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Law of success: the law of frequency.

The quantum law of frequency for success.

Numerous studies have shown that exposure to nature can improve our overall health and mood(1). So we actually have a kind of free wifi available to increase our frequency. When we look at a sea or a large field of flowers, we unconsciously expand all of our awareness.

As I wrote earlier, we all live in one energy field. You, me and everyone else are part of this one field. The body and all of us are made up of energy cells, information and consciousness. So you understand that we as conscious beings carry with us different frequencies that contain different information.

So we are full of information and are constantly broadcasting these different frequencies. However, we also continuously receive various frequencies. The fact is that the law of frequency says that what you see in the world is a match to the information of the energy frequencies you carry. After all, the world is within you or your inner world is literally in sync with the outer world.

Success: Taking a step back

I will now return to the linear world first. Everything in this world has a time, a middle and an end. Cause and effect is a guiding factor here. This is the world we experience with our senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and most importantly, feeling). Going a step further, we can say that our physical body is also part of the quantum field. Once we are able to look deep within ourselves we can begin to experience this. Our inner world is directly connected to the so-called quantum field. It is one self-organizing world. Read more.

Then what does frequency consist of?

Frequency consists of the number of vibrations per second. Frequency has an electrical energy charge that is measurable. This energy is constant but vibrates between any two points at a certain height. Should you want to read more check out my site again.

Frequency always contains specific information. The law of frequency also determines what energy waves you carry: what lives within you. This law also determines your present, future and karma. In short: every action you take, all frequencies (i.e., information) in your life, have a consequence in life also on your success. So it makes sense that the information we carry should match what we want to create.

We have low and high frequencies. So with this, we are continuously sending signals. Each signal brings about a situation or result in your life. Energy can only match. This agreement then forms a situation or a thing. Of course, you can change your own frequency and tune into something you would like to create in order to be successful in it. In the potential (energy) field, everything already exists. Think prosperity, freedom, health: all these already exist as frequency patterns of energy in the quantum field.

Thoughts, feelings, the past, emotions and expectations are energy waves vibrating at a certain wavelength. These wavelengths connect with like-minded waves and create a situation (or always one and the same situation). You understand that – if you have changed your frequency (your inner workings) – you will begin to transmit other information and therefore pick up other information and therefore other frequencies from the quantum field and manifest in your life. So everything is about frequency.

In conclusion

It may not surprise you that our most secret beliefs, desires or feelings are picked up on an energetic unconscious level by those who resonate with the same energy.

Next week you will get some case studies and practical examples related to this law.

Good luck and see you soon,

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