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Intentionally harnessing the brain for a new reality: the law of synchronization.

Synchronize is a verb, meaning to make something become or do the same as something else. “Synchronized swimming” may be something you think of when you hear the word synchronize: two or more swimmers swim in exactly the same patterns, like a kind of dance in the water.

What does synchronize mean?

This example already shows a bit of the meaning of synchronization, but it is much more than just making the exact same movements with synchronized swimming.

Synchronization is also widely used in today’s technology. For example, you can have your Google calendar synced on your computer and on your phone, so wherever you are and whatever device you’re on, the calendar shows the same appointments on each device.

The MultiLaw of synchronous life: what does this law say?

The law of synchronicity says that everything in your life is in sync with your thoughts, emotions and everything that resides in your subconscious. You’re just not aware of it.

Synchronous living means that everything that happens in your life is in sync with your personal energy. Some also call it “meaningful coincidences. You get the right people coming your way, or your eye falls right on an article that contains information you were looking for. By this I mean that reality unfolds through your inner self. How that comes about and how that works, I’ll get to that later.

So much for the technical and artistic side of synchronization.

How can you harness synchronicity for your own life?

Synchronizing is also important for work situations. For example, if you lead a team, it is important that everyone on the team believes in the same mission so that everyone does their part.

Synchronizing thoughts and feelings is important to gain cooperation in the workplace[1].

When everyone understands the same thing and has the same intention, people are also more likely to do and create the same thing. But how do you get other people to synchronize with your thoughts and goals?

The interesting thing is that this starts with yourself. In fact, unconsciously, people synchronize everything.

Everyone has heard that when women live together their periods synchronize. They get their periods at the same time and this is completely unconscious. An interesting fact, but even more interesting is that your mood synchronizes with that of your partner and other people with whom you have a good relationship. The stronger the bond between you and your partner, the greater this effect.

So do you have a dip in your relationship, but know the bond is otherwise good? By working on your own mood and thoughts, you indirectly work on your partner’s mood and thoughts as well.

This research also shows that if you have good bonds at work, working on your own mood will ignite your team[2].

Synchronizing your energy with the quantum field, how do you do it?

How is it that you then turn on people? Why is it contagious? We all live in the quantum field. This is an infinite energetic network, in which we live and in which we are consciously and unconsciously connected. We communicate with this invisible field of energy and frequency through our feelings and thoughts. It is an infinite field that connects all that is material and physical. This field exists outside our senses, but it does shape our three-dimensional reality. For most of us, the universe consists of objects, things, people and the body. The more you will learn about this field and begin to believe in it, the more your senses will pick up other things from the field.

Your energy vibrates, as it were, to the other person and he or she starts vibrating with it. Here you can also think of telepathy. You’re thinking about someone and suddenly that person calls you.

If you have a particular goal, you can start thinking about it consciously. You can visualize and feel what it’s like when you’ve already achieved that goal. You embrace your creation (that future image) as if it has already taken place. You feel it, before the experience takes place.

You open yourself to feelings of the future. The longer you manage this, the more that imaginary future becomes the real future. You then notice that certain goals are actually achieved.

For example, your relationship will indeed improve and you really are going to have that date night. Or the people on the team at your work work well together and you achieve business goals you had visualized beforehand.

Then there is a vibrational agreement between your energy and future potential. Opportunities you are waiting for seemingly come your way by chance, but so it is not actually by chance. I call this the MultiLaw of synchronicity.

What happens in your brain and body beforehand to live consciously in sync?

The brain operates through three laws: the law of repetition, the law of learning something new and the law of belief.

Ask yourself: can you believe in a future that you cannot yet experience with your senses, but that you can fully imagine? The brain will perceive this as if the experience did happen. All you have to do is keep practicing and repeating until your body is similarly conditioned to this new event.

For the body and your brain, the new synchronicity has already taken place. And this is precisely what must happen, for the body and mind cannot then but draw the new synchronicity into life.

The brain operates on neural networks, automatic programs that we use consciously and unconsciously. If you want to create something new in your life, you must keep repeating and practicing. Keep visualizing and applying.

The more consciously and often you repeat a goal internally, the more you eventually allow this possibility (new thought) to arise in your life. This is because you pay your attention to energy and you detach yourself from matter, you change your brain because of this. Also, at the same time, you change your brain waves into a state of creation. As a result, you synchronize the nervous system with the infinite energetic field.

So you begin by firing off a new thought and this is how best to do it: you close your eyes, detach yourself from the outside world. You go beyond the unconscious body, your critical voice. In your mind you create a clear image as an outcome with a joyful feeling.

There is one important condition, though: research shows that the brain must match a crystal clear intention (the image) combined with a lofty emotion (a heart emotion: think joy, happiness, gratitude and love).

So by consciously creating a new synchronicity in your life with your brain and mind, you are sending a signal into the energy field. This is because by experiencing elevated emotions and the full picture that fully encompasses your outcome inwardly (before the actual experience has taken place and you actually believe in yourself) your heart generates a powerful magnetic field that will draw your future (intention) into your life.

You can also think of it this way: when you manage to constantly stay attuned to the positive feelings of your intention or future, you will more quickly draw this synchronization into your life. You are now working on your future in a different way. New corresponding experiences come into your life as synchronicities.

My advice is to keep practicing and believe in your inner power (thoughts, emotions and feelings). Keep practicing with your personal energy, after all, thoughts, emotions and feelings are also made up of energy, just as everything on a fundamental level is made up of energy and information. I also advise you to become as familiar as possible with your intention, so that synchronizing your energy with the new frequencies becomes easier and easier. Live the thought, live it every day, even with your eyes open or when you are walking, exercising, or doing something else.

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