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How do you keep sailing on the right waves of energy?

Dear Readers,

After my weekly Sunday reading at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba, I was accosted by a charming man who had peeked around the corner. He was an employee of a hotel.

‘I was very impressed by your last words,’ he said. “I know this may not be possible but I would like to discuss something with you. I replied that I was always willing to help and offered him a listening ear.

He told me that, according to his father, he always had to worry about money and hard work. ‘I get the idea that because of this I have always reprogrammed myself wrong and that I always have to be careful because otherwise I will lose everything. In fact, I lost almost all my investments in one go. Because of this I always feel anxious, my self-esteem has sunk and I am jealous of others.’ I told him that jealousy causes the flow of reception to block almost completely.

Untying knots for energy waves

I advised him to work on his emotions first so he would get back in line with (money) creation energy waves. So he first had to untie his knots and bring his mind back to the right energy wave (wavelength).

He had to learn to be satisfied with what he had and with his work, to focus exclusively on himself and not on others. Because constantly looking at how others are doing or on Facebook is distracting. You are then overwhelmed by useless thoughts and your attention flows to the wrong things.

You are comparing yourself to others and that is wasted energy. Because of your own emotions and jealousy, you cause even more negative energy and knots in your energy waves. Keep yourself busy!

This former businessman was stuck in emotions and had never dared to express his feelings. He took the advice and worked on his body and mind. Until he was satisfied with his then situation. This put him back in a good flowing money-energy wave (with no buttons) and while he was finally satisfied and calm with his current (money) situation, he was offered a top job in New York. His conclusion was that his mind and subconscious were the single most important tool for creating new situations. He was very appreciative and grateful to me for this advice.

In conclusion

Lower energy waves consist of fear, stress and worry. As annoying as it is, fear and worry push money or desirable situations away. I know all about it because I am also an entrepreneur. In our current situation regarding the coronavirus, it is normal to have concerns, I have them too. However: don’t lose sight of your goals, limit your worries and work on your subconscious so that you do stay on the right energy waves.

Satisfaction and joy create more of the same

My tips are:

  • Be satisfied with what you have now so that you stay on the right energy waves (frequency and information) to which the quantum field responds. Accept and be patient.
  • Of course, do take targeted actions and deal with the situation. You can do this by asking yourself questions: am I floating on pure motives? For true success comes from pure motives and never floats on dissatisfaction or fear. With each focused action, ask yourself whether it is fear-based or purity-based.
  • Exercise the muscles of your brain: putting yourself at ease in difficult situations should remain central. Think confidence, contentment and peace. Keep practicing and programming these words into your subconscious: after three weeks you will definitely see results. These feelings will become more and more vivid. You automatically draw prosperity from the energy field (quantum field) into your life. Training can be done through meditation or through daily empowering statements (affirmations). Repeat the sentences daily. Speak them out loud. This strengthens and multiplies your energy and electromagnetic vibrations.

Would you like to know more about this or attend a personal transformation session yourself, map out a strategy or hire me for (corporate) training or consulting? If so, please feel free to email me to make an (online) appointment.

Be safe and healthy.

Warm regards,


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