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MultiLaws: what energizes you in life?

We all feel that there is something about energy in your life. Ideally, you just have energy to do things, and if for some inexplicable reason you don’t have that energy, then something goes wrong.

So, what exactly do you get energy from in life? To take you through this, in this blog I’m going to take a closer look at MultiLaws. These are quantum laws – you can also call them laws of life – that lead to growth and determine greater happiness and success in your life.

Sometimes you meet people who give you energy. These are people who are completely on the same page with you about how things work. This happens often in your life, when you already feel good.

If this has been a while, it may be because you are attracting people who agree with your prevailing thoughts. For example, if your thoughts are lifeless, you also tend to get some lifeless people around you.

Multilaw of agreement

Everything always corresponds to our thought pattern, our word and our feelings. It explains why you succeed or why you fail. I call this the “MultiLaw of agreement.

When we don’t hold ourselves to our word, we (unconsciously) weaken our self-esteem and energy. We lose the power of creation over our reality. This means it will not give you the results you are looking for exactly. On the contrary, you create exactly what corresponds to your known, prevailing thoughts and feelings, which continuously create the same reality.

So if you want to change something in your life, your actions will have to match your word and intention.

Being and remaining impeccable with your decision and word, creates conformity with your desire and intention. Apart from the fact that you should not harm others with it, because then you only weaken your own energy.

This law relates to every aspect of our lives. This law underlies all other universal laws. It is the key to greater happiness and success. That this law relates to every aspect of our lives means: to the commitments we make to ourselves, but also to what we believe about energy and quantum, and about getting out of your comfort zone to realize new results and changes. This law largely explains the endless succession of good luck or, on the contrary, bad luck. It is critical that you learn to recognize that only you have the choice to make a change in your energy.

The reason I developed this ironclad law is that it has an infinite scope. This means that anything is possible! Let me just reiterate in this context that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. From a quantum standpoint, everything happens in our lives that corresponds to our own selves. Everywhere you look, there you see yourself or a part of yourself. For most people, this is hard to grasp. Most think that problems and challenges they encounter at work or in their personal lives, for example, are caused by situations brought on by others or by outside events. Consequently, many people get angry when it is pointed out to them that they themselves are the main creator (or source) of what they experience or what happens to them.

Mental similarity of what you want to experience

Our human duty is to create in ourselves mental similarity of what we want to experience outside. You cannot achieve a goal that you have not first created within yourself or experienced inwardly. There are no limits to optimizing your thoughts. This means that there is also no limit to the optimization you can bring into your life. Daily, though, many stimuli come at you. Although our brain is multifunctional, our brain is also easily distracted. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to stay focused on your intention as you struggle through your daily activities.

How can you successfully apply the MultiLaw of agreement?

  1. Look around you. What do you see in your business? What do you see in your life? What people do you have around you? Do these match your thoughts and feelings?
  2. How does your current situation, in your business or career, resonate with your beliefs and intentions? What would you like to experience, does this match your outside world?
  3. What adjustments do you need in your thinking patterns to experience exactly the same thing in the outside world?

What also often helps is to take some time for yourself before you go to bed to take a moment to reflect on whether you applied the law of conformity today. What did you do to consciously use your multifunctional brain to bring about something new out there?

Take an inventory of your behavior and examine whether it completely matches your word and intentions. Asking questions of yourself also helps a lot. Did I align my actions today with my thoughts and intention? Or did I intentionally deploy the quality of my thinking today?

What else energizes you?

So also to gain energy it is important to change your thinking patterns and feelings, but how else can you do that?

As you can read, there are a number of ways to do that. You can also consciously seek out and connect with energetic people so that their energy ignites you.

For example, you see in romantic partners, where the bond is strongest, that they can adopt thoughts and brain waves from each other[1]. But if you bond in other ways, that can also have an impact.

This is why it is popular for entrepreneurs, for example, to network with other entrepreneurs.

Multilaw of creation

Another way to get more energy is to apply the law of creation.

Your thoughts again play an important role in this. This is because your thoughts consist of energy, and it is in contact with the rest of the world, the quantum field, and so what you are thinking about is something you will attract (as will people who look like you).

In the law of creation, you visualize and feel what you want your life to look like. The end goal is what you visualize and not the path you imagine will take you to that end goal.

So you can visualize yourself as an energetic person doing fun things and in doing so you also evoke the feelings you would have then.

Visualizations help in other ways, too. It also helps you get your goal to pursue. You may not visualize yourself eating healthier and exercising more (if you’re not already doing so), but chances are you will. If your goal is relatively close, for example, you resolve to sleep just a little more, visualizing also creates more patience and more drive to get things right.

Still think visualizing running a marathon is going a little too far? Then you can also visualize certain subgoals[2].

More energy in your life through the MultiLaws

By knowing these kinds of MultiLaws and aligning your activities with this knowledge, you will get much better results without too much effort. You become more efficient, more cheerful and yes, more energetic!

You can apply the MultiLaws to other things as well; it’s not just about getting more energy into your life. That is, however, the first effect you will experience when you apply the MultiLaws. Then you can move on to economic goals or personal development goals, for example.

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