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How a director attracted highly effective situations in his organization

Dear Reader,

On my last article, I will show you through a practical example how to successfully apply the law of inner currents.

A practical example of the law of inner currents

By now you know that everything you think, do or say has consequences. If you (unconsciously) invest in negativity or invest to hurt others, you will create the same for yourself. It comes back to you in the long run. So you can ask yourself the question each time: is this choice right for me and others? Deep down you will usually know if you are doing the right thing and thus project virtuous energy that will bring good back into your (business) life.

Case study: effective situations

Once I had a client, Arjan. He worked for a large organization and managed a department of 150 people. Arjan worked hard but also struggled with fears. Constantly he was concerned with what his co-workers thought of him. Whether he was good enough. In fact, he had a critical mind, and it caused not only many inner judgments but also that he thought others had judgments about him.

Arjan otherwise functioned well, was creative and very intelligent. However, he couldn’t always handle his co-workers, and he had trouble with confrontation, especially during meetings. The emotion of fear increasingly dominated his inner currents. Whenever he had a meeting he felt the sweat coming up, experienced feelings of rejection and agitation, and had thoughts such as: ‘what will I get brought down on me now’ and ‘what are they not satisfied with now’. As a result, he thus sent out all kinds of fear signals himself, unconsciously attracting more such ineffective situations and disgruntled employees. He happily realized it was something within himself.

Despite repeatedly surviving meetings, he was determined to do something about it. In short, he had made a serious decision.

The effect of changing your inner currents

We discussed together the inner currents, how energy works and how the quantum (success) laws always do their work. He then applied the laws and did several integration sessions. Those are coaching sessions where he reprogrammed his mind and subconscious. As a result, he got his fears under control and created his own sense of calm and confidence.

Meanwhile, he had made a list of his beliefs and emotions. Next, a list of desired positive beliefs and emotions. This last list forever changed his fears and negative beliefs, thus his energy (inner currents).

He worked on his old views and chose to change them to the new positive views. Views that gave him self-confidence and inner peace. Step by step Arjan started working on this and little by little he became more confident and relaxed. Indeed, going into a meeting, he even began to experience positive feelings. It took time and energy but the fruits of changing his inner currents (thoughts, beliefs and emotions) were golden.

By taking the helm himself and no longer allowing his employees to feel like they were walking all over him, he attracted positivity into the meetings. Suddenly, precisely effective situations arose.

Arjan had improved his own energy and strength, and the effect was to attract more productive and happy employees. He even honestly expressed to his staff that he was struggling with a problem. This gave his co-workers even more respect and appreciation for him. The staff trusted Arjan again. You understand that this was caused by Arjan’s self-confidence. The meetings ran more efficiently, effectively and quietly, and they even had fun during the meetings.

Quantum model

According to the quantum model, the world sees you as you see yourself. You can always choose and determine to improve yourself (your self-image). By improving your personal energy, you are reorganizing, or rearranging, the energy in the outside world. Arjan created new situations to fit his new self-image.

The above example shows that mental work is very effective for many situations and can create effective situations.

Scientific studies support this fact, your thoughts affect your brain(1). Whatever setting you find yourself in. Arjan’s powerful decision to want to change overwrote his circuits in his brain. First of all, in a nutshell, this is because his decision was bigger and stronger than his automatic behavior.

Also, by integrating new beliefs and thoughts (including by continuously repeating new beliefs), Arjan created new connections in his brain. This means that by repeating and reprogramming his mind and subconscious mind, he made certain groups of neurons more powerful. These neurons will also help Arjan remember to continue integrating, because that alone enriches the brain. By integrating new beliefs and thoughts, Arjan developed new behaviors. In short, by working on himself, he took his personal vibrations to a higher level, creating new situations in his life. Situations consistent with his inner currents, or in other words, his new personal vibrations.

Good luck and take good care of yourself. I am for health and success, are you?

Petra van den Berg
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