…. Why? Holistically, consciousness is a fact of life. Consciousness and information flows should flow through. The physical body embodies and encompasses the whole system and is connected to everything in the universe. It is your overriding concern!

When consciousness stagnates, you simultaneously impede the flow of information from the body. This works visa versa. The brain acts directly for the body, the body cells and the brain and has constant communication with each other. This reciprocity principle works surprisingly and is very powerful. The message from the kidneys is as important as information from the brain and as an unpleasant life situation. Spirit, body and life are one.

However, whatever choice you make the body lives through all the consequences of these choices. In my book, I also refer to the body as the “control mechanism.” Click below for more information/order. Order now.

I’m going to explain it to you. The quantum law of body consciousness is irrevocable. It is a law of the Medes and Persians. This natural law of body consciousness is in continuous motion; it is a fixed process. It’s legal certainty, that’s how deep it goes. It makes connections between current situations in your life. In short, signals from the body are as essential as intuition.

Nevertheless, many people are unaware of how damaging stress and repressed emotions can be. There have been numerous studies on it. Here I also refer, among others, to books and publications by Lynne McTaggart, Dr Bruce Lipton, numerous books by: Roy Martina, Deepak Chopra, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, the late Louise Hay, Einstein, studies from Harvard Medical School.


For over 20 years I have been in the business of personal and business development, or in other words I research and experiment. Around my 20s, I started to study and thoroughly investigate how consciousness works and how it relates to the physical body. I wanted to know why my body always reacted so intensely. Why?

At age 7, I suffered severe painful allergies until somewhere in my 20s. For this I was given heavy medication that made me hungry and fat. My then doctor said, over time as a joke, that I was allergic to humanity. I held this conviction for a while longer.

In short for years I went in and out of hospital, together with my mother I visited many different doctors, one could not figure out where the itchy bumps came from. They were islands of bumps scattered all over my body. Kind of maps, puffy eyes and lips. At 11, this created bulimia until also sometime in my 20s (by trial and error). Completely cut off from life energy. The follow-up was that my body awareness and illnesses, which I was able to experience so intensely, was partly the discovery of how the mind affects the body and how this visa versa relates to current situations.

Why I tell this now is as follows: when I was 10, I had a picture pasted in my photo book. This was a picture of a beautiful slender woman. I had unconsciously intuitively pasted this photo into my photo book, however, I wanted to become as slim as this woman (because I had gained quite a bit of weight from medication and always feeling hungry). For me, the image and thought force was already unconsciously a working fact of an inner knowing that I was acting upon. Read:

  1. So I had set an intention, at the time, by the way, I did not know that in my (our) field we call it an intention.
  2. I subconsciously used my photo book as a vision board (clarifies goals and your vision of the future).
  3. Nevertheless, I unconsciously acted incompetently in the wrong way, to the detriment of my body. My subconscious mind was misprogrammed.
  4. Due to confluence of circumstances, lack of knowledge about the body and its subtler laws and its workings, by maintaining unconscious levels, this caused bulimia.

Fortunately, I have come out well and stronger everywhere, but after years of research and discovery, I have found that there are fascinating quantum laws and potential underlying the power of thought and intention, as well as with respect to the body’s self-healing ability. The result is a lighter, more joyful and successful life.

Quantum laws are inherently who we are at a deep level (we are carried by these laws). More importantly, body awareness and its connections to our powerful tool the mental aspect, results in our current life situation.

The common thread of the above story is that cause and effect all comes from inner experiences. With me, the cause was inner emptiness and a combination of a number of factors.More on this in my new book to be published in mid-2020.

In conclusion:

I missed the quantum law: the law of body resonance/consciousness and therefore discovering the deep underlying problem. By consciously applying the law of body awareness, you learn to create more efficiently. You learn to live from good health and frequency. By applying this law, I have also created casu quo used techniques that address our neural networks.

We all have the brain’s ability to create a new pattern of behavior. In scientific terms, we also call it neuroplasticity. Click below and check out the techniques I can offer you. PMC Techniques

Body awareness, actions and (business) success go hand in hand.

Ask yourself the following questions about bad habits:

  • Do you really want food (or anything else you ingest) or are you suppressing something and eating out of emotion?
  • How is your feeling about yourself, your self-esteem, self-assurance? Do you want self-esteem or peace of mind?
  • Do you take time to exercise regularly or do you make up excuses?
  • What are you giving your body? Think love, acceptance, movement, respect and appreciation.
  • Be aware of what you are doing to your body and its consequences (the quantum system). Being aware of the smallest of things (your body cells) can positively change your life, everything is intertwined and related: you take care of the biggest at the same time.

Make sure you live in your total body and stay connected to your passion and inner wisdom. Furthermore, I advise you to delve into ayurveda. Learn to apply this diet and herbs, it will enrich you.

As for the reader question with a corresponding topic, I will send next week. This blog has been so long.

Take care of yourself, you are precious!



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About PMC’s Quantum Laws
My main task and focus is to teach people and business how to come into their power through the know how of quantum laws and through integrating and implementing them. My mission in this capacity is: to enrich expertise and knowledge to people. Unifying quantum thought with Western thought!

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